Sunday, November 19, 2017

Adolf Hilter in Eden

Adolf Hitler's Eden Hotel in Argentina

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is not so much about the fact that Adolf Hitler survived World War II, was evacuated from Nazi German by Martin Bormann cutting a deal with Americans concerning turning over German uranium which was used to bomb Japan, along with fixing America's triggering mechanism, but is about a historical researcher in Harry Cooper who appears on the Jeff  Rense program not getting full credit for exposing most of this, as someone like Jerome Corsi appears on Coast to Coast AM with George Noury plagiarizing all of the work that Harry Cooper undertook, which was life threatening to Mr. Cooper, and not mentioning a word of this information.

The following is the latest in Harry Cooper's work at Shark Hunters and it is fascinating. Cooper has tracked a great deal of the Nazi's evacuation and the reality that Adolf Hitler most likely flew out of Germany in one of the Reich's intercontinental long range bombers. A bomber that actually buzzed New York during the war as proof that Germany had long distance aircraft of immense capability.
It was flown to Argentina and disassembled according to Cooper.


These are the photos of Adolf Hitler, very much alive in 1947 in Argentina, from the Harry Cooper collection.


Adolf Hitler, Eden Hotel, Cordoba Argentina, 1947 AD

Hotel Owner Walter Eichorn seated to Hitler's right,
then Walter's Eichorn's brother and on the left, Ida Eichorn, Walter's wife.

I make a point of this, as I get plagiarized all the time. I spot my narratives in tweets and comments, days after they appear here. I simply do not understand how these 6 and 7 figure trolls can repeat things which were broken here or repeat narratives without ever once mentioning Lame Cherry. I can understand the Mockingbird trolls as I am on "do not quote list" and those mic heads are paid to the big dollars to steer the narrative and they will lose the NSA paycheck if a popular girl is doing it for free. Others though who are spending thousands on internet, phone, television, meaning they have thousands more stashed away, do not bother to donate or give credit. That is why Harry Cooper deserves all the credit on the Adolf Hitler narrative as he has been doing this for years and has been proven right.

It is the same with the JFK assassination, Jim Marrs did all of the leg work and all of that was confirmed by Remote Viewing in Dick Algire and Reverse Speech in David John Oates as of last year. It is amazing to learn the real history over the false narratives.

The true story of Adolf Hitler is remarkable and should be told with Harry Cooper receiving all credit. Heir Hitler was one of the six great leaders of the 20th century, in two being American in Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, and two being British in Winston Churchill and  two being German in Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler, all being of the Anglo Saxon lines.

Adolf Hitler in defeat funded the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe in German finance. Adolf Hitler in defeat came to the Americas and took America from the tank age to jet age, and from the chemical age to the nuclear age, and from the age of rail to the space age. NASA was built by German scientists as was the Soviet space program.

In time when the propaganda of "why the world had to destroy Germany" is replaced by the facts that this was about the cartel eliminating Germany as a competitor, as Russia is the target in the 21st century again, the real story of Adolf Hitler in his stunning hijacking of National Socialism to propel Germany after crushing defeat in World War I to a world power in a few short years, will one day be examined and assessed on facts and not fake news of Jew skin lamps which was an absolute lie.

If it were not for Harry Cooper, you would not have these never seen photographs of Adolf Hitler alive in Argentina or the continued work of Jeff Rense actually covering these stories and providing a platform for the Truth to be witnessed by you.

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