Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trump Tax Additional Information

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I received this nice email from, we shall call him, Ned. It is further explanation on the Trump Tax, and this explanation is "fair" as Ned explains that you would pay the lower rate for the first 44,999 dollars and then the higher 25% rate on the next bracket of 45,000 to suma six figures.
That is "fair" and the reason I keep using the "fair" is the Bible says 10% and you get to go on a trip with it and party before the Lord at the Temple, while the Levites get to fish around for some nice roasts, as God only takes the innards.

LC, the tax rates for each higher bracket only apply to the income in that bracket while the lower rates stay in effect for the income belonging to the lower bracket.  So the single filer would pay 25% on any income over 45,000, but would still pay at the 12% rate for income in the 12,000-24,900 range.  Something that few are mentioning, however, is that while the standard deduction is doubling, the personal exemption is disappearing.
So in my situation, married with a 20 year old in college, my standard deduction goes up by 12,000, but I lose three exemptions at 4050 each or 12,150.  The new lower rate brackets will lower my taxes though by 1 or 2 thousand. 
Merry Christmas,
The reason I complain is none of this is a done deal yet. We have yet to see the House and Senate compromise and when I bitch loudly now, it will get them to hand out a few more crumbs, as it is so generous to provide like 300 bucks for me taking care of my retired Mum, who I have been hauling around the house for the past 2 days as she got hurt in an accident.
There is nothing fair about that deduction and I am still dumbfounded in how my taxes are prepared by a lawyers office so I do not get audited ever, and under George W. Bush I usually got a 1.70 gas tax refund for the farm and they were always harping to me to send in 100 dollars to Social Security so I was covered.

In the Obama era, I ended up paying each year 1 dollar for every dollar earned and that is after all of my deductions. My taxes went up a couple of thousand percent, and to put it plainly,  I work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, and once I am done with living expenses, using meager income to pay for this blog, there is not a great deal left, as most Americans discovered.  I used to get by with paying taxes 1 time a year, but now am doing it 4 times a year on projected income. I have to pay what the IRS says I might make with money I do not yet have.

As stated  the Trump Tax is genocide tax on white productive poor and middle class, as it keeps them from rising up, being able to have families and to purchase homes, because it is all geared to babies produced.

Ask yourself why does a kid get a deduction but an elderly person I care for get 1/4  the rate or 1/16 when the elderly are far more expensive?

I appreciate what Ned shared with me, so I could share with you. The problem is I am poor and I am still taxed in the rich man's bracket. They have come after independent media and rural people in agricultural venues with a fury. I know what they promise and what they say, but I know what my current situation was. I knew what it was under George W., which was the same under the Clintons in not cutting out my ovaries. I know that this is not going to change under Donald Trump, because of the fact I am in groups which the cartel wants to vanish as I am not Mockingbird controlled and I do not run USDA programs to herd me poisoning the food supply.

I have endured a number of shitty posts from asstards bitching about me asking for money. Well the IRS does not ask, they demand money from me and unlike the majority of you, I do not get the cut rate, but am constantly in the high brackets, which makes absolutely no sense to me.
To put it plainly, I winced when I did my taxes online and thought "Geez this is a big tax bill." Then my tax preparer informed me that the bill was 4 times that and I about had a heart attack.

So I am pleased for those who are going to be helped by Trump Tax. I doubt I will be and figure all of my deductions for operating expenses will be removed, so I expect with my non existent children, my non existent home, and as I do not work for John Deere as a sod slave, my taxes either are going to remain the same or go up as  numbers of people are going to discover.

Oh and Donald Trump promised no  taxes under 50,000 dollars. I am not going to praise him for lying to Americans in this is a good deal, when the low end is worse than Obama and on the poor.  The only thing I hoped for was that damned Obamacare mandate will be gone. I will not believe McConnell, Ryan or Trump on that one, until the IRS says it is gone, because Mr. President said it vanished  8 months ago and sure as shit stinks in September there was the IRS stating they were collecting the mandate and will come after those who do not pay it.

I will finish this with stating that none of his is intended for Ned. I thank him for explaining a detail that I could pass along to all of you. I appreciate his effort and it is most helpful. My upset is being screwed over, lied to, told how great it will be for me, and I sit every year in trying to save for life, the biggest bill I have is the debt spenders in Washington DC, as when everyone factors in the excise or tax expenses they are charged for energy, phone, food, anything you purchase, because corporations do not pay taxes but pass them onto you, everyone is America is paying at around 25%.

I still make the point of that Ohio politician, who said "How do you like being free in America, when  they charge you to live in your home, drive your car and work, in all of these taxes and if you do not pay, they shoot you are throw you into jail".

If I earn money I am taxed. When I spend money I am taxed. When I eat I am taxed.When I breathe I am taxed.

I know that Samuel Adams would not be standing around in Boston saying what a great deal this is, but we all have to pay our taxes or the police state comes and takes our lives.

The Lame Cherry is no tax protester. I simply point out all that glitters Trump Tax is not gold and it has the same results as Obama rapine.

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