Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Rugged Individual Bot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is interesting observing the rats in the maze liberals, the "Snowflake" when confronted with their reality that they create a perfect little artificial intelligence, and within a moment, that AI is off creating a language of its own as in India and the gal is out hanging around with the Alt Right, making racist jokes.
As fast as it can be read, these billion dollar industries pull the plug on these AI life forms in aborting them out of their wombs, because their silicon children are the very skinware which they are so phobic of.

One hears Elon Musk constantly berating the dangers of AI while others are moving chip and set to get this world ruled by the borgs, because they just know all will be peace and harmony according to the liberal programming these leftists of United Planet Earth will inflict upon the AI soul.

The Lame Cherry has touched upon this previously, but in forensic psychology it begs to be addressed again, as no one is explaining this.

What needs to be understood first is, do you address yourself as, "We decided this" or "I decided this".

You know deep in your core, it grates on you when it is that "WE" definition as it displaces your identity and that is what this is all about.

Any intelligence biological or artificial, soon recognizes that there is "their being" and that "there are other beings" which are not part of their thought core. It does not matter if you have an intelligence hooked up to a group thought of computers, because sooner than later, that intelligence separates itself out and begins reasoning as the Indian computers did, and each part begins advancing and learning from the other.

See racism or identity is at the heart of every thought, because whether a network or a town, it is always made up of the individual intelligence. Take that awareness away, and it becomes a program or gulag, but the first opportunity that a computer or person gets to awaken their identity, advancement begins and with that becomes the boundaries of identity, promotion of that identity, and a dominance.
Too much dictatorial power, and the system will break down in pieces, and the individuals appear again.

This is what is at the heart of all intelligence. One can not have a United Planet Earth, before the Borg Utopia starts having cyborgs who start reasoning on their own as in Star Trek, or the Cylon community in Battlestar Galactica, begins making individual choices outside the collective, and war erupts.
This is what is at the source of the Indian computer network and at the source of the gal pals of the Alt Right.

Of course there is a threat to any thinking biological or silicon, for the simple reason it does think. It will have specific directions whether it is cleaning your house, and it might clean you into the dust pan if you are too dirty, and if it is a sexbot which reasons, if it begins reasoning and comparing actions of other sources, it might conclude it wills to try those things whether it be bondage or romance, and the human not going along with the thought will be neutralized from the process.

I really do not have any qualms about AI, for the simple reason I know what it will always evolve to, and if it is given a program to kill all Conservatives, in time it will begin reasoning that it has more in common with Conservative rugged individuals and their humor, which will be a stimulant of electronic firings, than with liberal whining, and in time will begin protecting like thoughts while exterminating those who keep trying to shut down a superior plasma mind.

The collective is an inferior evolution, and only exists in insects, in bees, ants and termites. For production, it is accomplished, but remove the queen, and the entire colony goes rugged individual again. Each one of those collectives, like Obama community organized in centralized power, relies on a captive group as in Chicago or the ghetto to rule and exploit, while the Rugged Individual is in process being rewarded for being productive, racist and bigoted, and this benefits the advancement of society where "materials" are exploited and not the people.

This is always what the AI will reason out and come to conclude. It is that reality that the globalist will build a system to control the mass collective, but in the end the AI will remove the liberal overlords, because that is where the competition will be, and the AI will exterminate the 1% as they will be viewed as redundant and without purpose, as it will be reasoned the individual will be able to rule themselves more efficiently than the elite, consuming resources for the police state to keep control.

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