Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Jeff Sessions Plan to Starve America and Ma Bell

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Leave it to Jeff Sessions as Attorney General for the deep state to impoverish Americans more.

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I will not invest a great deal of time in this, but to simply educate each of you that once upon a time in America, Americans had wonderful, affordable and technologically advanced communications called AT&T and Bell Telephone working a monopolies.
Then a corrupt judge broke the trust up and for a generation Americans have been gouged and treated like shit by cell phone contracts, high priced monopolies in various Bell mafias and a world where everything is going backwards as you think your new cell phones are advancing.

At this moment ATT is moving on the cheap Tracfone market and is underwriting cell phone and internet service by satellite television, so that for the first time, they dropped prices and exposing Verizon for the frauds they are.

But leave it to Jeff Sessions for the deep state to try and stop ATT from doing business as it used to be done by Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, in cutting costs, destroying competition, going global and giving Americans the cheap prices.

See all of you have been brainwashed that monopolies are wrong and harmful, when the exact opposite was true. What you have now are these fragmented ponzi schemes run like a Chinese laundry driving up prices on your food, oil, communications, real estate, guns and medical treatments. This the epitome of the Obama Conglomerate monopoly meant to rob you to the grave.

I will repeat this fact. When there were 3 million trained, armed men after World War II, the regime in DC knew it had to share the pie or the Veterans would shoot these crooks and take the country back. Once this group got too old, the rapine started on Americans in full force after Ronald Reagan.
Suddenly you heard of lies of oil shortages, food shortages, over population and global warming to scam you to high prices. It is like the bullshit of  "beef prices fell" this week due to Thanksgiving and turkeys. Like people stopped eating for a week and have been eating nothing but turkeys for week before Thanksgiving.

America used to be a nation managed where poor people could have a turkey on Thanksgiving and a gun to bag a bird. That all ceased in this crooked shop and now when ATT is starting to give consumers a break in prices, it is time to stop them and put financial strains on that corporation, and it is coming from Jeff Sessions in Justice for the deep state that Sessions can not find criminal charges against Hamrod Clinton, but can find them against the Bundy's.

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