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What the Kushner Involvement is Really about in the Russian Hacking Saga

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If you are truly interested in what Russian hacking is about at it's core, and you should be as your American and Western live are hanging on this scaffold, you need to understand that 1000 pound gorilla in the room, which all of these people at the top know about, but none are discussing, what is termed the 'cartel' here, is about to have bone and sinew placed on it, so that you understand that history is repeating itself.

Enter stage left, one handsome Russian, Roman Abramovich , investor of Vladimir Putin billions in schemes in the West and never arrested, points to he is an asset of the London House of Rothschild as money pardons all laws of children of lesser gods.
Enter stage New York, in one Jared Kushner, who has a proclivity of making close friendships with every billionaire on the planet of interesting money supply.

For background on this, the Rothschilds under Russian Republic President Boris Yeltsen, gained a foothold in new Russian open markets through the oligarchs who made billions in oil, as Russia was plundered.
This is what Vladimir Putin put an end to, and the reason he has a target on his head for not submitting to the globalists, seeking to take control over Russian wealth again.

Enter Roman Abramovich's new friends, in Jared  and Ivanka Kusher, for new money making deals.


 Jared Kushner and one of Russia’s most powerful and influential billionaires: Roman Abramovich.  The men have met three to four times in social settings, and their wives have been friends for a decade, facts that Kushner and Ivanka Trump revealed on their security-clearance forms to join the White House staff,

As one can see of Ivanka with her oligarch heir, Dasha Zhukova, who holds both Russian and American citizenship, they are quite the best of friends attending tennis matches together.

Ivanka Kushner & Dasha Zhukova

For further understanding of Ivanka Trump's good friend, and a revelation into the hypocrisy of Jared and Ivanka Kushner and Gary Cohn over the events of Charlottesville, which was a Hillary 2020 staged event for racial  tensions, to tear down American Memorials and spread hatred of White Americans (remember Jared and Ivanka were the ones who forces the President to denounce White Nationalists) witness the photo of Ivanka's best tennis mate, in Dasha Zhukova, sitting on Nigger Chair.
Yes one really believes the Kushner's in their moral outcries about racism after this.


 Ivanka Trump's best friend sitting on a Nigger Chair

Moving to more in depth examinations, beyond Nigger Chair sitting by Ivanka's best friends, a more sinister reality emerges of who Jared Kushner, the slum lord, brought into the Trump family, and who Ivanka is intimate with, without excuse, because anyone can do an internet search and discover the reality that normal people move away from, as these people are all involved in the throws of the underground economy, filled with intelligence, criminal activity and people always ending up dead like the Clinton's associates do.

Enter into this Boris Berezovsky, a former oligarch, run out of Russia to London, who ended up with a rope around his neck in a murder, after losing a lawsuit against Jared Kushner's intimate acquaintance in Roman Abramovich.
The short story of Berezovsky and Abramovich is Vladimir Putin took Berezovsky's control of a Russian oil and gave it to Abramovich.

Into this, we have British Intelligence, the same asset who alerted John McCain to the Pissgate Dossier, who gives a narrative and a troubling quote, in Roman Abramovich of keeping his mouth shut about things, while the dead Berezovsky does not.
In the quotes below it hints that perhaps Roman Abramovich, may have had a principle part in the information in the Pissgate Dossier.. If this is the case, it opens new interesting doors, because Abramovich who is the link between Vladimir Putin and British MI6, was linked to the groups that were involved in creating the dossier, and the same group is the one who showed up for a meeting with Donald Trump jr. in Trump Tower, for which Mr. Trump has now been smeared by Jared Kushner.

Recall in this, that Jared Kushner is the source of the leaked Trump campaign emails, framing Don jr., and remember in this Kushner fled this meeting, in having his assistant place a "lying phone call", but now it appears that Jared Kushner may have fled this meeting, because he knew these operatives and did not want to be fingered himself, or perhaps a more sinister point in this, is that Don jr. was being set up along with Paul Manafort in this internecine warfare of Jewry, and Jared Kushner knew it, and ran from the room, without warning his brother in law or his father in law's campaign chairman.

In a 2012 lawsuit in London, the late Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky claimed he’d been forced to sell his shares in oil company Sibneft to Abramovich. The judge, in ruling against Berezovsky, concluded Abramovich had “privileged access” to Putin.
“He became very close to the Kremlin,” said Andrew Wood, the British ambassador to Russia from 1995 to 2000 who alerted U.S. Senator John McCain of the existence of a dossier released in January that contained allegations about Trump’s Russia ties. “He has the gift, which Berezovsky did not, of holding his tongue.”

Boris Berezovsky

Boris Berezovsky inquest returns open verdict on death ...

Berkshire coroner says conflicting evidence meant he was unable to reach conclusion on how Russian oligarch died. ... Boris Berezovsky after ... Berezovsky was found ...

This saga now takes another turn in building the foundation of "Russian hacking", in Abramovich was a confidant and intimate of President Vladimir Putin, and one his projects was a Jewish museum in Russia, and a fundraiser was held, and those who attended as the most prominent feature, were Jared and Ivanka Kushner.
What is of note in this was the Russian Olympics the next day. The same olympics that Barack Obama tried to disrupt and humiliate Vladimir Putin over and more to the point at this time, NBC's Bob Costa was praising the hero of peace Vladimir Putin, and strangely contracted pink eye and could not broadcast the olympics, and Mr. Putin began throwing out foreign instigators at this time intent on overthrowing his Government.
Into this, Crimea revolted from Ukraine to join Russia, as the friction point to cause Russian involvement in Ukraine.

It was at this backdrop that Ivanka and Jared Kushner were laughing and enjoying themselves with the Russian / American Jewish financial underground in New York City, where all the pretty people attended.

Abramovich also was central to the construction of the Moscow Jewish Museum. He is chairman of the board of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, an umbrella for the Chabad Orthodox community. The museum, located in a former bus garage, cost $50 million and was financed largely by donations. Putin has visited at least twice.
The dinner that evening in 2014 raised $4.5 million and included an exhibition of Andy Warhol’s portraits of 10 famous Jews of the 20th century.

Sochi and Crimea

The gala occurred right before Russia took the world stage in two very different ways: days before the Sochi Olympics and weeks before Russia annexed Crimea.

This is the photo which Ivanka Kushner posted to her account of this gathering of the elite of Jewry in New York, in Russian finance, and squatted in front of Ivanka is Wendi Deng, the wife of Rupert Murdoch and sexual partner of Vladimir Putin.
One should note that this is the beginning of the inclusions of the Kushner's being groomed as assets being monitored by British and Russian intelligence.

Remember in this, that it was Theresa May's MI6 who was producing Pissgate, and was spying on Donald Trump for the Obama regime on Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Remember in this, that while Don jr.'s emails appear, phone calls of Mike Flynn were released illegally, that for some odd reason in all of these associations of Jared and Ivanka Kushner, that none of their communications have ever been leaked.

The Kushner's are being protected in this as assets, and of use to influencing the President at this juncture, because the evidence reeks that intelligence agencies targeted this couple and were actively monitoring and grooming them.

 A photo Ivanka posted on the evening shows her with Wendi Murdoch, Samantha Boardman, the wife of New York real estate developer Aby Rosen -- who also has done business with Kushner -- and Sofia Kapkova, the wife of Sergei Kapkov, a long-time associate of Abramovich’s who took over Putin’s seat in the parliament in 2007.

This is Ivanka Kushner's postings on the above photo, and the inner circle of the Russian connections with the Kushners.


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February 5, 2014

To review this jumble of pieces which looks like a puzzle, in something of the enigma, wrapped in a riddle, a more complete picture appears with the grout to make this fresco become legible in why people with common sense do not become involved with people simply because big bank accounts are involved.

We have before us a Russian oligarch, who is not arrested in the West who invests for Vladimir Putin. We have before us a dead Russian who was at odds with Roman Abramovich, and we have the Kushner's who are weak link into infiltration to the lower caste of American Jewry.

Enter into this Alexander Litvinenko, the infamous Russian who Vladimir Putin and KGB detested, and was assassinated in London as a giant FU to Queen and Country, in the first shot of what is becoming Herbert McMaster's global nuclear war, as the KGB murdered Litvinenko with radioactive Polonium 210 at a London cafe, over tea.


We know exactly the source of the assassin squad from a Russian defector, in the team came from the 9th Directorate of the KGB. This was a "message assassination" in the Kremlin wanted everyone to know that the rapine of Russia by Rothschild surrogates was at an end, and attempting to degrade Vladimir Putin's position in power would be met with extreme prejudice.

 The three men who allegedly poisoned Litvinenko – Andrei Lugovoi, Dmitry Kovtun and Vyacheslav Sokolenko – are all former members of the KGB's Ninth Directorate.

But what harm could Litvinenko do to Mr. Putin? The answer is that Boris Berezovsky was funding the Litvinenko investigation in Spain to Mr. Putin's investments via Abramovich which were illegal. More to the point is Litvinenko was positive that Abramovich would be soon arrested, but no arrest came in the West. Instead Litvinenko was assassinated on a London street by the KGB.

In the year he was murdered, Alexander Litvinenko was investigating suspicions that the owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich, was involved in money-laundering and illegal land purchases, the high court has heard.
In one of two witness statements given to British police, the Russian exile Boris Berezovsky said Litvinenko spent the last months of his life investigating Russian mafia activity in Spain. At the time, Litvinenko was working for Britain’s secret intelligence service, MI6, and for Spanish intelligence. The inquiry into Litvinenko’s death has heard that the former Russian spy began working for MI6 in 2003.

An MI6 agent is murdered in London by the KGB, and the British do absolutely nothing about it. It reminds one of George Soros breaking the Pound for the Rothschilds and Soros is still at large, making civil war in America.
What you are witnessing is the extended hand of the House of Rothschild. The money from Putin's accounts was of more value than the reputation of their MI6.

As more grout pours into the mosaic of this picture within a picture, a revelation occurs that just as Obama organized the international dope trade of his benefactors, FDR ran the US mafia in World War II, that the Russian FSB is in direct control of Russian organized crime across the globe.

 Leaked cables released by WikiLeaks in 2010 mention Litvinenko’s undercover investigations in Spain. A Spanish prosecutor, José Grinda González , said he agreed with Litivnenko’s “thesis” that organised crime in Russia was under the direct control of the Kremlin’s spy agencies, including the FSB.

The reality is by now, normal people would be gulping hard and looking for an exit from this group of associates the Kushner's have been common linked to by Roman Abramovich. Boris Berezovsky was warned before his murder that he would be sanctioned in a black t shirt was sent to him threatening nuclear death.

Cotlick added that in July 2010 Lugovoi – Litvinenko’s alleged killer – sent Berezovsky a black T-shirt. The “present” was delivered to London by one of Lugovoi’s business associates, Rafael Filinov. The T-shirt bore the words on the front: “Polonium-210 , London-Hamburg, To Be Continued”. Kovtun visited Hamburg before meeting Litivnenko.
On the back, the T-shirt read: “CSKA Moscow, Nuclear Death, Is Knocking Your Door”. Lugovoi supports CSKA Moscow, and watched the team play Arsenal at the Emirates stadium in London hours after allegedly poisoning Litvinenko in 2006. The shirt also had a red communist star and a black radiation warning symbol.
Berezovsky handed the T-shirt to the Metropolitan police. “We felt it was an admission of guilt on behalf of Mr Lugovoi,” Cotlick said

This then comes to Christopher Steele of Pissgate, who is part of MI6, which is the official intelligence service of the House of Rothschild. This is the source of the first, second attempt, as British intelligence was the source behind the overthrow of the Czar in the Revolution, and they began this war against Vladimir Putin in 2003, and Steele was a primary conduit.

March 14, 2010 • 12:04AM
The main investment vehicle of the Rothschilds into Russia and Eastern Europe is JNR UK Ltd, an investment bank specializing in Eastern Europe and Russia. JNR stands for Jacob and Nathaniel Rothschild. Since Feb. 2003, Nathaniel Rothschild has been director of JNR. JNR has offices in Guernsey and Switzerland. The decision to run JNR out of its Swiss and Guernsey offices was made for tax reasons. Most of the revenues are derived from outside the UK.
Through JNR the Rothschilds run their operations inside Russia and Eastern Europe in conjunction with the Russian oligarchy.
The attempt to annex Mother Russia in 2003 had a beginning stage, and that involved the first history of the House of Rothschild and their offshoot in the House of Schiff, which appeared in America, who went into conflict over the rule of Russia, after their groups and their intelligence assets murdered the Czar and his family.

Rothschild & Russian Revolution - Sooddram

Rothschild & Russian Revolution. ... Mayer and his family moved to a larger house, ... Jacob Schiff moved to New York. In 1867, he joined the Budge, ...கட்டுரைகள்/அரசியல்-சமூக-ஆய்வு/r

There were two primary Houses of finance which took root, the Rothschild family of London, Paris, Berlin, and the Jacob Schiff family in America. A feud broke out between Rothschild and Schiff in the Russian Revolution, and Schiff's communists won, and in the foremost part through their Rockefeller conduits, moved America to become the "military enforcer" of two world wars, to bleed the Royal Israelite empires dry and gain control from London to Moscow.

However, to understand how the Rothschild family was directly involved in the Russian Revolution, we first need go back again to 18th century Germany. In 1785, Mayer and his family moved to a larger house, at 148 Judengasse; a five story house known as “The Green Shield” which they shared with the Schiff family; a distinguished rabbinical family. In 1866, Jacob Schiff moved to New York. In 1867, he joined the Budge, Schiff & Company, and in 1875 he leaded the Kuhn, Loeb & Co (and married Solomon Loeb’s daughter). He then directed many important corporations, including: the National City Bank of New York, Equitable Life Assurance Society, Wells Fargo & Company, and the Union Pacific Railroad.
With Barack Hussein Obama, a Berliner boy Muslim Birther, a shift took place away from the Clinton Rockefellers in a betrayal of Bill Clinton in business over "Stan Uranium" sold to China, the caste house of Rothschild supplanted the Schiff.

This is the internecine "Jewish" Ashkenazim warfare which has been taking place in America, which is the 1000 pound gorilla in the room, and the source of the coup against Donald Trump as his "Jews" supplanted Hillary Clinton's election theft.
That is why odd things like George Soros funding John McCain and Herbert McMaster appear. Why Donald Trump in deference is briefing George Soros, the bag man for the European Finance Houses. Why Dana Milbank and the Washington Post are smearing fellows "Jews" in the Kushners, Mnuchkins and Cohns in the White House as Court Jews.
What you are witnessing are the people who hold the pawns of the American Police State, military, intelligence and finance, at civil war with each other in control of the Trump White House.
At the source of this is the fortune which Vladimir Putin seized back from the Rothschilds in their oligarchs, who are a major source of black market funding for these Houses across the globe.

As has been stated, the last time these two houses feuded, regicide swept through Mother Russia, and two world wars engulfed the world. It is not Russia this time that is the primary target as Vladimir Putin has eluded assassination. This time it is the United States which is being torn asunder for absolute control, and part of this is a Russian operation of funding to disrupt the Genocide of Russia, by funding this feud between the House of Schiff and the House of Rothschild inside America.

Due to the weakest point in the slum lord of New Jersey in the Kushner mafia, this entire situation rammed to the center of the Trump campaign and Trump Presidency.

No matter the diversions to distract you, this is what is taking place in America, and why there is such a fury against Russia. This is a very complex intelligence operation involving many assets and it is the upheaval you witness before you, as this is not about allegiance to America or Russia. This is about allegiance to the House of your family caste.
It is that 1000 pound gorilla in the room.

Everything about this "Russian hacking" has one connecting thread and that is Jared Kushner. The connective tissue between Russian money flowing into influence the West, the MI6 operations in Pissgate with Russian competing assets, Abramovich investments, all connect to Jared Kushner, which connects then to Donald Trump jr, Donald Trump sr.. Trump Tower meetings, and the removal of Mike Flynn, and every peaceful outreach to Vladimir Putin, because the double agents involved in this framing of Donald Trump, have the vested interest to take out President Putin, and return Russia to Rothschild control.
In America, the coup against Donald Trump is about a war with Russia, and making certain the American People never regain their financial freedom from the Rothschild and Schiff led control of American massive debt.

The Kushners are the weak link. Every last operation undertaken against Donald Trump, from everyone in pro Putin Russians, anti Putin Russians, Theresa May of England, Xi of Peking, the Bush family, the Clintons, the Schiff Jews, the Rothschild Jews, have all to the last assets, including Wendi Deng, come through Jared and Ivanka Trump.

Vladimir Putin's agenda is the nationalist preservation of Russia from another 1917 where his head is on a pike. It is a world of influence which is as any nation attempting the same leverage on prominent peoples of other nations as America has done, and as Britain does as China does. Russia is being blamed for election influence, as a cover for the fury that the rigged 2016 election was neutralized by those promoting Mr. Trump, and the story is instead about those globalist financial houses whose intelligence assets were involved in attempting to throw another American Presidential election.

Whatever the Kushner's knew has not any bearing, because the results are the damning reality. They are not loyal to America, but as has been witnessed time and again, their allegiance is not to President Trump, or the Trump family, but to the various Ashkenaz family guilds of fortune, who have been rewarding them as it exploits them.

Will any of this information ever appear anywhere else? It will not, as these are the unspoken things, like Andrew Breitbart knowing too much to bring down a guild asset in Birther Obama, and being assassinated on the street for it.

It will be best if you forget the above, and you will, as another Magnus Opus of deception fills your minds and triggers and emotional response, so you believe the illusion being constructed.

Forget. Forget. Forget. It is better to believe the lies you have always believed.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.