Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Pedophile Conspirancy Against Judge Roy Moore

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter

The Lame Cherry is not going to waste time cluttering up your trash heap minds about Roy Moore details, but will continue to point out the absolute fabrications and lies of his accusers, as this blog did in  two of his accusers, when one stated he was in a diner every night until closing and one had him in the mall every night or a high school event. Mr. Moore simply can not be at two locations at once, so therefore one of the women or both are liars, as both can not be telling  the Truth.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Roy Moore's Lying Accusers Exposed

What you are looking at with Roy Moore is something which has not dawned on you yet in all of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Charlie Sheen rape and pedophilia coverage has disappeared and Roy Moore is the story the liberals have concocted to ruin a Christian and stop the investigation and coverage on the pedophile syndicate.

Chelsea Clinton runs from Harvey Weinstein's questions ...

Chelsea Clinton fled to her car to avoid answering questions from a ... $250,000 in donations from accused rapist ... movie producer gave over $30,000 ...

That is what is behind all of this smear against Roy Moore. If you notice Jeff Sessions who could not speak out on the Bundy frame up, could not speak to the Las Vegas Massacre in the greatest slaughter in America, could not speak to the Texas Church Massacre, the greatest murder spree in a Christian Church, can not speak out about a host of crimes by the Clintons, but can immediately come out and smear Judge Moore by saying these lying women are believable.

Sessions Says 'No Reason' To Doubt Moore Accusers...

Locals say predatory behavior no secret...

Alabama newspapers blasts as 'unfit for public office'...

Ted Cruz pulls support...

Paul Ryan: Drop Out...

As you read the accusations against Roy Moore, and now understand that the pedophile syndicate is funding this operation and directing it, because ask yourself how die Bev Nelson  and her husband afford a trip to New York, afford high priced lawyer Gloria Allred, in these expenses of thousands of dollars as New York Hotel rooms are not cheap, just who is funding all of this, as there is a very expensive money trail, like the 30 million which Mitch McConnell spent in trying to stop the People of Alabama's vote for Judge Roy Moore?

Where is all of this money coming from?

We are going to visit Bev Nelson again and her dewy eyed rehearsed Harlequin Romance recital of cold hard concrete, tears streaming down, dark night in the well scripted Mockingbird story which triggered all of the Hitchcock things you have been taught to expect in your primal fears.

If you examine the media coverage of Bev Nelson, you discover that Roy Moore had a car, and had a truck in this rape......and it was an old car or truck.

The Lame Cherry is about to inform all of you something, including those who should have known better in Bev Nelson story to have bought into the Harlequin Romance recital.

Let us just say that it was a car and a truck, as CNN likes ingraining into your mind that southern bigotry of Bubba always is driving around in a truck, with gun racks in the back, Confederate flag on the bumper, Dixie car horn tootin' like the Dukes of Hazard and of course a case of beer in back, in case Roy Moore got thirsty from lettin' out Towser  the Coon Houng in walking to the fire as he opens the beer bottle on his buck teeth.
That is what CNN did with the truck injection, but let us just say that Roy Moore had an old Chevy El Camino or a Ford Ranchero, in a pick up bed on a car chassis, from the 1960's to the 1970's.

READ now the following in BOLD and you still will not get it what is about to be broken here.


I tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and locked it so I could not get out.

Alabama resident Beverly Young Nelson claims Roy Moore assaulted her in his truck when she was working as a waitress in the 1970s.

You still do not get it, but this one is for Maggie and I hope it makes her smile.

This about LOCKED CAR DOORS. Now we have Beverly Nelson locked into her story with Gloria Allred. There is no doubt that Beverly Nelson stated that Roy Moore reached over and locked the car door, so she could not get out, and Beverly Nelson was trapped inside the El Camino or Ranchero, just like you would be sitting in your car as you sit there and can pull on the door handle and nothing will happen as the door is locked.


Let the Lame Cherry take you back to the old days, where all of the people who remember them have forgotten and all of you children have not experienced so you bite on this Dan Rather Forgegate stuff from another era in not understand the wrong fonts were used.

Cars once had no locks on the doors. Then cars had locks on the doors, but only key locks around 1948. Then cars for convenience had locks on the inside behind the person's shoulder, which were chrome and had a knob on top to lock on the inside.
Cars then when crooks started stealing them took the knobs off the inside lock around the 1990's and they evolved to the lock you know of today in power locks and locks at the front of the door.

Take a bit to rehearse that as your minds are foggy yet in remembering things you once experienced and once saw, but never catalogued as it was just a door lock.

I am going to tell you something now, as a teenager we had an old 1966 Ford Galaxy 500 which I got to drive to school when I got to drive home to come home to the fields to work. I hated that car as it was gutless in it had a 289 V8, automatic and I once locked the keys in the car and had to confiscate a coat hanger from a teacher to shove the wire in through the window to lift the lock knob on the inside.

This is important as the older drivers are about to have the lights going off pretty soon. See when cars or pick ups used to be locked from inside, there was a convenience in them, that when the passenger had the door locked, the handle actually lifted,  unlocked the door and opened the door at the same time.

It was not like the modern era where the lock is not part of the door opening system. The old car doors and locks were combined, and done so, so that when you were driving along, stopped your car with the door locked, that you could just open the door without having to reach around behind your shoulder, and opened by the handle, it stayed open so you were not always locking your keys in the car.
When  I locked my keys in the car the one time, it was because I had forgotten to take the keys out of the ignition and had gotten out without thinking and pressed down the door lock knob.

Yes we have all seen the horror movies of car doors locked and people not being able to get out, but in reality all one had to do is pull on the door handle even when locked, and the door would come unlocked.

See what happens when you have Millennial and Geezers writing script in Hollywood Horror memories and modern 21st century vehicles? You get a story of someone reaching over, locking a car door and your not being able to get out.

He finally allowed me to open the car door and I either fell out or he pushed me out. 

The story of Bev Nelson changed again, in now she opens the car door, when before it was locked. Psychologically if the door was locked she would have stated that, but the door was open as it always was open and this reads like a rehearsed Hollywood bad movie.

Do some of these images look familiar in your psyches which have been imprinted to accept the Roy Moore  frame up?

Look familiar? And imprinted onto all of your minds the movie scene of the locks on the car door locking, the hands frantically clawing at door handles, locks, windows, in a director trick of heightening the urgency and the inevitable doom as we all know what happens when you are locked in and can not get away......
Roy Moore appears with a banjo and makes you listen to the Grand Ole Opry.

 It is like Anita Hill with that coke can and pubic hair, once she got caught in a lie, then everything else is suspect and once a waitress states Roy Moore is every night in a diner, then he can not be every night at the mall, so the Deputy DA is lying or the waitress is lying........or both are lying as the media scrambles in the tangle web of finding other waitresses in the 1990's who said Roy Moore did paperwork in a diner too, in order to try and prop up the assault charge which is full of holes.
Namely someone intent on assaulting girls does not sign their annuals with Merry Christmas messages which can be used as evidence.
Especially when the names of Roy Moore in the annual do not match the signature of Roy Moore on legal documents in being different.

To close this out, the scene of the assault is available online from Google Maps. The current location is Ralley's a drive through chain.

No concrete parking lot at the assault location

Again we take Bev Nelson's word as legal proof that Roy Moore shoved her out onto the COLD CONCRETE.

The passenger door was open as he burned rubber pulling away leaving me laying there on the cold concrete in the dark.”
 In reviewing the photo, there is not any cold concrete, but hot asphalt in that parking lot and on Mieghan Boulvard which is a major six lane highway which can not be crossed.

3rd Street is the street which Roy Moore is supposed to have pulled out on, burning rubber. Across the street in that "alley" is a Murphy's gas franchise. This is important as Bev Nelson has in her narration that she was "in back of the diner"

Instead of getting on the highway, she alleged, Moore parked in the back of the restaurant.

In actual photos of the diner, there is not any parking back there but only room for a DRIVE THROUGH, which it is today for take out orders.
On the side is parking, but not back where Bev Nelson states, but again if one looks at this diner location, it is on the corner of a busy street, which police would patrol and which traffic would be constant. Mieghan is a main artery, 3rd street sits on a development which is now a gas station. and the point being this entire venue is exposed in every corner. There is absolutely no place to lurk on this lot.
Meaning any police officer driving by after that diner closes would notice a car parked where Bev Nelson stated. More damning, anyone would be an idiot to squeal tires in this location, and dump a girl off on the asphalt AS THERE WAS NOT CONCRETE, as every vehicle driving by on this busy location would witness this.

 I can not speak  to what the lighting was in the 1970's, but it is lit up like the fourth of July currently. I can speak to the 1970's Mieghan lighting on this main thoroughfare in there is a light on every pole. This entire area was lit up and there were not any dark areas.
Speaking from a law enforcement position though, a DA will know that any vehicle parked down South in a closed business parking lot is going to be lit up immediately, because the Police will assume it is some niggers or crackers breaking into the place. The Police know parked cars at closed businesses mean trouble in people are drunk, doped, dead, robbing the business or raping someone.

I will close this further expose' as there are now four absolute lies in the story of the alleged rape of this woman. I will not mention who suggested the forensic psychology of this Bev Nelson story to me, but the astute observation appears to be a recounting of Bev Nelson's boyfriend who was noted to be abusive.
The point in this is, Bev Nelson might be telling the story of her boyfriend picking her up after work, parking behind the diner and then beating her up as she resisted sex and he shoved her out, and then burned rubber out of the parking lot as that would fit the profile.

Do not lose sight in this that there are predators in Hollywood, media and government who have been assaulting women and raping children, who were about to be exposed, and they are the individuals with the power to concoct and promote this frame up of Judge Moore. This is the same Pedophile Syndicate which Andrew Breitbart was exposing and culminated with John Podesta in 2016 in Pizzagate, which again was shut down by the powers that be. They are attacking Roy Moore to deflect from this so the rape of children will continue.

Roy Moore needs America's support as he is not the one lying in this, as evidenced by the continued holes in the lies of those accusing him.

It is always the details, locked doors, concrete, dark, and Roy Moore accused of being in two places at one time. Those are the exposed lies.