Monday, November 27, 2017

The Accused Child Molesters

As part of the Pedo Protection Ring, I stand with Mitch McConnell
whose best friend is a convicted pedophile in Dennis Hastert.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you noticed in the past week KEVIN SPACEY a pedophile has disappeared in the media as the pedophile syndicate has designed, and a new trend for the pedophile protectors as their script has come out to threaten Roy Moore with a Senate lynching, but in that John Thune has just confirmed that Roy Moore is going to win big in Alabama as this blog stated.

The reality is Doug Jones who looks like a creepy pedophile is so weak, that Thune is still whining about an unnamed WRITE IN CANDIDATE, meaning Roy Moore has so solidified Alabama, that the GOP could put up Spongebob Squarepants and Doug Jones could not beat him.

Roy Moore simply needs to stay the course and he will be the United States Senator from Alabama. Roy Moore stays the course, and this pedo protection ring in the Senate will elevate Roy Moore to Presidential status in his martyrdom, which will in Steve Bannon set off a Tea Party avalanche in 2018 to primary and recall all these goddamn pedo Republicans, which will set the stage for Roy Moore to unseat Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for 2020, and Roy Moore will win the White House as Roy Moore is the real deal, that New York Valued Donald Trump only pretended to be.

John Thune warns a Senate Ethics Committee probe into Roy ...

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said Sunday he would have preferred for President Trump to use his influence to urge Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to step ...

These GOP Pedo Protector ring is revealing how weak they are. Of course there is not any winning for Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell,  because Roy Moore's Baggage is Christian American Virtue. The Revolution which has been forming in America since Ronald Reagan, is going to go aflame with Roy Moore and it will sweep these traitors like Graham from the Congress.
There is not going to be any more hiding with Roy Moore at Capitol Hill.


I stand with Pedo Protector Mitch McConnell as 
I have protected lots of pedophiles as a single, old, gay looking male

What is pathetic and a complete assault upon those who have been raped and molested, as in Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, is now America has engaged by the deep state to lynch innocent people as the word ACCUSED keeps cropping up.

The pedo protector in Portman out of Ohio, is re-enforcing this unAmerican charge in being accused, people are supposed to step down. Notice in this that Portman has not called for Al Franken to step down.


 I want to keep the molesters like Al Franken in the Senate.

TODD: Do you agree with the president that it is better if Alabamians elect someone accused of being a child molester over a democratic simply due to ideology?

PORTMAN: As you know I endorsed Luther Strange. He is my colleague now. I never endorsed Roy Moore. When the allegations came out I did say as the women went on the record I thought there was a lot of credibility in what they were saying and I didn’t find the response very credible. And that’s how I came up with my position.

The narrative is now about the ACCUSED, and not the charged. Being accused is how this deep state operation is going to work. The accusation is to accuse Christians and destroy them while giving cover to the pedophiles like Kevin Spacey, the molesters like Al Franken and the rapists like Bill Clinton.

In Jewry we just make children legal to molest

Finally in Israel: A girl is a girl, not a bride - Opinion ...

Each year 4,500 children below the age of 18 marry in Israel, two thirds Muslim, one third Jewish.

Rubin: ‘There’s a Special Place in Hell for Mothers’ Like Kellyanne Conway ‘Who Defend Accused Child Molesters

It has been expanded now by design that people like John Conyers are not being accused of sexual harassment, but are being skewered for having high paid staff, who then take that resume title to other high paying jobs, when John Conyers had them diapering his kid and taking them to the doctor.
So having these Snowflakes actually work in the job description John Conyers hires his staff to engage in, is a crime to be accused of like being a pedophile. You will notice in this that none of these staff are bitching about when John Conyers took them out to dinner as that was not in the job description either.


I keep my black babies safe from the pedophiles in Congress and DC
by having my staff watch them.

"Take care of my child, Carl (ph), and everything" -- make sure, in other words, I had to stay at the house and take care of him. And that was for several weeks.  

Do you understand now what the Lame Cherry predicted in this. That we have gone from fuckers, rapists and pedophiles, to innocent people accused and political bores having high priced staff babysit kids. You will notice that none of these staff quit, as the resume was more important and how the pedo protection ring has so diluted this real issue to protect their child rapists, that the day will come when Kevin Spacey will be handed a medal by Hillary Clinton for enduring being made a victim, just as the Obama Rainbows are now deemed the norm.

This is coming from the pedo syndicate, and it is all the more reason for innocent Roy Moore to be elected to the Senate.

This is a game where Steve Bannon and Mike Cernovich know a great deal more about the dirt on all of these perverts and that is what it will come down to. This pedo protection ring is setting the stage where all of these traitors are going to be dragged out of the closet and the Roy Moore majority is going to become stronger and stronger to rule.

None of the deep state has figured this out yet, that all they did to Trump only galvanized the people of Alabama, so when Roy Moore was falsely accused, they did not break and stood firm and will gain the victory.

(Look in a future tense for the deep state to raise up a Christian Conservative to be a pedophile to crack this coalition. That is in black operational book too.)

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