Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Criminal Fraud of Facebook

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I have reported that Facebook placed my account into limbo after I sent in the required documents which were requested, and all I receive are "pending review" when I attempted to log in.

I have also reported that someone at Facebook created a group called WE FIGHT on this suspended account. I know this because I keep getting notices about someone posting on it or I get notices on people who actually were on my friends list.

Tonight I received another notice on the WE FIGHT account which Facebook illegally created on my suspended account, and  when I looked at the link of someone who posted on this page, I found this most interesting alert:

When I clicked on the link of the account of the person, the account does not exist. In other words, Facebook is impersonating people in suspended accounts in some traffic creation scheme.

This is proof that Facebook is impersonating people in a criminal fraud. This is not lone situations, but is a pattern and just as fake accounts were creating traffic flow for profit, and just as Mark Zuckerberg can not seem to notice he is running narcotic ads for profit, Facebook is nothing but a criminal enterprise, worse than Bill Clinton's CIA coke airstrip in Mena Arkansas. Facebook is NSA generated and funded and this electronic terror site is operating without oversight and violating numerous laws, including identity theft.

So each of you know, this is what Facebook is engaged in, and if they are doing it to me, then they will be doing it to you.

Facebook steals identities, markets them and is doing this wholesale.

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