Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Let His People Go

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Americans and the rest of the Lost 10 from Australia, to Canada, to England, Scotland, France, Scandinavia, Iceland, Denmark etc... are an ignorant people destroyed for lack of knowledge.

They have been propagandized to brainwashed  of all sense in they are told they are "free", as they are enslaved to debt, can not live in their own homes without paying the regime rent in taxes, and can not earn a wage without paying the regime a tax to work. The "freedom" they are provided is designed to take off their edge by sexually abusing each other to medicating themselves to a stupor. Yes take caffeine to get you up to work to death and the ingest opium to dull the misery to the day they die, that is freedom in west, and it is nothing but teh old despotic rule of slavery to exploit the masses for the life of the feudal few.

The New World was not designed that way, as advances came from the Old World in Biblical Law. The Germanic Anglo Peoples first re established the one law for king and common man, and one law for man and woman all in Christianity.
This became the New World of every Citizen voting and every Citizen feeding themselves on their own lands or trade in their own shops. That though has now all been obliterated in the Obama centralized conglomerates and the massive debt, extorting taxes by the police state from the enslaved many.

The police state is as enslaved as those they jail, for if the police do not enforce the laws criminalizing the free person, the police will be as readily jailed.

This is the Nimrod System of what would become Babylon and what is the Egyptian System which God delivered the Israelites from by the hand of Moses. Can any examining America, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Scandinavia of today and not see the mirror image of millions of people locked into a Goshen of their own peril where Pharaoh has so much control over the masses that not one move is not observed or recorded.
Are not the Western Peoples a group who have had all of their liberties removed, and that now turning over every penny they work for or have saved to be managed by a stock market or a treasury, soon realize that each of us is employed now for one purpose, like an ant, servicing the colony, as you work not for yourself, but for a gas company selling you expensive gas, an electric company selling you expensive electricity, a car company so you can fund them, a clothing company so you work for them, every last thing from a farmer rationed prices out of Chicago to buy John Deere tractors for the conglomerates or diamonds to be wed under in DeBeers, is an entire imprisoned population, as degraded as William the Conquerors definition of the English as the cloth of the land, to exist to grow meat for the table, wool for clothes, mine iron for war and offer up dead children in armies to protect that Conqueror.

This was my Bible verse from the Holy Ghost in the Exodus chapter 8 verse 1:

And the LORD spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me.

That Command resounds today and no one speaks it, for God Commands these regimes to LET HIS PEOPLE GO. To free them from debt, to free them from the terror of Islamic rape, the terror of nuclear war, to free them to possess the very lands and homes they have earned, so that they are not criminals for living and criminalized if they question why corporations, politicians and media, have six and seven figure salaries and the many have only  wage to feed the beast of this internationally organized criminal state.

Let God's People Go is the Word of the Lord. The 99% are not in this world to serve the 1%. The 99 are in this world to grow in a relationship with the Lord in the Peace of God, as the Lord has provided the 99 with all of the coal, oil, uranium, gold, silver, copper, forests, orchards, wheat, to prosper all of them and to teach the way of Peace to the entire world.
Americans and the peoples of the West are literally being sold their own oil, their own riches, their own food, as they are exploited from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

The Lord Commands,  Let His People Go.

English Common Law, Magna Carta, the Constitution were the secular limits upon tyranny based upon Biblical Law, Those sacred Laws have been bastardized and the people brainwashed to their destruction in being told they are free to enslave themselves to the regime under the narcotic of sin.
Serve satan and serve the state which has established direct neutralization of God's Way of Life. This is not what the Founding American Fathers envisioned nor designed which America has become in this western penal colony which equals the crippling enslavement of Asia.

Pharaoh will not listen and the children will tread on in tears, treading mud without straw or slime to make the required bricks for the state. It is a prayer of the Saints of before in how long will must they wait under the Altar of the Lord for His Personal Deliverance.

The Word has been spoken though as it was in Egypt and was in Israel and Judah, Let God's People Go to serve Him.

Amen and Amen and Amen

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