Thursday, December 7, 2017

Al Franken has not yet left the building......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Al Franken has prove he is a sociopath who just can not rape women he assaulted one more time by calling them all liars.........1, 2, 3, 4, 5..........6 and 7 of them with proof of his hands on their tits and writing skits to shove tongues down their throats.



I for one am absolutely delighted that this worthless pervert who tied himself to the successful Rush Limbaugh to gain national attention and then stole the 2008 election from Republican Norm Coleman has now become HISTORICAL.

Forever by Al Franken's photo, in Minnesota, in all history books, in the United States Senate, there is a notation that Al Franken  was forced to resign by the Citizens of these United States for assaulting women. Think about that in that is Al Franken's permanent legacy. That can never change. That is who this gutter rat will forever be.

Franken could not exit gracefully, in fact I absolutely am delighted he revealed what he is in being pure sex bully trash. He did not apologize. He never will apologize. Instead he assaulted women again, and made claims he was a champion of women, while taking the smear road in attacking Republicans in Donald Trump and Roy Moore. Al Franken has not mercy nor grace, and I really appreciate HE IS NOT LEAVING THE SENATE IMMEDIATELY, but is going to drag this out for weeks, so it will tarnish all democrats, and be a major story in Minnesota as Mark Dayton moves politics to disgusting liberal governor levels, and this story keeps giving and giving, reminding everyone that Al Franken has not yet left the building, and we wonder who his replacement will be, then there will be the election, and Al Franken being a sex pervert will keep being headline for months.

Al Franken is a cancer on the democratic party. He could not do the right thing out of office, in office or leaving office. He is the Clinton disease with keeps giving and giving.

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