Friday, December 1, 2017

The Trump American Genocide Tax Breaks

Meet the only tax deductions you will ever receive America


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry refuses to be buffaloed by the spin of the Trump Tax Breaks, those beautiful, bigger than Reagan tax breaks, which all of you want so desperately to believe in, because the Spirit of God in me reveals what is really taking place.

I told you that when John McCain signed onto this rapine bill that it was because Donald Trump in this bill via Mitch McConnell and John Thune legalized Obamacare funding.
What do you think happens when people who are on waivers no longer need a waiver for Obamacare, but end up paying higher taxes in state income tax deductions are removed? This bill is not Ronald Reagan, it is slight of hand in Donald Trump gives you a tax break and Mitch McConnell's hand is in your pocket stealing out twice as much.

You just tell me how you win in this, when someone earning 50,000 dollars gets that 1500 dollar Obamacare waiver or penalty removed, and they lost a 6000 dollar deduction on state income taxes, but are told they are getting another thousand bucks per child. They still do not have insurance, still can not afford anything, still have to pay Cuomo or Brown state income taxes,  as their low end tax rate went up a percentage point.

What the Lame Cherry is going to inform you of is what the Ryan McConnell conglomerate game is all about in this, and these taxes are designed for the American genocide. I am going to use TL and myself as examples, so this soaks in.
We are told this is a FAMILY TAX BREAK, a family of 4. How many of you have a family of four? None of you reading this are by average, neither are we.

See TL and I are working on saving money for our own home, but are paying record taxes from Obama and Mr. High Rise, so our biggest bill each year is when I have to write a check out, ON THE FICTION OF WHAT I HOPE TO EARN, meaning I am penalized 4 times a year in writing a check out to the US Treasury on what projected earnings might be, so when donations do not appear, the IRS does not care, as they still demand I pay them.

We can not save fast enough from Obama Trump taxes, but remember now  Paul Ryan parroting that family of 4 in all of these tax breaks.........well if you have not popped out two children, you do not get the tax break, and in our Catch 22, we can not afford children so are responsible in not WIC making you raise our children, the main point being that Paul Ryan's fictional 2400 dollar deduction for offspring has absolutely no value for the majority of Americans, because the rich people pop kids out like Ivanka, but are the ones rewarded, not the poor Caucasians who are trying to save enough money for a family.

Who does the Trump tax break help then if it is not White Americans who do not have children as they are penalized for it? Take a guess, as you probably have seen hordes of these legalized Obama illegals in your communities. Yes Trump tax breaks help those regime funded foreigners being poured into America to take your jobs. Yes Trump tax breaks help brown skin Muslims and Mexicans as they are the ones who get the money, the jobs and the tax breaks.

Project this out now, in you have an America where White Citizens are penalized for having babies. Are over taxed in working so they can not afford homes nor produce children. On the Ivanka side there are all these swarthies who are pounding pussy at breeding age turning out 6 babies by age 30 and they get the tax breaks, the jobs and are buying the homes. Who do you think in a generation is the group who will be owning everything due to Trump tax breaks? The White American Citizens or these foreigners being legalized?
Yes it is the foreigners and that is why this tax break is termed by the Lame Cherry the Genocide Tax  Breaks because it is designed to repress White Americans from having children and designed to promote swarthy replacements, so in 50 years all the White Americans are dead or rape impregnated with quadroon bastards.

Gee no one is telling you this now are they as Sean Homo Hannity promotes this.

Do I want tax breaks for every American? Most certainly, just as Ronald Reagan accomplished them.

Do I want you to really pay less in taxes? Most definitely as your taxes should be reduced to 10%, so that you can afford to provide for yourselves and to have babies and make your homes.

I want this for Americans, not another Devildamned tax break for Wall Street and foreigners, as that is what this tax break is all about, as it first legalizes funding or rapine of the Treasury in a direct Nazi pipeline of money to medical corporations.

You do remember what Donald Trump promised right? Couples earning under 50,000 dollars would pay no taxes, Obamacare repealed and jobs for you.

Now realize what you have been defending and hearing from your right wing homo media that is such a great deal. People taxed who are under the poverty level. People earning 50,000 dollars and under taxed. Obamacare legalized in funding. The Waiver removed, but a new tax structure implemented in removing deductions so those poor people are paying more than under Obamacare Waivers or penalties, and Donald Trump dumping these disease infested rape cocks into all of our communities,  as today in town I saw 10 of these vermin in a new batch being processed in shitland to be flushed to your cities to take your jobs.

I have stated from the start all I wanted in this was the Waiver ended, and that is all I am going to get. so the morons among you had better understand unless you are swarthy and a baby producer, you are not going to be helped in any of this, and every help you are told, as a robber hand stealing money from you in a new area or an excise tax passed onto you.
So I favor this bill, for the waiver as that is all we were ever going to get as a crumb, but understand fully well that this bill implements the American Genocide in spades and does it through taxes.

Now you know only from the Lame Cherry again in matter anti matter exclusives what you are being snowballed over again, as you are told that hell never freezes over.

Want to know who this tax bill helps, you can look at Ivanka and her brood as you are paying for them.

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