Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Real Sexual Assault of Leigh Corfman

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As the evidence reveals that the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are part of an organized smear campaign with John McCain, #NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden democrats, involving women in Alabama who range from thinking Roy Moore was a good husband material, worked for democrats against Donald Trump and Leigh Corfman, an emerging woman whose entire life is one continuous train wreck of psychological problems.

Corfman is a woman who has always suffered emotionally and self medicated. When entrusted in keeping alcohol from children, she sold alcohol to children and was arrested. She has a history of accusing powerful Christian men of "desiring" her in telling the world that three Pastors violated her sexually.

What each of us is discovering, is something that the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the McCain McConnell Republicans and Biden Clinton democrats all knew, as they knew this woman was unbalanced and decided to exploit her anyway to go after an innocent man.

Do you remember Gabby Giffords and how she has been exploited by democrats in being shot in the head, and how democrats went after Sarah Palin over this and her being innocent?

Daly: Gifford's blood is on Palin's hands - NY Daily News

Here is what Sarah Palin said on the Facebook page where she depicted Gabrielle Giffords in the cross hairs of a rifle scope: "Don't retreat! Instead ...

Do you remember in 2016 the New York Times expose of women accusing Donald Trump of the same types of Roy Moore sexual overtures.

Multiple women accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual ...

Two women told The New York Times that Trump made unwanted sexual advances on them. After that story, more women came forward.

Do you remember Cindy Sheehan that Nancy Pelosi rode around as a warhorse to attack George W. Bush so democrats could regain the House?

Soldier's Mom Digs In Near Bush Ranch -

Soldier's mom digs in near Bush ranch ... George W. Bush Military Iraq ... Cindy Sheehan's 24-year-old son ...

In all of these cases, we have had the abuse of women, not by Roy Moore, not by Sarah Palin, not by Donald Trump and not by George W. Bush, but by the very deep state, who will stop at nothing in engaging in the worst type of political rape of handicapped and delusional women.

That is what is the situation with Leigh Corfman. Ms. Corfman appears to be a woman who interprets things as her starring as Scarlet in Gone With the Wind. These muckrakers who work for deep state publications, recognize immediately if a source is lying or if  they can not understand reality.
Everything coming out concerning Leigh Corfman, the holes in her story, her mental state were all known, discussed, and factored in, including the Washington Post knowing she would be exposed as an individual who the courts would order a psychological evaluation, and yet the Washington Post went ahead with this and Mockingbird stooges like Jonah Goldberg smeared Judge Roy Moore,  as that was what was scripted in this.

The Lame Cherry gives you this example.

Think of someone in your community who has problems, whether in addiction or is one of those people who everyone knows is off balance and embellishes every story.
What if in this, you approached that person, manipulated them and got them to say things, that destroyed someone you didn't like, even got them arrested, and it all ended up in court, and upon examination the lies were exposed by the inconsistent stories this person was telling. Would you be sweating an investigation by the prosecutor for your part in this or not?
Of course you would and I would bet that you  would also lay awake at night feeling guilty about using that unbalanced person in taking advantage of them.

This is who Leigh Corfman is. In her mind, she believes all of this and can be made to believe it.  Those who did this to her knew what they were engaged in, an had absolutely no remorse in the psychological rape of Leigh Corfman and the character rape of Roy Moore.

 This Washington Post story is the Pissgate Dossier, the same William Kristol #NeverTrumper and Hillary Clinton DNC smears against Donald Trump, using fraud and unbalanced trolls as sources, and being trolled in the media to thwart the will of the American People at the ballot box.

The real sexual assault of Leigh Corfman are found in the names who have promoted this attack on Roy Moore and used her, from the Washington Post, Jonah Goldberg at the Wall Street Journal, John McCain and the democratic party. These abusers should be indicted and prosecuted for the mental assault on this woman, the attack upon the voting of Alabama and the criminal assault of Roy Moore.

The "cry rape"  reality of Kevin Spacey has been hijacked to attack an innocent Roy Moore. This same thing was engaged in by liberal women against husbands in divorce. As this smear against Roy Moore just did not happen over night, but was researched, the question needs to be asked in how did the Washington Post know that the revelations against Kevin Spacey were going to be an issue before the story appeared, and moved to link Roy Moore to the same story.

There is a deep state collusion in this, and those behind this belong in prison, for the same sentence of a gang rape, as it is they who have assaulted this unbalanced Leigh Corfman.  It is a pattern of the leftists in the Republican and Democratic hierarchy who have been destroying Christians for years. It is time these criminals are sentenced to prison.

Roy Moore is innocent. It is time to prosecute the guilty who are smearing him and it is up to the People of Alabama, as Jeff Sessions  in DC has lost the indictment forms on these same criminals who moved against Donald Trump and still are.

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