Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thee Importance of being Kushner

Today I want to introduce you to my three choices
of three people to change the world and to 
implement my Trump Legacy.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I am dispatching to the Mideast Jared Kushner and Dina Powell
after 10 months of careful study to bring Peace to the Middle East

........and Ivanka gets to do taxes.


 Jared shaves his balls so I know he is qualified.

I would like to confirm that shaving is the key to 
my bringing peace to the Mideast as hairy balls
cause great discomfort and discomfort leads
 to Jewish Muslim  war.

I bend it out of the way like this for a close shave.

You really recommend a Lady Shick?


 Ivanka remember to take the trash out as it will
help you lose that extra weight while Dina and I save the world.


Of course tax breaks for nannies  is as important as saving the world
and yes, I really like sitting with old cows as old as mummies.


It was a successful day as we all shaved our balls.
I can feel peace is on the way now.

 Yes Ivanka hugging all 435 of us is vital to passing tax reform.


What do you mean I am cooking for 435 all this week?


Yes I really, really, really like working on tax reform. 



Jared this is better than a vacation in the Greek islands,
massages, spas, silk sheets and dining with world leaders every night.


Yes Ivanka we are slaving away here roughing it on no caviar,
but my shaved balls are making all the difference.


I got to be around creepy minorities, cook, clean and.........
what do you mean these pants make my ass look big? 


I know my hair's greasy as Rubio sweated on me.

Jared had a great deal of success shaving his balls
maybe you should try shaving your's Ivanka.


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