Sunday, November 12, 2017

Age of Consent of Roy Moore's Attackers

Little Cindy and Dirty old man John McCain
Interesting in Judge Roy Moore's attacker in John McCain
LIED to his future wife he was not an aged dirty old man
and she LIED to him about not being an underage young nymph

Cindy Hensley met John McCain in April 1979 at a military reception in Hawaii. He was the U.S. Navy liaison officer to the United States Senate and almost eighteen years her senior. By her later description, each fudged the age they said they were to the other: "He made himself younger, and I made myself older, of course."

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the attacks upon Roy Moore, there is a troubling question in Roy Moore is being accused of abiding by the law in what his accusers in the Washington Post are stating is that he dated legal girls, even when Judge Moore has denied he did any such thing.
This fact is important, because all contact was wanted, mutual and of age of consent, with one mother looking to make Roy Moore her son in law.

As the case of the "14 year old" is growing more suspect each day, given her troubled background and accusing several other men who are clergy of the same "contact', she is like lightning striking the same person 4 times, and that just does not happen.

Great work has been engaged in by Aaron Klein of Breitbart. His investigation into this while others were hiding in the weeds, should be commended, as what we have before us is the same deep state coup which was unleashed against Donald Trump and has now shifted against Roy Moore were accusations are supposed to destroy an innocent White man.

What is the question in this, now that we have those casting the first stone in those like paid shill Johah Goldberg, whose mother Lucianne was the arbitrator of another sex scandal against Bill Clinton, in Linda Tripp found guidance over the Monica Lewinski scandal from Ms. Goldberg, is that her son was hired to do a John McCain, "Moore Must Resign" piece for the CIA media, as Goldberg was ranting against Donald Trump in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

In checking the realities though of all of the DC media which is smearing Roy Moore, the Lame Cherry notes this fact, that in the District of Columbia, it is legal for Jonah Goldberg to fondle and kiss little boys and girls age 16, and it is legal for the female reporters at the Washington Post to fondle and kiss teenagers too, as much as Jeff Bezos has legal right to fondle and kiss children age 16 in DC, as much as John McCain is safe in his Capitol Hill fondling and kissing 16 year old children, where it is illegal in Arizona, until age 18.

District of Columbia Age of Consent Lawyers - LegalMatch

In the District of Columbia, the age of consent for sex is 16 years old

The Lame Cherry wills to ask, just why is it that those attacking Judge Roy Moore of doing things he has denied, have not embarked upon a crusade to save the children of their DC communities if this is such an evil thing. Why is Jonah Goldberg keeping the right to fondle and kiss children age 16? Why is the Washington Post keeping this same abusive right for themselves to fondle and kiss children?

John McCain was born in , his second wife Cindy was born in 1954, after John traded down in age. Little Cindy McCain was 14 years old when John McCain was 32 years old.

Elaine Chao, the wife of Mitch McConnell, was 14 years old and Mitch was 25 years old, as Mitch was born in 1942 and Elaine was born in 1953.

Even that rascals Jonah Goldberg was a dewy little boy of 14 years old and his wife as Jessica Gavora was college age 20 years old, so these age gaps of Roy Moore's accusers appear to be a reason why they are protecting the kissing and fondling of children in their DC residences.

Even Jeff Jorgensen AKA Jeff Bezos of the Washington Post was born in 1964 while his dewy wife Mackenzie Tuttle was born in 1970. So little Mackenzie was 14 years young and Jeff was all 20 year old hormone horn dog after a younger girl.

Yes Jeff Bezos, who changed his name, sent out a hit squad of "reporters" who have criminal pasts and used another woman like Leigh Corfman who had mental health issues, all to accuse the innocent Judge Roy Moore of the very things all of these powerful are actively engaged in, in their own homes.

The question again in this, is why is Jeff Bezos, the reporters of the Washington Post, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Jonah Goldberg not rallying for a national law to protect children from being fondled and kissed, and rid the United States of the 18th Amendment and return the legal age of consent to 21 years of age?

Judge Roy Moore has not engaged in anything illegal or immoral. Yet those accusing him have engaged in the very conduct of protecting a law where they reside and not protecting teenage children. There is also a most interesting age gap in the types of marriages all of these people are involved in, in some like John McCain it is not May December but January December.

Why is it acceptable for those attacking Roy Moore to engage in what they are living in, in their own homes and keeping it legal for 16 year old teenagers to be kissed and fondled in their DC residences?

Only they have the answer, as Judge Roy Moore has denied he ever did the things, these dossier creators have embraced.

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