Saturday, December 2, 2017

My name is Ghost

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My name is Ramos. You may call me Einstein Bolt, because neither of them are my real identity, as why would I trust any of you with such information, because when I am contacted, it is because those who have the police state negotiators, the best that money can buy, have failed, and they require the deliverance of a negotiator who will accomplish the job.

The job is not one dimension. It has priorities in making the subject leave enough clues, make enough mistakes, appeal to enough of their avarice, that either associates or myself will be able to fillet their minds to track every last one of these persons of interest, to their families, so that those who are protected by the police state will provide a solution in which they will no longer be a problem.

You may call me Ghost.

Our venture this day is kidnapping. Kidnappings are not hostage situations, are not marriages gone 3rd world in hot Obama sex become Islam and are not what have been portrayed. Kidnappings are monetary or sexual. They are long term and short term. They are contact or not contact. My vocation is an art form to make contact.
Kidnappings are no longer the vice of choice for profit, as cinema has convinced the public from Charles Lindbergh's day that they do not pay. There are too many variables as the easy part is the kidnapping which is never easy, as there is always contact before and the necessary contact for the negotiation and the necessary exposure of obtaining the ransom in whatever form was demanded.

What we have before us though is a kidnapping where the odds were weighed and professionally handled. A college girl of some wealth was befriended by two other college types who matched her profile, to lure her to a jet setting location, whereby she was abducted.
The first daddy knew of the situation, was a 3 AM phone call  from his sweetness, sufficiently terrorized, in which her decoys were executed before her, and daddy for effect, to send the message that the kidnapper or kidnappers were sincere.
Command and control were established at that point in sweetness screaming, sobbing from being bitch slapped and things jammed into her mouth, with the following commands to be written down:

No contact with the authorities or press.
One further contact with instructions for delivery.
1 billion dollars, divided in bearer bonds, gold and bit coin.
Follow instructions or sweetness is terminated.

The key time in negotiations is first contact with the kidnapper and the negotiator's first contact, because it is then that rules are established in command and obey. After this fewer things are given and that translates into fewer opportunities to leverage options for the kidnappers to expose themselves.

"My name is Ghost"

I told the old man no outsiders and now I am going to have to hurt her.

"Hurt sweetness and your groups efforts and exposure were for nothing, and they will not appreciate your failure.

I told you she is going to pay.

"I am informing you that I a professional so that not any emotional mistakes from the father or from you will bring an unacceptable conclusion to this situation".

Alright bitch, here is........

"Has she eaten?"


"I  said,  "Has  she eaten?" She requires a diet intake of the basic food groups. To ensure that you can be trusted, on your next contact, you will have obtained for her a Papa John's pizza, with bbq chicken and pepperoni toppings only."

Who do the hell do you think you are!

"Write it down, Papa Johns, bbq chicken with pepperoni toppings only. In three hours we will expect your call, and her father will speak to her, and there will be a photo of her with the pizza.
Thank you."

The conversation ended with that as I closed connection. Negotiations are always a gamble, in emotional fury on the other end. Leverage must be obtained though, and the first leverage is providing a finite area to observe, compared to an entire nation.
A Papa Johns is finite, as is a specific order. If it was not this finite, then it would be another finite in bottle water, medications, anything to make the kidnapper move and expose themselves, to leave a trail of an order, which will provide in store video, which will provide parking lot and traffic cams, which provide license plates, providing the vehicle was not jacked and then it is backtracking that situation.

When it is not the masses of people and those who own the police state, then the deep state is employed to work for you. The odds are that no one would know where are Papa John's franchise would be, and it would have to be searched for, as in Googled. Exactly 7 minutes and 48 seconds later, a search was employed to Google for a Papa John's location in Florida, noting a location in that city at West 57th street, with driving directions searched.
Sometimes in this technological world one has God assisting as a working girl needs a new gun once and awhile.

A drone was dispatched to the Papa Johns, access was obtained for the monitoring of the order, which appeared on a pick up along with three other pizzas, as apparently pizza sounded like a wonderful idea.

As the location of the kidnapping was Florida, a team of mercenaries in ex well trained forces were on location with their own Google earth maps and SUV's. 5 assets with 5, fifty caliber sniper rifles deployed, a radar and heat signature reading, a last meal for the 4 hostage takers, and when the phone call was made on my connection, that was the "Go", and in shooting through walls of an urban dwelling all kidnappers were neutralized in the same second.

I make situations look easy, so everyone concludes they can do this too and save the fee. That though is part of my appeal, as the intelligent wealthy always make a mess of things, and this is what in turn keeps me in demand, for 10% of the ransom, and I always split evenly with my team.