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There is a reality which is lost in all of this reason why Harvey Weinstein was chosen as the porn front for American immorality when Bill Clinton was defended to destroying others by Hillary Clinton, moved on to the disgusting pedophilia of Kevin Spacey, glazed over in the fake accusations against Roy Moore, and then refocused on the sexual bully of Al Franken, that as Corey Feldman once again attempts to focus this on the pedophile group he knew of, as all of the above is meant as a cover for the pedophile syndicate in America, that a story is emerging which is providing clues of how parents literally handed their children over to a Hollywood industry and those involved with it, without supervision.

What this centers on is something called Bobby Hoffman Casting, as the casting directors are the gatekeepers of all acting.

Bobby Hoffman was very well connected  in Hollywood. He was a powerhouse in in the industry in 1970's in being the gatekeeper for Happy Days (Ron Howard, Henry Winkler), Laverne and Shirley (Penny Marshall) and the Bad News Bears, which provided several Young and the Restless actors.

Bobby Hoffman was born on April 30, 1922. He is known for his work on Happy Days (1974), One Life to Live (1968) and Laverne & Shirley (1976). He died on December 13, 1993 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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In Hollywood he studied at the Actor's Lab with Joe Papp and Marilyn Monroe. He went on to become dialogue coach for Glynis Johns and began his 13-year association with Jerry Paris, Gene Reynolds, Gary Nelson, Garry Marshall and Jerry Belson at Paramount, Disney and Fox studios.

These are big names in Gene Reynolds, and Garry Marshall of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, is the father of Penny Marshall who is married to leftist activist Rob Reiner, with Murphy Brown being another leftist hit.
Add Paramount, Disney and Fox studios and Bobby Hoffman was one of the connected individuals as he was "kiddie casting" central.

It was Hoffman's son who enters into this in Alphy Hoffman, who started seltzer party club for the Kid Elite like Feldman and Haim as the draw, which drew in Alyssa Milano and Ricky Schroeder.  It was this kid's club of the A listers, which brought about a second phase of being invited to Bobby Hoffman's home for private parties.

Corey Feldman details what happened in being drugged and molested there, as porn was playing for children.

Feldman explained that Alphy Hoffman was the son of Bobby Hoffman, a major casting director at the time, who died in 1993.
“When you got an invite to go to Bobby Hoffman’s private party — this was a very big thing. And the fact that his son was coming to pick me up himself, was also a very big thing, and my mom ushered me into the car and said, ‘Go have fun.’”
Feldman said the parties took a dark turn — but not at first.
“You know, the first few times I went, it was fairly innocent,” he explained. “Those parties were relatively kid-friendly, but interestingly, that’s where I met the guy that ended up molesting Haim There was a bunch of these guys, they were all hanging out together at these parties, and the thing is, there weren’t a lot of parents at these parties.”

Pay attention to the above as Corey Feldman specifically notes this is a group of guys hanging out at a kid's party all the time. Bobby Hoffman casts children. His son runs a club to bring in A list unsupervised children. Bobby and Alphy Hoffman have private parties at their residence for children from the club, and at their home, they have invited in a group of adult males, who are there  for the obvious reason of picking out children to molest.

Corey Haim before he died, literally of drowning in his own bodily fluids as he had pneumonia, complicated by an enlarged heart, gave this interview with interesting clues, and what appears is a real fear, which Corey Feldman has spoken of in this pedophile ring.

In this Haim, explains that Alphy Hoffman was a sort of pimp. Hoffman is fingered by Feldman as someone who molested him. This points to that his father in in the industry had contact with pedophiles and it is likely that it was in that group that Alphy was introduced to pedophilia, and wanting to be part of the power A list group, ingratiated himself to this pedophile ring by procuring children for this pedophile ring.

Alphy was older and he needed to do something with his life, and I think he just met some people in the industry and became very attached to the idea of the entertainment business.

But as far as Alphy goes, well, I’m not going to say it now, because people do change. I went through my time, too. I lost complete respect for Alphy Hoffman. Alphy sucks! Point-fucking-blank.
He’s a piece of shit! A user.

Haim has defined Alphy Hoffman as a user, a user who used children, procured children for attention, and then brought them to his father's home were adult males were attending parties with children, where molestation occurred. 

This pedophile ring lost interest for some reason, as the prizes were getting older and had already been molested. Haim and Feldman by this time had been so exposed that they were  taking volumes of drugs in moving to the "adult clubs".

Yeah. Then it died out. By the end, it was dying out and everyone was on drugs! I was on drugs, Feldman was on drugs. At the end of it, we were 16 or 17 years old! Lost Boys was done, and we were going to other clubs and doing drugs. So at that time, a lot of people were getting messed up. 


Alphy Hoffman

In this interview, it is a bizarre circumstance because as Haim is speaking of the Hoffman's he suddenly gets a phone call and has an appointment, and then refuses to further the interview by avoiding phone calls, but does leave this message, defending the piece of shit Alphy Hoffman.
That does not make any sense after the first statement. Haim then specifically states that Hoffman never offered drugs, booze, liquor and then quantifies it "as far as substance abuse goes".

It is conjecture, but this has been decades and still Haim is being careful, as Feldman is being careful in speaking of the threat of death. It is a reality in this, just what was noised to these actors in what would be done to them if they ever spoke out?

I wanted to say that you should go ahead and run your article, but if you can keep it low-key when you discuss Alphy’s Soda Pop Club—he had a weird personality, but he never, ever, ever, ever offered us drugs, booze, liquor, anything bad at all as far as substance abuse goes. It was for the kids, and that’s just what we were. Just a bunch of kids.

There is a great deal of cover and counter information being woven into this, as Feldman and a Dominick Brascia state that Haim was molested by Charlie Sheen. Sheen and Haim's mother though finger Brascia as the abuser which he denies.

“At some point during the filming [of ‘Lucas,’ Haim] explained an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was ‘what all guys do,'” Feldman wrote. “So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers during a lunch break for the cast and crew, and Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized.”

What is being spoken of though in what is being lost in the one dimensional mind is we are being told of multiple molesters and rapists. Feldman shuddered on Dr. Oz in speaking of being passed around.

What appears in this is that Feldman points two at least two if not three molestations of Corey Haim. There is the molestation by the adult male Feldman met at the Hoffmans. This might be Charlie Sheen as it was on a movie set. There is another incident in a Hollywood Reporter Interview, of a rape of Corey Haim on a movie set when Haim was 11 years old. Haim was a teenager when the Sheen incident took place, so in this there is yet to be identified the rape of an 11 year old.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Feldman claimed Haim was raped at just 11 years of age on a movie set.
“With me, there were some molestations, and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11,” said Feldman.

As you read the details of this, the Lame Cherry brings you to the results of all of this in the
Corey Haim Autopsy.

The neglect of this child, the rape of this child, the self medication of this child, created a situation of chemical abuse which had a 38 year old in a 70 year old body. You can read in the link how Haim was rendered down to body parts in his tongue removed  through his neck in the autopsy to the notation he was circumcised.
The actor who delighted so many in his performances in my favorite Feldman and Haim collaboration was The Lost Boys, is someone where I never thought I would be reading about his enlarged heart or that his lungs were so full of fluid he drown in himself.

Corey Feldman collapsed to his knees, was helped up by his mother and he died. She was instructed by 911 to do CPR which she did, and the record shows that emergency rescue did start his heart again and it was beating with blood  pressure, but he Corey Haim simply was dead.

When the males who molested and raped Corey Haim, they murdered him. It simply took 27 years to accomplish the homicide. In all of this, this has now devolved not into a legal search for the Truth to protect children, women and men from sexual abuse, but a media lynching which has moved from a pedophile in Kevin Spacey to a situation where Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Ivanka Trump are passing judgment on Roy Moore for political reasons, when the women accusing the Judge are being exposed as liars.

This is the pedophile syndicate. I have warned all of you that the focus on "ending child sex" which is now in vogue, is about the elite pedophile syndicate eliminating their competition and using the police state to do it. You think this is wonderful, but just like dope on the street is still sold as the Nigger dealer is in prison, while the ones laundering the money in Wall Street donate to politicians who control the police state get their pictures in the paper saying how charitable they are.
There are innocent people now being charged to cloud the issue, and to make martyrs as in the Red Scare in the 1950's which Hollywood still harps about, and this pedophilia will be flipped on it's head in this, and in time there will be calls for making it legalized.

Corey Haim is in the grave over this. What charges will be filed if this stress kills 70 year old Roy Moore? Who will be guilty then or will it be like the murderers of Corey Haim, they will still be protected while other innocent people are scapegoated to protect Pedowood.

How far is the Hoffman pedophile gatherings from the revelations of the Franklin Scandal in elites procuring children from Nebraska for debauchery on the west coast?

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