Sunday, November 12, 2017

Who Corrects the Computer Secretaries

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have noticed a few examples of glitches in the Artificial Intelligence Translators which turn verbal recordings into transcripts, and one of them popped up again in the ex wife of the Texas Church Shooter's statements.

At least now we know that dark kid who was the step son of Devin Kelley, appeared from the wife's jungle fever, as all of this race wars has been hidden from the public.

Any way this is the incorrect translation.

"And he had a gun in his holster right here and he took that gun out, and he put it to my template and he told me, 'Do you want to die? Do you want to die?'" Brennaman said.

It probably should be TEMPLE as the gun was to her head, and not something like this in he was holding a gun to her craft project.


CBS should never have let this be posted as the reader should have checked it. It is though in this computer age and people being told to place their lives in artificial intelligence, a telling problem in just like humans make mistakes, so do computers. The problem with computers is they are in stone as another computer is not going to call them up and point out the problem, and humans now simply do not care.

As stated I ran across this problem previously in an online post and  found it odd that the word was posted. For those who  think the internet is a problem now, and what a disaster it is with these foreign trolls appearing in customer  service which no one can understand, consider as the people are replaced in places like CBS what kind  of disaster it will be, as they are hiring graduates now who do not care about the high paying job in order to do it correctly.

What is of interest in this  are the glitches, as David Icke was stating about humans being synthetic in the filters taking over the world. Would it not be possible to spoof the search engines by adding original blandishments, and then adding other  censored content. Sites use porn verbiage all the time to generate user visits and that is what the Google ad game is all about.
Of course when you have PLA thugs at Facebook banning accounts and then as in mine, adding things to my dormant account "that I have create a group" which reveals that Facebook is spoofing itself for unique users in using banned accounts, there are all sorts of additional glitches in the artificials as they hijack identities which are deemed "deplorable" and then generate them as acceptable.

I digress.

This is about the problem of media outlets now having absolutely no quality control in what is appearing in transcripts. This will appear in the news readers passing on the incorrect translations.

Odd part in this is, when I started posting here, no one understood what I was saying and required translation, and now no one complains about it, as your minds have adjusted........well at least the meat eating minds, as the vegetable brains are still not deciphering content that what has been appearing here is more progressive than the totalitarianism the liberals are enslaving humans with now.

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