Friday, August 18, 2017

Providence of the Civil War

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The Bible teaches that Jesus is Lord of the Battle. That it is Christ Who fights for Himself in God and not people's will.

General James Longstreet records in his memoirs of the Civil War a most poignant revelation in why the South lost the Civil War. It is as the Lame Cherry has stated in the South lost the war because God decided for His purpose  they would lose.
It was not the North was more moral or Lincoln was some righteous character, or the South was filled with evil, slavery or apostates. It was according to General Longstreet a reality that the Hand of God was with the South early in the war winning battles, but the moment those victories brought them close to final victory, the South under their political and military leadership became arrogant and took the victory from God, and forgot about God.

They marched to liberate Maryland and were checked, because instead of staying alert they dispersed the Army of Northern Virginia and no longer looked for God's helping hand.

Providence helps those who can avail themselves of
His tender care, but permits those who will to turn from
Him to their own arrogance. That His gracious hand was
with the Confederates in their struggles on the Chicka-
hominy, and even through the errors of the Bull Run
campaign, cannot be questioned. When, however, in
self-confidence, they lost sight of His helping hand, and
in contempt of the enemy dispersed the army, they
were given up to the reward of vainglory. That the
disaster was not overwhelming they have to thank the
plodding methods of the Union commander. With as
much faith as Captain Joshua, his success would have
been as complete.

This is a poignant lesson for President Donald Trump. He racked up impossible win after win in 2016 for the Presidency because God's Will was this. After victory, his Jews and Pence apostates rid in Trump Trans the children of God from that Administration and removed Christ from the Oval Office.

God does not reward those children who forget His Omnipotence.

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