Saturday, November 25, 2017

M & M Economic Warning on Globalist Stock Manipulation

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One of the friends of this blog dropped me this note two weeks ago, and due to upheaval, I have not gotten around to posting it. The information is important, but I also have to deal with things that I can not be taking other people's discoveries and not giving them credit and I can not be publishing people's names with the nuts who are always trolling me.

So this is M&M Economics and the revelations in how the cartel has been actively coordinating all stock markets, like women in the same house menstruating at the same time (You won't get an analogy like that on Fox News), that this type of control would bring immense profits by electronic trading.

Take for example, you want to break the American or London markets. All that money will stream somewhere. If for example you keep the Peking stocks solvent, all that money would shift to Peking within a month, which would make Peking top heavy, and the cartel then could pull the plug, so that perhaps their stores of precious metals or commodities (Remember this is not real gold or grain, but paper people purchase) would then be sold to speculators in your IRA's and immense profits would be gleaned by this manipulation with Tim Geithner set up for Barack Obama's rapine of America.

Hi LC,

been meaning to write you, not able to give an in depth analysis right now, but this is something that has to be "looked" at and "compared".

The Globalist have been trying to get various stock markets on the same boom, bust cycle.

You will need to access either "Google Finance" or "Yahoo Finance" and Adobe Flash for Interactive Charts to follow along.

We'll start at the Finance website, click on the S&P500 to get the chart, if there is a pop up for Adobe Flash Interactive, allow it, a cursor hand will appear when inside the chart box on Google (my preferance) or a + - key on Yahoo.

We want a longer term view of the chart, at least from the 1990's.

The top was in 2000, preceding a decline into the bottom in 2003, followed by a 2007 top, then bust into 2009, this is where it is harder to "see" the S&P500 top in 2015. 

For "that" we have to "check" the "other" stock markets, for there are differing degrees of boom/bust

type in to get the FTSE100 stock quote, and click for long term chart, now 2015 is looking more like a top out

type in Nikke 225, Hang Seng

for the clearest "view" of the 2015 top, type in SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange Index) and long term (all data) while many stock exchanges have many years of upward rally to get to the top, the SSE goes sideways till about a year before the top and goes up like a rocket (blow off)

so, from this overview, there was a top in global stock markets in 2015, bottoming in early 2016, set for a multi year rally, we can watch into the future for the SSE to start taking off to get an idea about when the rally is coming to a top, kind of simple (KISS) not there yet

do drop me a note if you "see" it, if not, no worries


I have noted and been watching the schemes in America in how Soros in 2007 inflated crop prices, so that drove up inflation across rural America, and how idiot farmers spiked land prices 2000 percent, took out loans on things they could no afford, and now they are all in debt.
Rockefeller did this in the 1970's to Americans rural, and in cities, and when Ronald Reagan built his America's trade system, the South Americans flourished, but were sold cheap money by the cartel for "improvements" (like North Dakota did on it's oil boom gone bust) and that is why Brazil and Venezuela are in communist convulsions as the cartel stole everything and bankrupted those nations.

What M&M is showing all of us, is how the banksters farm the global stock markets like a farmer does corn. There is not any economic data in this, it is all manipulation and money pumping in debt. They plant stories about 2018, meant to begin herding assets and slowly bleed things to not make things terminal, but to manage the misery.

As you can tell, China has been let in on the game, and promised prosperity as part of the financial system. As their data trends though in a population implosion which is too old and crippled to work, robotics are not going to save them, no more than Saudi Arabia and Iran attempting to divest. There are only going to be allowed one Brussels and one Belgium for financial control in kiting all this money. The rest of the players are pawns to be managed, just as America is since she no longer produces anything for real financial assets.

I have not checked on the markets, nor anything the past weeks in inquiry. After the correction I posted on came to reality, the past month, that was enough for me. I simply do not have a dime in the stock market, so it does not interest me, except in cursory association of how badly a financial implosion would affect me.

And I have not checked, but I am looking forward to a nice blow the hell out of the Mideast war, so that in the peace which follows Armageddon will appear. That interests me as it means I don't have to write this blog for deadbeats or those trolling me.

All of this financial herding is all projected out. You will never beat the system, because if you go where the profits are, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will nail your butts on record taxes as Soros will have a loophole. The cartel will get your money you think you have one way or the grave way, because they can not allow groups of people to amass wealth, as that brings Breitbart or Mercer power, which is Donald Trump, who needs to get put on a leash, where Hamrod Clinton already put hers on long ago.

The reality is that what you have been told is all the markets are being coordinated and soon the rapine will be as perfectly managed as a farmer turning out sheep in one pasture and grazing the next.

M & M Economics.