Friday, December 1, 2017

Al Franken Molests More Women

Al Franken molesting Stephanie Kempler


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Imagine the humiliation of Esme Murphy and Kathy Wurzer of Minnesota CBS and PBS in having Al Franken lie to their face in there would not be any more women appearing accusing Al Franken of molesting them, and yet there appears Stephanie Kempler, a  US Army Veteran, abused by Al Franken on foreign soil, after she had already been abused sexually just a short time before.

I think it is time to help Al Franken out as CNN is now going after Al Franken, doing an exhaustive multi interview with Ms. Kempler in which she broke down in tears repeatedly over Al Franken molesting her.

I think Al Franken should kneel before Mitch McConnell and say something like this:

"Mitch you see it was like this, it was the sun's fault.  See there was this solar storm, lots of ion stuff, and it hit earth, set off aura borealis magnetic waves, which energized my metal wedding band, set a convulsive shock through through my body to my non married ring right hand, which caused a spasm where I grabbed Stephanie Kempler's right breast, fondled it, squeezed it and held on for dear life, as it was Iraq and I was worried if I fell down that a camel spider would have eaten me".

See you need that kind of dog ate my homework and dangerous spider story when you are up against this:

The Star Tribune reports that Franken’s new accuser felt numb and frozen after the alleged incident. Looking back, Stephanie said that she feels sympathy for her younger self, as pictured in the photo. Kemplin broke into tears in phone call interviews with CNN, though she admits she did not say anything about the incident to Franken at the time because she was immediately put on the spot with his alleged behavior. An ex-boyfriend corroborated with Stephanie’s story, saying that she told her ex-beau that Franken “went to put his arm around her and copped a feel.”

We do seem to have a common thread in this when it comes to Al Franken in Lee Ann Tweeden and Stephanie Kempler both cried. Not exactly the kind of Don Juan reaction.

Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer now have before them undeniable evidence from LeeAnn Tweeden's pictures, the online posting of Lindsay Menz mentioning the molestation and now Stephanie Kempler having her story corroborated by her former boyfriend. This is not like the myriad of accusations against Harvey Weinstein in he said she said, this is a reality that Al Franken has proof condemning this pervert. More to the point he used the Women of Minnesota, the liberal women, the liberal women of Saturday Night Live as cover in lying to their faces.
This blog told you by what Al Franken was engaged in, that there had to be 100 women out there and at least 6 which he had sexual contact with, who are now in hiding or keeping quiet.
Grab enough women, and several of them are going to conclude that sucking Al Franken's cock or riding it in a toilet would be a notch on their tampon case they would be happy to oblige like Connie Hemzy made a practice of, including with Bill Clinton.

The women who have proof in the above three named, are above reproach, and it is significant that 16,000 Minnesotans have signed a petition demanding that Al Franken resign.
The problem that Jennifer DeJournett does not understand, but CNN does, is that the women who still support Al Franken are women who have a psychopathy of "It is ok to rape women like Sarah Palin or molest LeeAnn Tweeden as they are not one of us".

But Jennifer DeJournett, a Minnesota GOP activist who leads Voices of Conservative Women, said she’s gotten almost 16,000 signatures on a petition for Franken to resign. She said that should count for at least as much as several groups of women who have publicly signed letters in support of Franken.
“I don’t know how many women it’s going to take before the women who signed on to support Sen. Franken will realize that they’ve made a mistake,” DeJournett said.

Stephanie Kempler is without blemish. She is the perfect democratic dream candidate for Congress, a war veteran, pretty, accomplished, a community volunteer, and all of the business and criminal justice degrees in normal Ohio.

Al Franken has normal women accusing him of being a criminal molester and they have proof.

I have a passion for serving others and protecting the weak and vulnerable. I have degrees in Business and Criminal Justice & currently work as an investigator for Uncle Sam. I am in the process of opening a nonprofit in Warren County Ohio for human trafficking survivors. We will also operate a small animal sanctuary onsite that will be used for animal therapy. This is God’s will for my life and I’m humbled to answer His calling and walk this path with Him.

Al Fanken thought that his being Hillary Clinton's attack dog in the Senate against Trump and his being her attack dog Vice President in 2020 is his cover. McConnell signed on to it, as McConnell wants Trump out of the White House too. The problem is Al Franken is becoming a problem for those people protecting him in the deal.
The problem is the Obama operatives coordinating with CNN are looking to take down this pervert as it weakens Hillary Clinton for the 2020 primary. This is about control over the democratic party between Obama and Clinton. In that, the only salvation the women of America have is for this steady stream of Franken assaultees being presented, and for Al Franken to become too politically expensive to keep around.

That is the shame in this lawless America. No Jeff Sessions investigation into Kevin Spacey molesting children and no investigation into just who was behind smearing an innocent Christian in an Alabama Senate race.

For the women of America, the Senate should have voted already to vote him gone and for Jeff Sessions to open an investigation concerning Al Franken. It though all comes down to not protecting women from perverts, but the perverts who will protect themselves by making an example of Al Franken to cover their crimes.

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