Monday, November 27, 2017

Sacrificing a Black Man for Al Franken

Too bad Conyers, in the democratic party
it is Jews before Niggers

As the Lame Cherry first broke this story, in another matter anti matter exclusive, that the outing of serial rapists has at it's black heart the control of the democratic party in 2020, in that the Hillary Clinton faction is moving to nominate her again, and the image Obama faction is seeking to seize control of the party back, and that is what is behind the tweets of Val-erie Jarrett, Kristin Gillibrand, Kathy Sebelius etc...
It is an old Elliot Ness reality of "You take one of ours down and we put 10 of yours in the morgue", of Chicago politics.

At the soul of this is Al Franken, the Vice Presidential nominee of Hillary Clinton in 2020. Clinton's polling showed that Terry MacCauliff of Virginia was creeping people out, so the attack dog of Al Franken was chosen as he had paid his dues in the Senate ravaging innocent Trump appointees with gotcha questions.

Hillary Clinton is as welcome as a rabies bite. So her new ticket would be Al Franken street fighting it out with Donald Trump and Mike Pence, as she was above it all, looking likeable.

For the Obama faction, this is not acceptable, as Obama wants his own "blonde heir" and that is why Gillibrand of New York has been trolled, and why the revelations of Al Franken gained so much headway.

It was why Hillary Clinton came out hard for this molester of women, because Al Franken was her VP choice and she needed him, as it was to be a Humphrey, Mondale, Franken tradition of Democrats winning the White House using a liberal from Minnesota.
Franken was SNL made to order for the role and that is why the Obama people struck hard to take out Franken, as he would be just as devastating to all of Obama's puppets in the race.

So what you have are the Donna Brazile, Val-erie Jarrett, Kristen Gillibrand, Kathy Sebelius, Obama wing of the party looking for the presidential nomination to take down the Clintons and the Clinton wing of Al Franken and Terry McCauliff looking to install Hillary Clinton again.

This is where this becomes most interesting, as all of you have read of the wretch that John Conyers is, in his sexual attacks upon women. There was a softening up in this first in going after Jesse Jackson by the factions to take him down, and Jackson realizing he was a target, came out with a John McCain disease to gain sympathy and remove himself from this internecine warfare in the democratic party.

Conyer's "problems" only arose after Al Franken needed a scapegoat

Rep. John Conyers accused of sexual misconduct by another ...

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., was accused of sexual misconduct by a second woman earlier this year, as he faces a new ethics investigation after denying a ...
It was not any accident that this Black was the target, as this was Clinton Franken, telling the Obama's, "You try and take out the Jew and we will take out the Niggers". In essence, John Conyers, an old man, one of the most powerful men in Washington was taken out, to give Al Franken cover.
This is the big Clinton game, and the Clinton's like Obama have not any problem destroying others to get what they want. Charlie Rose was another casualty in this to give Al Franken cover.

Obama and Clinton teamed up long ago to destroy John Edwards in Zippergate, to keep him from being a contender. You will remember how Obama went after Charles Rangel, Rod Blagojevich to set an example. The Clintons are not any newcomers to this either in taking out competitors, nor is the Bush family, as it was all their collusion in Minnesota in 2008 which stole the election from Republican Senator Norm Coleman, so the Nazi state could with 60 votes in the Senate by Al Franken, tap into the Obamacare money train that the deep state agents of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are keeping alive as America is rationed death.

What is troubling in this, is that just as Hillary Clinton sat Donna Brazile in the cheap seats with Jesse Jackson, and mocked her constantly as DNC Chair, the Clintons with Al Franken are going Blood Libel on African Americans. That voting block has been discarded in California, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and is being replaced with Muslims and Mexicans. So to offer up a Black man to save Al Franken is what has been taking place for half a generation. The VETERISCOM, the Old Guard, the Old Communists, which once sought out Martin King the Marxist in 1960, and moved Jewish women to spread their legs for black men (Bill Ayers raping Jewish girls by Black rape cock in Chicago) as an acceptable marriage in leftist America of the Ashkenaz Afroid, has rejected the American Black vote for the Democratic Party in favor of the Al Franken, Jew media, money vote, now allied with Oil Islam and the Mexican Mob. So the end result is a pervert like Al Franken can say he is "warm and friendly" in molesting women, as John Conyers is castrated and lynched as the order of the Rothschild Schiff, Jewish order of communism must be protected in the pecking order. Al Franken sacrifices Niggers like plantation owners did the slaves picking cotton.

No one is bringing this up, but all of you can comprehend what is behind all of this once you understand you are looking at an Obama Clinton factional war for 2020, and Al Franken the pervert Jew is being protected by destroying another expendable Black man in America.

Why is it everyone in power knows all of the above, and none of your mic heads have said a word to you on the right or the left? They are under orders to not inform you of any of this, so no one is posting the questions of. "Why is Black John Conyers the sin offering for Al Franken's abominations against women?"

You start asking that question in public, and Al Franken will get his ass rightly booted out of the Senate before the end of the week as the Truth has a cold effect as when Clarence Thomas asked democrat Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio, how Metzenbaum and Teddy Kennedy enjoyed the high tech lynching of a Black man in Clarence Thomas, in the false allegations made by Anita Hill.

Why is it acceptable for a leftist Jew in Al Franken, a molester of women, to offer up the political corpse of John Conyers. Why is it that a Black politician has to be sacrificed for Jewish media and money? Why is it that all of these racists from Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Dayton, Amy Klobachar, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have held the cloaks of those leading Black John Conyers to be stoned for the sins of Jew Al Franken?

Jewish media at Saturday Night Live sign a license for Franken sins, but remain absolutely silent when it comes to John Conyers who never assaulted America's Sweetheart in LeeAnn Tweeden several times.

Now you know the disgusting Hillary Clinton and Al Franken story in destroying John Conyers for cover for Al Franken in absolute racism. It is absolutely unacceptable for John Conyers to be destroyed so Al Franken can sit his molesting ass at the White House in 2020 as Vice President. Al Franken must be made to answer for his sins against God, America and Women, not John Conyers.

Who is going to ask besides the Lame Cherry why is it the accepted Blood Libel of filleting the pound of flesh from John Conyers in the devil's pact Al Franken has made to be Vice President in 2020.

Who is going to ask. got your bucket of chicken and slice of watermelon
on the Franken plantation, I live in the white house
and you get the shack, that is fair, so stop bitching......