Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Photographic Evidence James Fielding jr. Is The Victim

Why are these terrorists not in prison?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have absolutely no hope for Jeff Sessions neo Billy Budd in James Fielding jr., because this is a deep state lynching of an innocent man, in two sides either Sean Hannity trying to save themselves or Terry MacCauliff and democrats using this frame job as a political run  for president in 2020, because when offered the chance, Mr. Trump chose Ivanka talking points of attacking the Alt Right in his supporters, instead of exposing the framing of James Fielding jr.

The Lame Cherry has invested the time and limited internet it has to download a 12 second video of James Fielding jr's day, and the evidence is not damning against Mr. Fielding, but damning of the terrorists who were on that street chasing this innocent man with bats, seeking to murder him.

Did James Fielding jr. hit people with his car? Yes he did, but those people were NOT on the sidewalks, but were in the street as human barriers, deliberately placed in the street to stop any vehicle, so that the White occupant could be pulled out and murdered.
As a digression point, there is another video of a maroon van, from drone footage, engaged in a like incident which stops in the middle of a street section, to prove that this was not the only event that day in Charlottesville, in this was organized.

As seeing is believing, there are screen grabs in this video which tell a damning story and prove that James Fielding jr. was being set up to be murdered, as this was a kill zone, as certain as LaVoy Finnicum was herded into a kill zone and ambushed.

To set the stage in what you are about to be shown, Fielding was on another street driving slowly, when he was attacked from behind, which caused the initial panic in his car being struck by what appears a lone black male.
Fielding drove forward a few hundred feet, swerved right to avoid people, then swerved left as he turned the corner, meaning the street was blocked off and someone had planned to bring a specific person in being a White male, into the ambush zone.

Fielding runs into a vehicle at this point, again it is concluded he was trying to avoid hitting people who are in the street, placed their by the police, as Fielding was 2 blocks away from the protest gathering and was leaving the area.

It is at this point that the viewer begins the sequence of photos, as Fielding is again driving slowly in attempt to make his way to safety, when the initial collision in the street takes place where is does "drive through" people on the street, but it is important to focus on the red circle, as it reveals that these terrorists have blocked the street off with dumpsters, meaning to trap James Fielding jr,  at that point.
Fielding in the digital appears to have attempted to drive into the dumpsters and push them forward so he could escape, but is stopped.

 Dumpsters have been prepositioned blockingoff the street for attack

In the next freeze frame, this is after the car has stopped, and it is a fraction of a second in the initial crash. What appears though are two individuals, already with bats raised and they are converging on the car. This is important in most people are stunned yet, but these terrorists were expecting that car, and were already moving to what they were there for, and that was to beat a White person to death.

Fielding's car has just stopped and two terrorists are already moving to attack him

 Now in noting that the two black terrorists are beginning to immediately charge the vehicle, while the majority of people are stunned, look at the reaction to the two white people. Remember now the action and horror is a fraction of a second in the Fielding car ramming the dumpsters to escape, but these two white males who are part of the protest, are immediately focusing on some other action which is gaining their attention coming from down the street.

Protestors looking down the street at some other action rather than Fielding
The following is what was drawing the two white protestors attention and this is the damning reality proving that James Fielding jr. was running for his life.
This photo is important in this 12 second digital, because Fieldings car is barely stopped 1 second, and this mob of armed terrorists which has been chasing him from behind, is there in mass, swinging their clubs.

Terrorists swarming Fielding's car

It amplifies because by second two a second wave of armed terrorists converges on the Fielding location, with the intent of beating him to death in pure murder. It is at this point of being in this kill zone, ambushed from the sides and behind, blocked in by dumpsters, that he slams the car backwards through this wall of terrorists and attempts to escape with his life.
If James Fielding jr. had not taken the action he did at that moment, he would be dead, and not in prison on these trumped up charges.

 More terrorists swarming Fielding's car and no leftist helping Fielding

If one notes in the above, dozen armed terrorists with murderous intent, what follows is the last frame in what a perfect kill zone this was, as this was a gauntlet of terrorists, human roadblocks and brick canyon. By the armed terrorists, the terrorists immediately attacking the vehicle, this was a pre planned set up by this Soros funded group, now protected by Jeff Sessions and the police state, to cover up the democrat 2020 presidential campaign this was engineered for to separate the President from his vocal voting base, as the Virginia police state stood down to allow this terror event to happen......and the happening was that a White American was supposed to be murdered that day in being beaten to death, as Trump supporters have been bloodied, including Mike Cernovich in the past year at Trump rallies.

And do not miss as Mr. Fielding is backing away for his life, that a terrorist is in the street clubbing at the Fielding car.

Terrorist striking James Fielding's car as Fielding attempts escape

We are not being shown the Truth in this James Fielding jr. scenario, as he was innocent, a LaVoy Finnicum, as innocent as George Zimmerman. It is disgraceful that rich people on the right in Sean Hannity and Tom Gresham have abandoned the Truth to save themselves, and have joined the coup plotters in expediently lynching another innocent man for the good of a nation.

James Fielding jr. is the character Billy Budd, who was hung on a British ship, even though he was innocent, to protect the British dictatorship. When President Trump agreed to the Ivanka talking points in throwing all of the Alt Right which is littered with MOGS reporting on the members, with Jeff Sessions  targeting the people on the "right" involved, it sealed the fate of James Fielding jr.
The Truth though is something for all, whether it is Black Lives Matter or the Alt Right. The intelligent thing would be to keep quiet in this, to allow the MOGS run the false flag scenario, to allow this lynching of James Fielding jr., because he is expendable, but I hear the words "NEVER AGAIN" in allowing tyranny to prevail. I think of John Adams defending British Soldiers who were attacked like James Fielding by another American mob long ago, and contemplate how alone anyone would feel whether in Pyongyang or Charlottesville when the entire system is in motion to crush you, and nothing is going to be done to save you.

It is always the point, in what they are doing to James Fielding jr., they will do you eventually when you become expendable, and your name appears in the press, with people you barely knew, divulging things about your life which is a lie, but by then no one will care about you, as everyone abandons you.

The above photographic evidence is proof that James Fielding jr. is not guilty and should never have been charged with any crime. Unless of course running for your life is now a crime in America, and what the law expects is you to have your life stolen from you in being murdered, so an American no longer has the right to protect their life, liberty or dreams. That is the reality of America, and each of you has to understand that in the gulag is back. That you can not fight this. That all you can do is wait on Jesus return, obey the laws, pay your taxes, not make yourself a target and stay home, because the Truth no longer matters.

Herbert McMaster stated the Fielding incident fit the definition of terrorism. That would mean a woman running from a rapist is a rapist, a child screaming to resist a pedophile is a criminal and according to McMaster's definitions, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were all terrorists then too. So let the Soros terrorists level Mount Rushmore, in the same way they are destroying Civil War Monuments, as this is the McMaster doctrine.

New Video Evidence Proves James Fields, Charlottesville Car Wrecker, Was Attacked By Antifa (3/3)