Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Roy Moore's Real Poll Numbers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the saga of the attacks upon Roy Moore, the apparatus which went after Donald Trump is now focused on Judge Moore in order to negate the national results of 2016.

These lying polls released which in another fake news source said Moore was barely ahead of Bobo the Democrat, now show Moore was ahead by double digits. Mitch McConnell's fake polling now has Moore behind as these same GOPliters are in the "talking Moore out of the race".
Politico is running the fake news.

Upon inquire these are Roy Moore's election numbers. These attacks upon him are viewed as personal attacks upon every Alabaman, so this race has moved from Republican Democrat to the Nazi regime against Alabama, a thing Alabamans are well aware of from 1860 when a like event took place against the entire South.

Bobo the Democrat 23%

Election day

Moore 68%
Bobo the Democrat 31%

We now also have the Daily Beast, a leftist publication, publishing insider quotes from Steve Bannon's people. Yeah, Breitbart Nationalists are leaking to Obama Clinton leftists. Bannon really has some choice friends there betraying him.

This is though a skilled operation. The Washington Post sent out that "Lunatic Hunter" who does psychological stories based upon people who are unbalanced. It is not that hard as anyone could go into Mitch McConnell's state and find a dozen boys who will swear that Mitch McConnell raped them.
If you remember Ashley Judd going nuts, you can understand that those skilled in the techniques can talk the willing into anything and have them go on record.

Sean Hannity is squeamish as usual in hedging things. He should be like Linda the Producer who won't back down to anything. It is Homo Hannity though as he always has one foot in the closet peeking out as he pretends he is leading the movement.

Roy Moore only has to stay in the race and he will win it, based upon Alabama protecting it's own against the wicked McConnell world. Bannon's DIA game is off as he got caught by the deep state which has run circles around him. He dispatched reporters to look for a trail, but this is beyond trails, this is the convincing of the willing to fall on their own nuttery.

As I do not have time for this and was burned out saving Donald Trump who is now abandoning his every do remember this blog stated that Roy Moore would be the Presidential candidate to primary Donald you do get why deep state Sessions and this Trump White House are busy sticking the pins in too right?

I have witnessed enough of the lies and inconsistencies in the smears against Roy Moore, especially this last female to know these charges are fabricated, and just like the Pissgate Dossier the thing driving the Mockingbird lynching of a Christian in Judge Roy Moore.

So I stay with Roy Moore as he is all we have. He is the Last Stand and he is bigger than himself now as he is the stake through the heart of the vampyre deep state, as Donald Trump  dropped the hammer and is now protecting the deep state.

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