Sunday, November 26, 2017

Why is Katie Walsh in Bed with a Molester

Priebus ally Walsh returns to RNC

Walsh, a former top White House staffer who departed the administration this spring, will return to the RNC as senior data and digital adviser, said Ryan Mahoney, a committee spokesman. The decision received final sign-off from the White House, according to two people familiar with the talks.
The move was part of a broader staff change at the RNC that unfolded on Friday. The committee abruptly announced that Ellen Bredenkoetter will serve as chief data officer, replacing Jesse Kamzol, who had been serving in that role.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Where is the Republican Leadership on Al Franken?

Al Franken the abusive, molesting, sexual bully, the epitome of Teddy Kennedy's evil twin and there is not one word, one coordinated response or one coordinated event to protect American women and girls from Al Franken, as the GOP protects females in America and across the globe. Instead there is ABSOLUTE SILENCE.

The person who should be responsible for this is Katie Walsh, the fired White House deputy chief of staff, who Mike Pence resurrected to his inner sanctum, and then quietly in July "someone" in the White House signed off on Katie Walsh returning to the RNC, where as DATA AND DIGITAL ADVISER, data as in polling and issues which APPEAL TO WOMEN and DIGITAL as in the image the RNC should be promoting, Katie Walsh has not accomplished one thing in the protection of women nor has Ivanka Kushner.
Ivanka can rail against the innocent Judge Roy Moore, but she is dark silence on Al Franken abusing women.
The same is the dark silence of Katie Walsh.

Why is Katie Walsh protecting Al Franken? Why is it in Pussygrab, that Mike Pence could not backstab Donald Trump fast enough, nor could Paul Ryan, nor could Mitch McConnell, but when it comes to Al Franken assaulting numerous women, this RNC deep state leadership is covering for Al Franken, so Franken can be Hillary Clinton's Vice President in 2020.

The Lame Cherry is going to lay out the exact things which Katie Walsh should have with Mike Pence been engaged in for the Republicans.

There should have been 1000 women bused into Al Franken's DC neighborhood and demanded that Al Franken resign immediately.
No effort should have been made as Martin Luther King advocated in getting permits. Let Al Franken call out the police state and beat up and arrest some more women for the evening news.

There should have been a media coordination in Washington to hounding every one of these men from Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, demanding of them why Al Franken has not already been strongly condemned for molesting women and why he has not been forced to resign.

There should have been a campaign waged in Minnesota to endlessly protest Governor Mark Dayton for not taking a stand against Al Franken and demanding Franken resign.

There should have been all of the above in the data and digital's office in driving this issue as it is important to show American women that Republicans care about their safety, and yet, Katie Walsh is absolutely silent on thee most important issue of this moment and for 2020.

Can it be any surprise that Walsh was fired from the Trump White House as she was deemed a #NeverTrumper, along with Sean Spicer and Reince Preibus, who all thought Trump was defeated before the election and were looking for jobs elsewhere with the fake news.

The tome, 'Let Trump Be Trump,' was written by the president's first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and his deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, who dub the election of President Trump the 'greatest political event in the history of our republic.'
In the first chapter, they lay out who they consider Trump's friends and foes, characterizing Spicer and other Trump team members who came from the Republican National Committee, including Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh, as the latter.

You do remember leaker Katie Walsh to that Haberman for the New York Times fake newsing Trump. You do remember Katie Walsh posing with her friend who is the head of the DNC?

Is it any wonder that molester Al Franken is getting pass with Katie Walsh in charge at the RNC on these data and digital issues, as Romney's kindred does nothing at the RNC, but hire #NeverTrumpers and run cover for a sexual bully like Al Franken.

Look that is Walsh quote deriding women as inferior to men. How women are weak and worthless and in Harvey Weinstein defense of fucking, a woman just shuts down and takes it while a man has the right to not take NO for an answer from a woman. Whether in the office or in bed, Katie Walsh is the pure submissive and tells the world that women get what they deserve.

Walsh: I think when a woman hears no, she takes it more personally than a man does. Sometimes you’ll shut down. But when a man hears no—trust me, I’ve seen it—they just come back with another [reason] why they’re right.

And who is Katie Walsh cuddling up with, you remember that old sod, George H. W. Bush, another Franken ass grabber. All other women cringed at having this old perv claw at their rear, but as you can see Katie Walsh just gets wet over being molested.

So do you sort of get the drift in this, in that the reason Katie Walsh is leading the cover to protect Al Franken, that she is a perv herself who likes being sexually molested by men, or why else would she be silent on Al Franken, as she can not whore enough for media attention when she wants to get noticed.


BREAKING: George H.W. Bush Accused Of Child Molestation (DETAILS)

Former President George H.W. Bush has been accused by six different women of inappropriate touching, mainly during photo-ops, but now, a woman has come forward ...
 For all of us who worked our selves to fatigue for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again, we recognize the political opportunity of punishing Al Franken for real crimes. We recognize the fact that the GOP image of being cold and careless against protecting Women's Rights, by leftist propaganda could have all been undone, with the prosecution and eviction of Al Franken. But there is Katie Walsh, with the boys like Jeff Sessions who can not seem to find any sex crimes in Al Franken or these other pedo perverts as in Kevin Spacey, and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan give cover to Al Franken, and there is Katie Walsh wasting another Republican opportunity to protect women and prove to women that the Republican base really cares.

And why is it that Katie Walsh is sabotaging all this again? Why Katie is joined at the hip with Paul Singer, the billionaire who with Bill Krystol funded Fusion GPS in the Pissgate files against Donald Trump. Yes Katie Walsh serves and gains funding from Singer for "women's issues".

Al Franken is one of thee most loathsome of creatures. He is a combination of Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, David Letterman and Hillary Clinton in being an obnoxious pervert. The situation is David Letterman recognized how toxic Franken was and cut him from the Letterman tribute, but not Katie Walsh, she is still in bed with Al Franken, and once again, no one is making an issue of this for women's issues, because this heinous RHINO, Republican Humps In Name Only, keep reinforcing the leftist propaganda that the GOP base does not care. The GOP base cares about this as it does women's issues. It is women and the base who are once again are being deliberately betrayed by these perverts and their enablers in the leadership.

Now who was it in the effing White House who signed off on Katie Walsh to be rehired by the GOP after Donald Trump fired her, so Katie Walsh could protect perverts who think rape is a joke and molest women?

Katie Walsh needs to be fired and all those around her, because Al Franken is being protected by their enabling silence.

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