Sunday, November 19, 2017

No Accounting for Taste in Sexual Harassment

Goddamn it Franken put the Viagra away
that's the fourth time you came today
and no one wants to see that!!!

As another  Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I simply am afraid that this sexual perversion stuff has reached it's peak with LeeAnn Tweeden, and perhaps we should just focus on her, as this moves to the political ranks, it is like watching ape sex in the zoo. Nothing one plans to do, but there ape rape is happening and you can't run away for all the slippery ape shit on the  floor outside the cage.

Take for example the new allegations of nothing happening, but this is of course the story in the case of Representative Mary Quade of Minnesota. I know you think "Minnesota" and all those Miss Americas, but then you pause and think with a name like Quade......maybe this is something you need to squint your eyes for and sure enough it is a squinter.

In Minnesota, meanwhile, Representative Mary Quade has accused Democratic Senator Dan Schoen of sending unsolicited text messages inviting her to an encounter at his home. She later said that at least four Republicans had made unwanted sexual comments toward her.

Democrat Mary Quade

Yeah this is like you message her by mistake thinking you are testing 1 900 porn or something as those teeth are scary in all kinds of sex.
But then Mary's Al Franken is..........

Democrat Dan Schoen

I sort of have to believe that the Republicans were telling Mary Quade to get her ugly ass away from them or something to that effect, as this is not the kind of things wet dreams are made of, unless you are Harvey Weinstein having a bad day.

It is like you hear Republican Dan Shooter is being accused of sexual allegations, and with a name like Shooter you expect like Clint Eastwood, and then you get this shit.


Dan Shooter

So you understand if the 9 women had been told by Clint Eastwood to put the saddle on as Dirty Harry is coming home, they would have all lined but, but Dan Shooter just is an acquired taste in women who like to have buttered bald heads rubbed on them.

Then there are in California Democrats Tony Mendoza and Raul Bocanegra, into some sex stuff, and you know it is bad in feces penis scented Californication for these two to set off the red flags. Mendoza  looks like the guy who greases up the sheep at the wetback bar and Bocanegra looks like the retard that has to wash the sheep pussy off afterwards and enjoys the job.


Slip Mendoza and Tard Bocanegra

In Colorado, two lawmakers, Steve Lebsock and Paul Rosenthal have been accused of making unwanted sexual advances.


Rosenthal and Lebsock

Do you sort of get the idea that the Pedophile Syndicate is starting to wean you off these stories of sexual harassment in what remains is the store front window of what looks like pedophiles are behind every candy bag.

In the 19th century the man who came up with Gram Flour, stated that Americans were  too over sexed from eating white bread and sugar. In all of the above, there is obviously too much white bread and sugar eating, with a dose of aspartame to drive people nuts and smart phones to make ugly people think they are more popular than they are.

Now that you are cringing in what real sex looks like among the primates, like stumbling in on your aunt and uncle in the backyard, and your being horrified of sex for the next 20 years, just remember that women like Meryl Streep is a woman who can not even get these tards to come onto her, and her competition is someone like that horse toothed Minnesota thing who again, is just an accusation without evidence, as maybe the guy with the bald head was not asking for sex, but the Hoover he was texting about was vacuuming the carpet as he really did have some cheerleaders coming over from high school who wanted to give it the old college try for an internship as it looks good on the University of Minnesota admission forms..

It's a long way from Mr. Spock. Time to beam me up Scottie.


I call this the Takei anus spreader......