Monday, November 27, 2017

Does not the Holocaust save liberal Jews anymore from being sexual deviants

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I waste a great deal of time looking at trivia connected to old television programs, as I like watching the B grade actors appearing again and again in all the shows of the era.

One of my favorite programs is Hogan's Heroes. The actors John Banner, Larry Hovis, Richard Dawson and Howard Caine carried that program in being the best comic bit players in the business.
Banner was perfection in Sgt. Schultz, Howard Caine as the Gestapo was perfect, and Hovis and Dawson in playing Germans were genius.

The dead weights on that show were Sigrid Valdis and Robert Clary. In reading about Robert Clary, on Wikipedia, I found it bizarre that Clary only stayed friends with the Jews on the show. Yes about half the cast was Jewish, humiliating Germans in racism.

After Hogan's Heroes went off the air, Clary maintained close ties to fellow Hogan's Heroes cast members Werner Klemperer, John Banner and Leon Askin, whose lives were also affected by the Holocaust.
Clary used the story that he was tattooed and a prisoner at Buchenwald as this type always did. He would insult American POW's in stating that Jews had it worse, when Clary's worst was the job of being on stage entertaining the German SS who ran the camp.

It was this odd memory which caught my attention:

"We were not even human beings. When we got to Buchenwald, the SS shoved us into a shower room to spend the night. I had heard the rumors about the dummy shower heads that were gas jets. I thought, 'This is it.' But no, it was just a place to sleep. The first eight days there, the Germans kept us without a crumb to eat. We were hanging on to life by pure guts, sleeping on top of each other, every morning waking up to find a new corpse next to you. ... The whole experience was a complete nightmare — the way they treated us, what we had to do to survive. We were less than animals. Sometimes I dream about those days. I wake up in a sweat terrified for fear I'm about to be sent away to a concentration camp. But I don't hold a grudge because that's a great waste of time. Yes, there's something dark in the human soul. For the most part human beings are not very nice. That's why when you find those who are, you cherish them.

In all of this high drama of reading by jewskin lamps,  (That is a complete propaganda lie perpetuated by Jewish media to smear Germans.) what captured my attention was how did Robert Clary "hear rumors about gas jets in dummy shower heads"?
The obvious is it was not the Germans, as they were not going to panic their workers. It could not be the English, French or other Europeans. It was not the Americans as the work camps, aka, concentration camps did not make the news until after the war to provide cover for American, British and Soviet atrocities during the war, and provide carte blanche for the occupation of Germany which slaughtered millions of innocent Germans. So the answer is, Jews were creating rumors and spreading rumors about gassing Jews.

It has been proven that in most facilities there were not any "gassing operations" and where gas was employed, the majority of it was for louse control, to stop typhus which was a real plague these filthy people carried, and with which the Americans were mass spraying Europe as they advanced in the war.

That reality of the kind of propaganda which Robert Clary was involved with, had me wondering if there was more information on Robert Clary, and this stunner appeared in a now suppressed National Enquirer expose'  from around 1990, at the height of the aids epidemic, a dirty old man was exposing himself in public, trolling for gay sex in parks, and this was 68 year old Robert Clary.

All of this is significant now in the cover up Harvey Weinstein and the perversions Hollywood has covered up for the Jewish ownership.

Of course we are all progressive now under Barack Obama and legalized sodomy, but not so progressive that the Obama's came out and posted how they are so disgusted with Jew Harvey Weinstein. It is though the hidden world of all the deviance which is the ruling class in media, and how it has been going on for years, and buying politicians and judges to legalize their perversions.
In Robert Clary's case, it is once again that magic Holocaust card, which in 1990 got him two years probation for how big of a pervert he was.

From Robert Clary's own lying lips, it was Jews who started the propaganda about being gassed in showers. The source of that lie is also a sexual deviant, letting the public think he was straight, when he came out of the closet, he was being arrested by the police.

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