Friday, December 1, 2017

The Lynching of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What the Lame Cherry is going to post here concerning the terrorism against Mike Flynn and his family for the deep state to get Donald Trump, is an issue where Mike Flynn states that Donald Trump asked Mr. Flynn to contact Russia. This is being posted as a crime, exactly as Judge Roy Moore dated of legal age women as if that was a crime.
IT IS NOT A CRIME FOR A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE to instruct his campaign to contact any foreign government, not more that it would be illegal for you to write a letter to Vladimir Putin.

How American girl wrote to Yuri Andropov -

How American girl wrote to Yuri Andropov ... "If everyone is so afraid of Andropov, why not write him a letter and asked if he is ... 1983 they came to Moscow, ...

The Lame Cherry is to reveal to you what Donald Trump is accused of, and if Mr. Trump is being targeted then why is not Mr. Obama  undering investigation as it was proven he was contacting foreign governments.
In fact his  representatives in 2008 were in South America assuring leaders there that Obama would be president and to cut deals with him.

Barack Obama took money from foreigners at over 300 million dollars for his 2008 campaign who were  terrorists, and it was not prosecuted. Donald Trump did none of this.

Obama received campaign contributions from Gaza Palestinians ...

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was apparently the recipient of nearly $30,000 in campaign contributions from a pair of Palestinian Arabs in the ...

For those with short memories will forget that Jimmy Carter appealed to the Russians in 1980 to help him defeat Ronald Reagan. Again, why is Jimmy  Carter not being investigated, as Mr. Carter did more than talk to Russia. Carter asked for Soviet involvement in US elections.

FrontPage Magazine - Carter, Democrats Asked Soviets to Stop ...

Carter, Democrats Asked Soviets to ... before and after he became president. Jimmy Carter's ... days of the 1980 campaign, the Carter White House ...

Then there is Ronald Reagan, whose future CIA director was dealing with Iran in an American hostage crisis.

A presidential campaign did collude with a foreign nation to ...

... manager William Casey met with ... merchant vessel before the election as a down payment to Iran with more ... foreign power—Iran—in the 1980 election.

Richard Nixon scuttled the 1968 Vietnam Peace Talks, as Lyndon Johnson as President tried to get Hubert Humphrey elected over Nixon in that election.

Yes, Nixon Scuttled the Vietnam Peace Talks - POLITICO

Did Richard Nixon's campaign conspire to scuttle the Vietnam War peace talks on the eve of the 1968 election to capture him the presidency? Absolutely, says Tom ...

None of the above actions by political candidates were  ever investigated or prosecuted. Some like Carter would be considered treason and others like Obama are absolute felons, yet Donald Trump is being targeted and Mike Flynn and his family are being terrorized OVER LEGAL ACTIONS.

There is nothing illegal about Jared Kushner responding to Prime Minister Netanyahu, in asking Mike Flynn to deal with a United Nations vote which was going against the Israeli state, as that is was transition teams do as they are formulating US policy as the elected officials.

Donald Trump and his Trump Trans have screwed this blog over and those Christians and Loyalists this blog supported.  He has played Americans all year in fake politics, but this is absolutely bogus what Robert Mueller just tortured Mike Flynn to plead guilty to in order to get at Donald Trump, as what was engaged in was all legal.

Now for those who need a Way Back Machine to remember, I remind you that this blog by God's Grace told you this was coming down to Jared Kushner in he was the weak link and conspirator of the left who was suckered in this intelligence operation. I told you he was the one the deep state would go after, and now that is the reality leaked that Kushner told Flynn to make the call concerning the Israeli state.
This is all the same ruse of Colin Powell and Dick Armitage going after Dick Cheney in Plamegate with Patrick Fitzgerald. It was a coup then and a coup now.

There is nothing illegal in what Donald Trump was engaged in, and  all of this is harming America, and I will repeat that EVERY presidential candidate and president did far more than Donald Trump is accused of, as that is what political candidates engage in.

If Donald Trump had stayed with the Christians, instead of slumming with the Vatican Pence and Kushner Jewry, Mr. President would not be having any of these problems.......nor having that Pharisee James Comey casting the first stone in misquoting Bible verses.

Mr. President, pardon Mike Flynn, pardon his son. Pardon that Shylock son in law of your making and put an end to this witch hunt.

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