Sunday, November 26, 2017

Billy Baldwin still in the Shadow of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This story is about Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Baldwin Psychosis in how pitiful it has become from the Baldwin family, as Alec sits on toilets dressed as Donald Trump and now Billy spent his Thanksgiving ranting at Donald Trump, about framing him from Thanksgiving to Christmas as the biggest serial harasser of all time.
Mind you, this is the two most holy of American holidays and in them Billy Baldwin is more fixated on that, than his family.

“Actor Billy Baldwin claims President Trump hit on his wife during a ritzy hotel party in Manhattan over two decades ago, blasting the commander-in-chief as a “black belt” sexual harasser. (New York Daily News, Nov. 24, 2017)

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Trump, the grunting jackals are getting ready to shoehorn you in as the biggest sexual harasser of all time between now and Christmas.

The focal point of this appears around 25 years ago, when Donald Trump apparently crashed Billy Baldwin's "party" and invited Chynna Phillips, who eventually married Baldwin out for a helicopter ride as Baldwin's party was DOA.

Apparently being humiliated by Donald Trump, really stuck in Billy Baldwin's craw, as he is still fixated on it, and this is after Baldwin got the pretty Chynna.
I mean why not deck the Donald? Why because Billy is a wimp and this has festered in his liberal core like Ashley Judd holding Harvey Weinstein's hand instead of nut kicking him. That is what this is all about in Harvey Weinstein, in a bunch of women who got rewarded by Harvey now want the cops to kick Harvey in the balls, because they didn't do it.

For the review as most people can not keep those Baldwin's straight.

The four "Baldwin brothers":

You know Alec, the man who has it all, and yet he has no peace, because he has mental issues.

Then there is Daniel. The picture tells it all in he is the brother who has less talent than the others and has dropped out of life, instead of making something of himself.


Then there is Billy. Yes Billy is the one who looks like a cross between psycho Alec and dead beat Daniel.


Lastly there is Stephen, he is the normal one. Also the one who had financial problems and Alec let him go bankrupt.


Ok so that is the cast.

The thing is the problems Billy Ba;dwin's family has. Chynna suffered from some emotional issues awhile back for which she needed treatment. There is the reality that Chynna's father, who was John Phillips of the Mama's and the Papa's, was busy raping Chynna's half sister, McKenzie, making McKenzie's life a hell on earth.
In knowing this kind of horror, why would not a husband and father, shut his mouth, not make his family an issue, and protect his wife and his children? No child needs to know that gramps was a sexual deviant, and no wife who had emotional difficulties needs her husband pissing on Donald Trump from Twitter over a 25 year old pissing contest which no one remembers, but Billy Baldwin.

So Billy Baldwin along with Alec, have decided that causing upheaval in America and attacking Donald Trump with all the hell their Obama choice inflicted on America is the answer, not giving a damn about their children or spouse.
What child or wife wants to see their husband sitting on a toilet as Donald Trump? How about a wife or child who wants to know that her husband and father was not man enough to deal with Donald Trump 25 years ago, and now is doing it in a posse of pussies hiding behind a computer screen.

When people suffer from a mania or obsession, they never realize, like being stoned or drunk, that they have absolutely no idea how they are harming themselves or others. Personally, if I had the money Alec Baldwin has, I would be living life and Donald Trump would never cross my mind. If I had the wife and family that Billy Baldwin has, I would be out being a father and husband to this incredible family, and not wasting that time on Twitter.
I think of Teddy Roosevelt taking his children on outings in the northeast in not wasting a moment with them and not being fixated on Boss Tweed.

So according to Billy Baldwin's non thought out process, he told everyone on Twitter that Donald Trump was more of a man than he was 25 years ago, still has not gotten over it, does not care about his wife's psychological condition and does not care about protecting his children from all the disgusting skeletons of the Balwin and Phillips family tree.

The fact is in life, that which comes around goes around. The things Billy Baldwin is sowing is going to be experienced by his family to their harm for years to come. Al Franken thought he could hook himself to the star of Rush Limbaugh, being the lurker who could ruin people by being a hatchet man, while covering up his molesting, and in time it all came around to begin the payback for what Al Franken sowed.

Once upon a time, Billy Baldwin could not attach himself close enough to Donald Trump, but then discovered he could not measure up, so the hatred in Billy Baldwin was vented on Donald Trump, just as his brother Alec is in the same rage.

I hope that the Baldwin brothers in this schism find peace in Christ, before they ruin everything the women in their lives have built.

That is my prayer and my hope.

Billy Baldwin once, and still in the shadow of Donald Trump