Monday, November 27, 2017

The Minnesota Women Al Franken Screwed Over

Damn Franken, we are just to the letter F
in the women you attacked, and we got 500 already 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Senator Al Franken is the definition of a disgusting pig in his "apologies" to women he molested are the definition of denials and that these "crazy women" are all confused as how could they make a mistake in having their asses grabbed, their tits groped and tongues shoved down their throats by Al Franken as it all never happened FIVE TIMES TO FIVE DIFFERENT WOMEN.

Franken thought he could save himself by going to local Minnesota media, meaning the B reporter group of twats he could manipulate as they are as stupid as the other women, but in that he came up against the two finest female reporters in the business in Cathy Wurzer and Esme Murphy.
While they are not Conservatives, these women have a history of being professional, asking the hard questions and not being buffaloed by the liars they are dealing with.

Esme Murphy

When WCCO’s Esme Murphy directly asked if he had ever placed a hand on a woman’s buttocks, Franken responded, “I can’t say that that hasn’t happened. I take thousands and thousands of pictures, sometimes in crowded and chaotic situations. I can’t say I haven’t done that.”

Cathy Wurzer

Interviewer Cathy Wurzer asked Franken if more women might step forward “to accuse you of groping, patting, whatever, or is this it?”

As you can read these reporters asked the first level of questions, but never got past Al Franken calling the women crazy in being delusional. The positive is though that Esme Murphy  got Franken on record lying, in bluffing it off as his grabbing women's asses was being jostled in crowds (As you can see in the photos NO ONE WAS AROUND FRANKEN AND THE WOMEN) and Cathy Wurzer pinned Franken down to making him answer if these five women were the last women, to which Franken committed in this which he will hang over.

“If you had said to me two weeks ago that a woman was going to say that I had made her uncomfortable and disrespected her in one of these ways I would have said ‘no,’” Franken responded. He added, “So, you know, I don’t know. I can’t say.”

What that translates as is THIS:

Al Franken has been groping and molesting women for years. He THOUGHT no one would come forward as he either intimidated them as in LeeAnn Tweeden or he was feeling up constituents who are women in the pathetic Saturday Night Live cast who think that Al being a liberal for women's rights, will keep their mouths shut about Al getting cheap thrills in fondling them.
Franken is telegraphing that there are hundreds of women. He has sized up who he can assault and get away with it, and he has gotten away with it on numerous occasions.

It is absolutely vital in this, as Al Franken hired a pervert who raped a young Minnesota girl, to listen to these women's stories, because when Al Franken asked one woman to go to the toilet WITH HIM, this was not the first time he had propositioned a woman. There are by averages a hundred women out there who Al Franken assaulted and there are a Clinton half dozen who went to a bus, a closet, a shitter and sucked Al Franken's cock off, and Franken ejaculated em and left em.

There are other women out there. There are other women out there who Al Franken cheated with. Notice in this that Wurzer and Murphy did not ask if Al Franken has ever been unfaithful to his wife nor had ever moved situations to be alone with women. That is why Franken chose to pull this cover up in Minnesota. Franken is dirty as hell, as a herd of  "the willing" who are covering up for him.

Al Franken does not molest interns who can file complaints. Al Franken does not make passes at women who are in a position to punish him. Al Franken sorts out women who he knows are Minnesota polite. He does it where they are either asleep or in a crowd, where being unable or asleep they can not respond for fear of being noticed, as Al would lie and security  would haul the woman away. Al Franken has a predatory arena he operates in, targets a specific woman, and knows his drunk wife will not make a scene nor more than Hillary Clinton did for rapist Bill.

There sits Al Franken though untouched in the Senate, and a black man in John Conyers forced out of his leadership position for asking staff to babysit, all as a cover for Al Franken as this Jew is of more value in the democratic party than a Black man.

Once again where is Katie Walsh, Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence, not having the GOP hire investigators and police officers to scour Franken was at, to find the myriad of women that Al Franken molested, because those poor women all were prostituted, because Al Franken told them that their tits and asses were forfeit for Al Franken to rule.

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