Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Justice for Logan Melgar

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The United States Special Forces have for some time been glorified to the extent of being out of control, in key bad characters have violated the rules of oversight while the Pentagon has looked away as those wearing the US Uniform conducted themselves above the law.
There is a vast difference between a CIA operative engaging in heinous acts outside of the law for service to America, being singular in activity with oversight at Langley, and institutionalized butchery and lawlessness which has become the US Special Forces.

From what appears to be an illegal Special Forces operation in which LaVoy Finicum was murdered in Oregon and the Oregon State Police were left holding the blame, to the Seal Team Six canoeing Sheik bin Laden stand in's skull with bullets as Seals pumped 100 rounds into the corpse, to the disaster of cowardice in La David Johnson the Affirmative Action Green Beret which is not yet resolved, there is now in Africa the manifestation of a murder not successfully covered up in the death of Green Beret Logan Melgar by two Seal Team Six members which is proof that United States Special Operation Forces are a criminal enterprise.

The fact is that Logan Melgar and others are not the first cover ups which the Special Ops have been engaged in as where there is smoke there is fire.

The essence of Logan Melgar's murder in Mali involved Navy Seals embezzling funds which were supposed to be bribes to locals. The Seals when discovered by Melgar offered to 'cut him in", but Melgar refused.
The Green Beret had informed his wife in part of the story and was to tell her the rest when he arrived home, but in the meantime he was murdered by the Seals.

What took place on the evidence is Logan Melgar was choked out or strangled. In forensic science, what is the logical sequence is, that Melgar refused to be bribed and in an altercation, he was attacked where a choke hold was placed upon him. Melgar choked out, but the Seal crushed the wind pipe, or Melgar was choked out too long and his heart stopped.
The Seals attempted to revive in attempting a tracheotomy, but the attempt was unsuccessful, as the attempts as mouth to mouth were blocked by swollen cartilage.
With that failed, he was taken to the medics where he was pronounced dead.

The Seals then engaged in a cover up, where they stated Melgar was drunk and was strangled in a training exercise. When the toxicology report appeared all negative, the command started an investigation, but instead of detaining the murderers, the Pentagon sent them back to the United States among the population.

These Seals are trained at killing, deception and ability to flee and survive. Paul Manafort has a tracking leash on him, but the Pentagon does not detain people it has trained to disappear.

Logan Melgar was murdered by Navy Seals. His character was assassinated by these same Seals in a cover up. This is particularly horrendous  as Melgar was a walk on to the Green Berets and a natural. He was born for this vocation and skilled at it, a real asset to the United States serving two tours in Vietnam. He earned better than to be murdered and betrayed by those in uniform who are nothing but embezzlers.

These Seals need to be tried, convicted and executed in public by hanging for the refuse they are. Every aspect of the American Special Forces must submit to an outside civilian review of EVERY Soldier. These Obama democrat affirmative action props for later political office like La David Johnson must be removed from Special Forces to something they are qualified for like pealing potatoes and every single one of these criminals needs to be indicted and charged, and those trophy collectors need their asses booted out of the service with dishonorable discharge.

The enemy which murdered Logan Melgar was in the US uniform. This is the ultimate betrayal and treason. The penalty for this is the most degrading in hanging.

These two Seals learned their criminality from their culture in their officers who cut corners. This is not the first time these Special Ops have been pilfering funds. This is a disaster of a policy in putting cash into the hands of unsupervised uniform wearers who have operate outside United States Law.
None of this has been helped in President Trump grinning and glad handing the Seal who blew bin Laden's stand in's head off.

I have stated before that the United States Military is no longer the United States Military. Obama turned it into an  assassination syndicate and Donald Trump has written it a blank check.

Logan Melgar was not protected by the Pentagon in life and he has earned Justice in his life being stolen from him by the United States  Special Forces.

Army lifts ban on recruits with mental health issues...

There are already enough manufactured psychotics in the military. It is time to start retiring thee entire Army command as who arms lunatics, noting the problems already ruining the United States Military with this myriad of political officers.
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