Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The American Milita meets the American militant

Mr. Donald, to bring peace to America
you must do what I do and load Air Force One with all 
of your enemies and shove them out at 5280 feet.
I call it the Mile High Club with the earth as the club.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Before his assassination, former CIA Director William Colby had one major concern for America, and that it was Americans no longer trusted the government and had lost faith in the system. This assessment by the William Clinton promoting intelligence officer has proven prophetic in the damage which has been deliberately inflicted upon America by the deep state, to literally do to Americans what was accomplished against Muslims by Zbigniew Brzezinski when Brzezinski created Militant Islam to battle the Soviet Union. America and the West are having created their own native jihad to change the character of the nations from Christian pacifists to Secular militant.

The Lame Cherry is going to examine this in forensic psychology to break this down to explain what psychologically is taking place, because people acting out are illogical, as the state is too large,  nothing will be accomplished, and it is only logical to not make yourself a target, to stay home, pay your taxes and obey the law.

I have noticed this in the attacks upon this blog in there are people now triggered in they want the attention this blog generates, but when they speak out no one listens and if they attempted to post videos or articles, no one paid attention. This frustrates them, so they act out in attempts to silence in various criminal ways.
They desire to be the popular girl and are angry that they are being rejected by the public. In every instance they are those who have never tried to put in the work to actually produce a blog for years in the sacrifice it requires. They want the stage for free, because after all they are more intelligent than me.

I am going to reveal something about what success is and why this blog can not be  replicated. The secret to success is not Rush Limbaugh telling people to find something to be passionate about. Yes one has to have a drive, but not an emotionally controlled drive, as no one cared about me as a poet nor an artist.
The secret to success is doing something you enjoy, for God's Glory, not making fame or fortune your goal, but AS YOU DO YOUR WORK YOU CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE BY SHOWING THEM THAT YOU CARE.

That is what is missing from all of the failures and detractors. They do not like themselves, are pushy in putting their intellect first and not listening to others, and they never take the time to actually listen to people who reach out to them and encourage those people so they have some hope.
Yes it is being selfish in those people not being their neighbor's keeper, but it is more to the point the Holy Ghost is not in them, providing God given Wisdom so what they are offering to another person is not just more idiocy, but is actually an insight which that specific person needs at that moment.

I have observed this in my community of successful businesses being sold and then tanking, to businesses starting up and closing to businesses starting up in shit hole and making huge profits. The secret of those businesses is people like and trust the people running that business. If you want people to listen to you, you have to actually put in the genuine effort to like them.

This blog is a problem as all things God are a problem as I have to post things which slap people upside the head and make them see things in a different correct perspective, when they have their prejudices and bias in a comfort zone that all is black and white. That bites donations big time in the ass, but I do not lie to people as I do not like being lied to, so I am not going to stoop to betraying God by telling people what they want to hear. In every case time proves this blog correct when everyone else was going silent or  joining in on the lynching.

The system in America is being shattered deliberately and in every case it is the deep state forcing the police state to protect the criminals, as another branch of security has to deal with the violence.

There is a good example of this in EPA Director Scott Pruitt who with his family are receiving credible death threats, in these bad characters are prowling around his and his neighbor's yards, causing all kinds of problems for security.

Death Threats Against Scott Pruitt has Led to Dramatic Rise ...

Due to the enormous amount of death threats thrown at EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, the government has amped up his security. Congress has asked if this is a

What would trigger people to do something like this in placing themselves in jeopardy?

First the boundaries have been removed in reason for these stalkers. They exist in a fantasy that they are immune to cause and effect as in prison or being shot in self defense. Rand Paul is an example of this in his neighbor who Paul did not even know, tried to murder him on his lawn. These stalkers have been triggered in so much rage for a generation that reason has left the building. A rich, successful, accomplished professional attacks a US Senator, which will accomplish nothing as Rand Paul  is just one man among thousands in Government,  and the stalker's life is in ruin.

So we have a Marvel Comic fantasy and violence, where these psychopathy delude themselves into thinking that when the popcorn runs out, they go home and forget about the crimes, but that is not real life, as it is months of court cases, employers firing you as someone who crushes ribs is not someone a hospital or doctor wants around a patient to go postal as that is millions in lawsuits.
There are real consequences.

Second, there is genus in this world now of primates who without God to give them a fictional center, are self centered and terrified they are in control, so they seek someone like Barack Obama to take absolute control to provide for them the  security they are phobic about.
This has been compounded as this psychopathy is one where other humans have hurt and rejected them in family and friends. So in most cases they become atheist at war with God or environmentalists seeking the Disney fiction of serenity to protect them from the failures of human interaction.
It is why so many are on smart phones. They need the illusion of electronic validation in having 500 friends who do not care about them, as they can not deal with the relationship of human perspiration upon them. Hence the Snowflake Syndrome.

 Third in this is the "cat in the burning house" mania. Animals when homes are on fire, often fight to stay in them out of fear or will run back into burning buildings for the only security they know. Liberalism has taken the God center from human psychology and replaced it with human center which is fallible and unstable.

The liberal construct to maintain power is to always present danger and fear. The world will end every 5 years due to global warming, so those who have fled to nature from hurtful humans go cat in the house nuts, as they think Scott Pruitt is going to end their world.
I have made this point previously and will again. I always use Minnesota in this as their rulers are pompous racist bigots. But if Donald Trump ordered Minnesota obliterated today, in dumping every chemical,  biological, toxin, nuclear material on that state, do you know what you would find in a year's time? Things which would be alive in plants and insects. In five years there would be animal life and the entire state would heal and be as  if the scorched earth never was.
We know this because volcanoes erupt, meteors hit and ice ages happen, and life still remains.

The stalker though is so unsettled that reason has gone and all that is left is passion, which is a phobia, and they are so unsettled that they believe if the regime is not there to validate their sins and protect them from those political enemies whose purpose is to give them the environment to make decisions on how to live their lives, that the real terror emerges again in they do not have excuses to not deal with God and getting things right with Him.

I have a great deal of compassion for unbalanced people, but when there is an entire political conglomerate sect which is shoving them over the edge, they are going to act out. When what is needed is for the Government to promote the Jeffersonian armed peaceful Citizen, instead of criminalizing them,  and as Charles Tyng stated in his memoirs when he had a group of rough men  who just signed onto his ship  attempt to murder him in mutiny, and he simply took a club and knocked the ringleader down and ordered them to get to work.
Tyng stated they were not bad men. They were just men who needed proven to them that a stronger leader was over them, and once that was proven, they behaved and policed themselves.
See all  these stalkers are not bad people. They simply need  a SOCIETY over them which has absolute boundaries they must police themselves in, and 99.99% of them will never act out. The problem what the cartel has deliberately designed in America and the West is protecting the unbalanced and leading the unbalanced to believe that all they have is violence to inflict hurt upon others, before they are neutralized.

An armed society is a polite society and the Texas Massacre proved that as force against the victim was met with force against the aggressor, as the armed Citizen fulfilled the role that police can never fulfill. The Minuteman appears in a minute. The standing army requires hours to mobilize.

Democrats and Republicans are not going to give up their rhetoric as their conglomerate masters have a corporate control at stake. It remains to be see as Churches have become targets, if there will be an American Militia which forms in the pews to counter the American militant stalking and terrorizing all of Americans.
As this is being promoted in the media, this is war which V for Vendetta has been groomed  for years to graduate to in a Western Civil  War within each of their states.

For those on the left stalking those on the right, they should be aware that while Obama protected their terrorism and bullying, the police state now is engaging to protect those like Scott Pruitt and his family. The police state is non partisan, except to itself. Meaning, the security establishment is now being challenged by the stalkers and in this the police have the carte blanche and will use it to protect themselves, against those stalkers who are threatening their system.

Billionaries as George Soros are funding this anarchy. They are a great deal like Martin King letting black kids get mauled while the elite have their caviar and orgies. George Soros does not get arrested for stomping on Rand Paul, the stalker who was triggered by the Soros talking points does.
It is in self interest of those on the left to simply go to their nice homes, tell themselves how wonderful they are in texts and to understand their earth is not ending from weather nor do they ever have to deal with God in this lifetime, as that is the Judgment in the next. In the meantime, they can read Hillary Clinton books as their Bible as that is their choice like all the other debauchery which is making them miserable. And the reality is, tomorrow will come, so will next week and so will next year, no matter who is in charge in government or regime.
There is no reason to be the cat in the burning house, as the house is not burning and never was.


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