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Edwin Droot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I did not like the way this Westinghouse Theater production written by Frank Gilroy ended. So I gave it a proper ending.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am old now, so this story doesn't matter, but back in the 1950's I was raised on the east coast on one of them islands that the rich people came and summered on. The old man liked the summer folk, because they were free with spending money and long on making worthless people feel like something, as everyone needed someone to look down upon.

I had gotten in on the last year of the war and as with all luck it was bad, and I was not having any luck with the years after, so my summer was working for someone called Bad Dan. Bad Dan when I knew him was Dan Boatrite, whose old man worked for the whiskey haulers and I did not know what Bad Dan did with his summers on his old man's boat as he was still the same kid I knew from school who beat up snotty rich kids, and was now a rich bully who f*cked snotty rich kids wives he used to beat up.
Life was simpler back then, as people just had names like Bad Dan, so if you didn't want to get abused, you stayed away from them by name. Now it seems most are just bad and that is why I stay away from everyone.

Dan liked to drink and snort coke. He liked to drink with Veterans as it made him feel like the man he always knew he never would be, so I took him to the VFW to drink, and got the job of piloting the yacht while he was out of control hyped up on coke, throwing some rich man's wife around the quarters on moonlit nights that I had no idea what was being loaded off a boat from Jersey to the Lucky Heel, which was his boat.

There was a kid in town that summer of 57, he was always there. Seventeen years old, his family used to come down like all the rich people, but his old man died, and the mother was a sewing clothes to pay the bills, and he was pedaling his bike to earn the money for college.
His mother let it be known too much that her boy was too stupid to work a job for college and study, as he would fail, so she had him delivering papers to the rich folks on that bike, and he had saved up around 500 dollars. Such was the life of a kid named Edwin Droot.

Why in the hell anyone with a name like Droot would name a poor kid Edwin is beyond me. He was sure to be stupid with a name like that, but the thing is the kid was not stupid. He was just good natured and that is the worst kind of stupid, next to being a man with a chip on your shoulder after the war, being paid to drink beer in the moonlight while your cowardly friend was out of control on coke making some rich bitch pay for all of some brats sins when he was 12.

There was a girl that summer too, pretty girl, came down and she was like all rich little girls and most poor little girls with no esteem in finding that smiling at people got you things, and once they figured out smiling got them things, they learned to manipulate little boys and ugly girls to get them to do things, and that is where Edwin got the short change of it, as she kissed this kid, got him invited to a dance where he spent his money on a suit, then invited him to her house for her birthday party and of course the kid was swooning in love, and bought her a 495 dollar pair of earrings.
Christ might as well have cut off his balls and given them to satan in selling all his offspring, as she was too self absorbed to appreciate the gift as what was money to her, and from I learned, the pretty boys there all thought they were fake and made fun of them.

Of course the mother found out, searching through the kid's money box, and he confessed, and she told him to go get the earrings back. Yes tell a lovestruck boob to go swallow the non existent pride he had to get his future back, as without it he was going to flunk out of college and his next stop was pumping gas for 85 cents an hour seven days a week.

Edwin Droot though went. The girl was busy leaving. The horn was honking from the two preppies she had fawning over her to haul her baggage to the dock, there was Edwin, still lovestruck and would sacrifice his life, and all he could say was, "I wanted you to know I liked that you liked my gift".

I heard it all, because Bad Dan, had me dropping off his roughed up rich bitch that morning. They never talked as the husband liked a wife getting with a man who would not take her shit and she never wanted the world to know what a whore she was as that looked bad in divorce court.

The car took off, a convertible, and there stood Edwin beside his bike and I took off for Bad Dan's boat. For some reason I fired up the boat as Dan was still sleeping it off in the bunk, and when I got to the shore, I walked up to the trio of preppies and future Dan fuck mate, and explained to them about ruining a kid's life and saying it was time to return the gift.

It is always amazing how tough rich people are when they think they got numbers, and the number is a bank account, and how they think all poor people will just take things from them in abuse. The way I recall it, the preppie that looked like Superman lost his teeth with the first two punches I landed, and the other one who looked like Clark Kent's aborted brother Curtis I just could not resist smashing his foot with mine. I liked how the bones crunched and he yelped as I threw him into the water to drown or not.
I would have thrown Superman into the drink too, but he was too busy spitting teeth and bleeding.

The girl of 18 was screaming and she got slapped. I told her to shut up and get those earrings or I was taking her to people who would sell her ass in Jersey for 5 bucks a f*ck until they shipped her to Mexico for the rest of the 495 dollars before they fed her to the sharks.

Somewhere in there, Superman tried to get up grumbling like he wanted a fight, and I kicked him in the ribs breaking them, and then his nuts breaking them, and told him to stay down. 
The people of the USA got their money's worth in my basic training in how to injure communists.

I told them Edwin Droot had friends in this world who would be looking for them and I was the first installment on the Droot plan. With that I turned and left, where Curtis was still hanging to the dock post trying to hide as I gunned the boat and the wake tried to drown him.

I heard that things got interesting later in state law enforcement arrived, but by that time I had told Bad Dan the foolish thing I had done, and he slipped me 500 bucks for a job in Jersey, and Edwin Droot with 1000 dollars in travelers checks delivered to him, was already off at college, and his mother had no answer about the bad elements on the island, in her being such a saintly old shrew.

I think about those preppies with a lifetime of dentures and now that they are old in that busted foot hurting every morning in arthritis, and how that little miss bitch, turned into the hose bag she was destined to become, and how Edwin Droot, never graduated above the bottom of his class, but by God, his studying and a 1000 dollars of money, he got his diploma, and made a pretty good life of it.

I should know, as I work on his boat during the summer and am caretaker of his summer home in the Poconos, as I kept his rich kids in line with fictional stories of there are always bad men out there looking to even the score on rich folks out for the summer. His wife hears of Bad Dan when she got a glimmer in her eye, and it is all just one happy family, in the family of Edwin Droot, a guy too nice, but who had to have some bad men in his life, to make the good come true.

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