Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Serial Guide to Al Franken on Rape and Molestation

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Al Franken Thanksgiving Day statement: "I'm a warm person; I ...

Sen. Al Franken said Thursday that he plans to stay in the U.S. Senate and try to win back Minnesotans ... He called himself "a warm person" who likes to hug ...

By now we all know what Giant in the Senate Al Franken is, but most are ignorant to the literature which is strewn across Amazon, just awaiting the public to contact Amazon and ask why an abuser of women is featured on their pages, in Al Franken's host of tell all and how to books dealing with the subjects of being the Senate's Sex Bully.

Who would not desire to read a book where Al Franken says he is not Kevin Spacey enough, and as Bill Clinton rapes women, that Al Franken as President would continue the Clinton tradition of rape too.

Then there is this popular seller, where  Al Franken, author of THE WARM RAPE TRUTH, contemplates that dressing up as a pedophile, he is convinced that he is doggone right up the alley to being a pedophile too.

The next takes us into the intellectual descent of Al Franken's trip to Sodom and loving a transsexual named Gomorrah in Ottertail County Minnesota, as he recounts his many warm and friendly molestations.

Apparently the other books on rape, pedophilia and molestation were not enough, as now Al Franken engages in a scholarly look at rape and molestation.

And at least at this juncture, we have Al's last words on "the warm rape" in confessing that every woman wants it and that every woman deserves it, like at the Great Minnesota Get Together in the Minnesota State Fair.

Satire has its place, and Al Franken has in thee worst political rape handed it out to Citizens on the right in books and with his criminal hands and tongue, but for those paying attention to Al Franken, he has not apologized, no more than his "rape of Leslie Stahl and Mike Wallace comedy", but became more enraged and now his neo definition of himself is "that he is a warm and friendly person" so his hand raping women and tongue raping women is supposed to be sexcuses.

Al Franken must be thrown out of ALL public life and be brought before a federal jury and sentenced to be behind bars as his Pyongyang Propaganda in calling molestation a friendly and warm action is an insult to everyone who has suffered abuse or has dealt with those they love who have been assaulted by the creeper criminals like Al Franken.

If Al Franken had any character he would have resigned, and paid reparations to the people he assaulted.

Warmest Rapegards,
Al Franken

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