Saturday, November 25, 2017

Them Obama Darlin's

I'm so excited about White Man's Cock!!!!
(Just like her adoptive father was)

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Can any of us not have seen this coming, in the full rejection of adoptive daddy Barack Hussein Obama, and knowing the absolute failure of their birth certificate mum, Michelle, marrying a fagsexual from Asia in Barry Soetoro, that the adoptive Malia and Sasha have swung hard to their quadroon roots, rejected their Afroid low DNA, and are looking for superior males to provide for them octroon children by now going sexual with Caucasian boys.

Here is the proof. Malia praying to her white snake god to slither into her cavernous recesses.


Here is the joining of snake god to the Malia den.

This becomes even more unanimous in Sasha going White.

This is Sasha going tongue and hip.

For this natural advancement of DNA, which all black slave women engaged in, in sleeping with the White Boss Man, which produced so many talented professional athletes, with mental defects, as they are taking knees and destroying their million dollar jobs, the Obama adoptive daughters have been attacked viciously, like Junior McCain was attacked by his family for marrying a quadroon.

Here are some examples of the Afroid rage against the natural selection of the Obama girls.

 I realize it has been a bad week for Blacks. Robert Mugabe got his ass booted out of Rhodesia. Jesse Jackson has some brain thing going on, the Obama girls going Caucasian superior DNA and now in China it was discovered that humans' birth place of civilization was Asia, and it was all BS in that African thing, I can understand why Afroids were going to rage at the Obama girls for taking the A Train in getting off the Underground Railroad.
Once you had black, you won't ever go back, because being with a White man is God's natural plan.

Ancient skull found in China rewrites human history | Daily ...

But the new Dali skull research challenges this idea. It's possible that early humans in Africa that evolved into Homo sapiens ... but western Asia-Africa, not ...

Let's celebrate welcoming the Obama girls back into the Darwin advancement DNA chain which we know all black women just can not help, but be drawn to.  I mean historically Barry Obama did have a hard on over Lawrence Sinclair, so can you really expect these girls to not want the same hunky White lovin'.

Larry Sinclair Press Conference about Gay Love Affair with ...

Larry Sinclair Press Conference about Gay Love Affair with Barack Obama FULL MOVIE

Let's sing........

A Black Woman can not help her natural instinct
to be a White man's Woman.