Monday, November 27, 2017

Donald Trump Stabs Roy Moore in the Back

In Afghanistan for John Kelly, I protected pedophiles
and I intend to do the same thing in America when in the US Senate
- Lee Busby

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Intrigue is a heinous and disgusting form of betrayal, and Donald Trump as President has just knifed the Republicans of Alabama and every Christian Conservative in the back, with the Cassius method of attempting to stop Judge Roy Moore a THIRD TIME.

First Mr. Trump engaged with Mitch McConnell to foist Luther Strange on Americans in spending 30 million dollars against Roy Moore, but Alabama overcame.

Second, Mr. Trump joined with the fake news in the smear against Roy Moore in these trumped up pedophile and molesting women charges, but Alabama rejected the lies.

Now Mr. Trump after stating he would not campaign for Roy Moore, has joined the deep state, in allowing his Chief of Staff, Junta John Kelly, an Obama and Clinton voting liberal, to place into the race a Colonel Lee Busby, who knows absolutely nothing about the Constitution as his first assessment was that Roy Moore was not up to the job, but of course democrat Doug Jones is.

Busby said he spent 31 years in the Marine Corps and on his last tour of duty was vice chief of staff to then-Gen. John Kelly, who is now White House chief of staff.  

Trump WILL NOT campaign for Moore before election...
Marine Colonel Announces Alabama Senate Run...

Let's get rid of Christians like Roy Moore
 and bring in that pedophile protector in your guy Lee Busby 

Let us be frank in this, in Donald Trump and the deep state just engaged in election fraud in Alabama for the third time to get rid of a Christian Conservative in Roy Moore. This is what Trump Hacking looks like and is illegal, because we know that Busby is not going to win, but has been FUNDED and MOVED by John Kelly and the Trump White House and the McConnell GOPliters to bleed off enough votes from Roy Moore to install Doug Jones a democrat.
This is electioneering and I told all of you that Donald Trump would stop at nothing as he knows Roy Moore is going to be the 2020 nominee and primary Mr. High Rises arse as Donald Trump rules as the Obama 3rd term.

For the record Lee Busby in serving with John Kelly was involved in training in Afghanistan of troops. While there, there was a RECORD INCREASE OF PEODPHILE ASSAULTS ON CHILDREN. So we know what Lee Busby was training armed men to do and how this all fits in with Mitch McConnell covering for pedophile Dennis Hastert and how Donald Trump has not called for one investigation by Jeff Sessions into the assaults of Al Franken on women or Kevin Spacey raping boys.

Yes, our troops were ordered to ignore Afghan pedophiles ...

Sep 25, 2015 · Tips Sign Up. New York Post. ... on "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" aired in London ... after warning colleagues of an insider attack on an American ...

Those are the facts and now everything this blog has stated about Mr. High Rise is proven. There are not any excuses in this, as Donald Trump is the one who went scorched earth on Christians in the Trump Trans and he is going Bush scorched earth on Christians again, in this electioneering against Roy Moore, as this is coming from Trump's chief of staff who should be fired immediately, investigated and then charged for electioneering in Alabama.

Donald Trump has ended any hope for lessening the Judgment which will come upon America, and has now inflated it to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama levels. He could have been the greatest President since George Washington, an equal to Ronald Reagan, but now he is nothing but the same treachery which the Clintons, Bush's and Obama's betrayed America over.