Friday, December 29, 2017

The Trolling of Paul Nehlen

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is something very revealing which is coming directly from Steve Bannon, Breitbart, Mike Cernovich and Donald Trump in trolling Paul Nehlen who is in the process of booting Paul Ryan's treacherous self out of the United States House. The essence of this is someone is coordinating these attacks on Paul Nehlen, which means Nehlen is going to take that seat in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

Now would not all of the above welcome a rabid Trump supporter for the Trump agenda? One would think that, but someone has ordered the slow bleed on Nehlen.

The most damning of this surfaced and it began with Earl Blum posting on Paul Nehlen's Twitter account, ranting all the smears against Nehlen, including that he had traveled to Wisconsin to work for Nehlen and donated money to the Nehlen campaign which Paul Nehlen researched and discovered was an absolute lie.


If one looks at Earl Blum, he is a confirmed troll, in fact an award winning troll, so named by Tim Miller. And who is Tim Miller? That would be the fag who is paid by Paul Singer, and worked for Jeb!, as in this is Bush fam trolling Paul Nehlen, this is the #NeverTrump group and the #SmearRoyMoore group of the fagsexuals.

This Blum posted bald face lies, the same kind of lies which Roy Moore had spread by others about him. That is what is taking place in American politics in thee targeting of Christian America by these criminal trolls, and the money all traces back to the fag billionaires and the political operation is Bush fam.

Now ask yourself what is it from the Christian hating Matt Drudge, to the evolving Mike Cernovich politically, to the same  Katie Walsh names appearing in the shadows. For those who need a refresher course, this same Bush fam under W. Bush, obliterated EVERY Conservative from George Allen in accused racism to Larry Craig in sex deviant toe tapping. Every contender to Jeb! was removed. Now we have the same process weeding out Christians again as marked Citizens.

Steve Bannon is stating he is the champion of the Right, they used the Alt Right to get Donald Trump elected and yet Bannon has submarined the innocent Judge Roy Moore and is now calling "dead" the candidate Paul Nehlen.
The group funding the writers and trolls who have been getting dodgy with Paul Nehlen as they got tepid with Roy Moore,  from Hillary Clinton's Newsmax, which is again telling everyone they are the Conservative outlet, just like that little cuck Ben Shapiro tagged in for two seconds to get in a cheap shot against Paul Nehlen.
This is coordinated as one day it is Shapiro, then it is this Blum popping up. They are all getting their marching orders from those paying the bills, and it is all coordinated.
Eric Blum the New York Jew at war for Steve Bannon targeting another Jew in Bernie Bernstein.  Aaron Klein was used as cover for all of this as Blum was "dripping" for Moore, but we all know how Bannon and Breitbart threw Roy Moore over the side in agreeing with the liars.


Look, the Lame Cherry is not going to take a cheap shot at Mike Cernovich, because that is the way it works. It is as Jackie Gleason said of CBS. They gave him things. They gave him things he asked for. Gleason had a personal  train, he was  taping in Florida, he had women, he had connections and then as he said, "Once they had me hooked, they put the screws to me, as they knew I was addicted to the life".
Mike Cernovich is not gorilla. He is now Mike the husband and Mike the father. He might have the money, but what makes Mike Cernovich tick, is his wife and kid, and he will post things as that is what is important to him, as that is what the understanding is.

The Bannon boy in Eric Blum is going after Cuckservitude Treehose in Sunprancer, because that is Kushner's media base, and Bannon's troll, who is bending over for the fagsexual funding, which all started with Karl Rove laundering money to that group for political finance, is sent out to post likes about Paul Nehlen.

What are the odds that Steve Bannon is going to submarine every Christian Conservative and all you are going to be left with is those faux Trumptonia polices, like tax breaks for the rich, and the Gay Guy Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, which are the antithesis of Ronald Reagan doctrines and are the essence of George H. W. Bush's read my lips.

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