Friday, December 8, 2017

Doug Jones Puts Blacks at the Back of the Bus

Doug Jones Puts Blacks at the Back of the Bus

Why would I feature black people at the top of my website? I need them at the voting booth, not close to my face!

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

At the Doug Jones campaign kickoff rally in October, which Democrat bigwig showed up to endorse him? 

Hey little Dougie! Got any girls I can sniff? The younger, the better!

Why it was none other than lily-white Yankee Joe Biden, who not only has a very disturbing docu-history of inappropriate behavior towards prepubescent girls and women, but is EXACTLY the type of East Coast elitist who condescends to lecture Alabamans about what they should and should not think, and how they should and should not feel on social and economic issues, according to liberal social mores. Biden's "working class blue-collar" appeal was intended to sway that particular voting block towards Jones as well as to link Jones to Biden's compadre, former president Barrack Obama, while subtly trolling for black votes. Apparently Obama considered Doug Jones a hopeless case, which is exactly how black voters in Alabama have viewed him and continue to view him.

State Democrat representative Terri Sewell, who has ties to the Congressional Black Caucus, was also there at the kickoff campaign; she has been muddling around trying to get the CBC to back Jones since late September.

Doug Jones' huge crowd on 10/30 at Green County's "Community Conversation"

As you can see, it didn't work. At all. Nothing like a bunch of empty chairs in the middle of the room and the few black people who did show up to hear about healthcare being told to scooch together on the side to attempt to hide that embarrassing truth.

 And those were the best crowd pictures they could come up with to show the "voters and supporters", which apparently is not the same thing, who were at the Moe's Original BarBQue rally. Not even the prospect of free barbecue could entice potential voters to spend a couple of hours in the company of Doug Jones.

However, he kept right on trying to court white moderates, young snowflake Democrats, and LGBTQXYZ, further alienating both black and white conservative Democrats.

Here is a picture of Doug Jones at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on 11/27 with all his starry-eyed young college "supporters" who waited breathlessly to hear his pearls of wisdom. (Don't bother looking for pictures of his giant 18-21 y/o crowd, because there aren't any.)

 I only put my hands on hot teenage black-bra girls, not fags! Blacks and "people of color" stay in the periphery where you belong.

Okay actually here's the real pic. Still, as you can see, huge turnout is an understatement. Half of them were most likely the people from the college Democrat group that asked him to come speak in the first place.

After this ploy failed, Doug Jones then briefly pretended to take the high road after the New York-based Washington Post's continual character assassinations of the innocent Judge Roy Moore as McConnell's establishment teamed up with the DNC to put out some fake polls to go along with the fake news that Jones was ahead. This only served to further solidify and enlarge Roy Moore's evangelical conservative base.

When he realized he was even farther behind in the polls as the deep state's ploy backfired and dug him even deeper in the hole, Doug Jones began pouring on the venom, breaking his campaign promise to "stay in our lane" before the election was even stolen for him via ES&S.

He has been conducting rallies in Democratic strongholds, e.g. University of Alabama at Huntsville, which means they cannot break Roy Moore's support and that Jones is struggling to hold on to the tenuous conglomerate of unpopular-issue voters (i.e. progressive whites) who were already planning to vote for him anyway. No one bothered taking pics of the gigantic crowd for this 11/30 "rally" at UAH's Charger Union Theater which was allegedly "nearly full", despite zero pictographic evidence to confirm it, which if there had been standing room only, the internet would now be flooded with those pictures. From this short video of someone introducing Jones, it looks like there were maybe 1/4 of 332 seats filled from how far away people were from the stage and the camera's placement, and empty seats can be seen scattered in the audience. Considering that many Southern blacks are too poor to attend college, the whiter-than-snowflake visual optics would have been even worse for Jones had they been released, as it looks like most of the people there are white, with the occasional token brown/black scattered throughout the audience.

The takeaway from this "large crowd" is that Jones convinced white progressives, who were going to vote for him, to vote for him, mostly by promising to give them free college.

"Jones did add several comments tailored to students who may have been in the audience, though. He talked about public education affordability, which resonated with sophomore, Reid Goram.

"I myself need a Pell grant. I've been given one," he explained. "I don't want other people who are in the same position as I am, who can't afford to outright pay for school, to not be able to get a Pell grant to come to school."

Goram said he came to the rally to learn more about Jones, to whom he had been leaning in this U.S. Senate race. But he left with a decision made: to vote for Jones."

Special interests backing Doug Jones have been hiding their identity, which even the Daily Beast raises a red flag in questioning the ethics of this and the motives behind such shady dealings. Alabama voters will go to the polls on Tuesday not knowing which corporate interests are buying Doug Jones' vote in the Senate, negating the interests of the voting base, and that's exactly more government corruption that they DON'T need.

(Judge Moore, on the other hand, has been raising money in mostly small donations from grassroots individuals after the RNC predictably pulled their funding from his campaign after they spent $30 million trying to keep him from winning the primary against Lobbyist Luther Strange.)

And finally, with less than two weeks to go, Doug Jones turned back at last to the one voting block that might have been able to save his campaign, had he not put them at the back of the bus: black Democrats.

He courted their vote in early September via the DNC and CBC, decided their vote was either locked in or they weren't going to come out to vote anyway, and moved on to the "important" voting blocks afore-mentioned.

Once the campaign realized the strategy of national Dems staying out of the race wasn't helping Doug Jones become more palatable to Alabamans of all colors, they said "DNC blacks pls help!" Terri Sewell called on the Congressional Black Caucus to purportedly energize black voters, "but really the millennials. We're really trying to cast a wide net." So their plan is to white-guilt impressionable young adults into "helping the blacks" by voting for Jones when the blacks are smart enough to know he's not going to effect real change.

"We're basically leaving no stone unturned." -Giles Perkins, Doug Jones' campaign chairman

Yep, sure sounds like they REALLY care about black people for anything other than their votes. Essentially, the campaign chairman just insinuated that if Doug Jones turns over enough rocks, those lower life form blacks will crawl out and vote for him, because they're stupid enough to believe his lies.

Further cementing his obvious racism towards blacks, the Doug Jones campaign confirmed they had sent out this gem of a direct-mail flyer:

Unsurprisingly to everyone except Doug Jones and his campaign people, it didn't go over well.
"Yet Democrats treat blacks in the South like stepchildren from a previous marriage: They’ll have us over for weekends and election holidays, smile and act nice, but they don’t really do shit for us. They treat the new kids better. The white ones.
Now that Dems think Doug Jones has a decent chance to pick up a Senate seat, they have turned to Alabama’s black electorate as if they were in the state the entire time. Furthermore, the only argument they have made in their efforts to convince black voters to vote for Jones is that one thing he did for black people that one time. Every solicitation is the same: “Remember when he convicted the racists who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church? See? He’s down!"
 To make matters worse, the Doug Jones campaign idiotically did not condemn a pro-Jones attack ad falsely claiming Judge Moore's court record proved that he sided with convicted felons on sex crime cases. Even leftwing Politifact opined this particular ad went an American Bridge too far.

You know why that's stupid? Three guesses as to what demographic makes up the majority of Alabama's prison population.

And who have they been pushing to sign up to vote in next Tuesday's election by the thousands? That's right. Convicted felons. So, either convicted felons and their family members will vote for the guy who's attacking the guy that "sided with a convicted felon", or they vote for Judge Moore who fought for their Constitutional rights and their right to use certain kinds of evidence to defend themselves on subsequent appeal that did not fall under the purview of the common interpretation of the law, even when it was unpopular to do so.

Let's face it. Doug Jones doesn't understand the issues of black voters because he's not black and has obviously not been around them enough (in a non-court case setting) to truly understand them. Otherwise he would never have said the following:
"When asked how he is energizing that population, he said, "We're doing all that we-- I feel very comfortable where we are."

But he expressed a frustration about that question.

"I keep getting asked that question," he said. "People need to understand that this campaign is not just about a segment of the voters. This campaign is about every Alabama voter. Our messages are the same."
No, Mr. Jones. Every Alabama voter's message is NOT the same. Running on the message that the South is deracinated is naive at best and deeply deceptive at worst. Blacks DO face a different set of problems than whites, even in economically poor Alabama, and pretending like everyone is the cookie-cutter same won't cut it. They historically have needed more help to get by, more so in the last two decades as rising inflation crushes blacks (working and unemployed) making less than 50k/yr. Those working poor and lower-middle class blacks who do manage to defeat their Democrat-funded homegrown oppressive crime and welfare culture aren't able to compete with the Mexicans for the few low-skilled labor jobs that haven't yet been sent overseas or by connected government creatures like Doug Jones.

The best the DNC has been able to do, in collusion with the Alabama Times (which has already endorsed Doug Jones), is to fake black voters' supposed disgust at Roy Moore coming to worship at a black church, in complete contradiction to Bishop Lowe's own words:

"The law said he should remove them," Bishop Lowe said. "He said, 'No, this is the word of God.' He wouldn't support same-sex marriage. The law says support it. He said, 'But the law of God is supreme.' He's on a cross. He's being crucified for that now."

Meanwhile, the story of the "offended female black voter" focuses on "retired Birmingham police officer" Charlene Cannon and her Facebook post (which has seen been deleted, for some unknown reason). Possibly this is because, as Alabama Times well knows, and purposefully leaves out of this "article", Charlene Cannon is Chairwoman of the Jefferson County Democratic Headquarters, as well as joined to a certain political group called "DNC".

The other "offended" woman quoted in the article, Cara McClure, also deleted her Facebook posts referencing Roy Moore, for no apparent reason whatsoever. My guess is because she's a Black Lives Matter Democratic operative who founded the Birmingham Alabama chapter and extremely active in her community, as well as a minister at an undisclosed nondenominational church, but who really knows. It could be because the commenters basically called Bishop Lowe an embarrassment for standing up for Roy Moore. Nothing like confirming Republican stereotypes of black Democrats eviscerating other blacks for daring to step one foot off the plantation. It could also be because she commented on Doug Jones actively avoiding the flood of calls and e-mails from BLM activists on what specifically he planned to do for the black community and that he hasn't "earned" her vote. Maybe the CBC forced her to delete her posts, but they can't force her (and thousands of other black voters) to delete her vote, which as of late November was not going to be cast for Doug Jones.

Doug Jones dodges the questions of caring constituents 

In a more recent development, Doug Jones completely deviates from the former employer whose mantle he pretends to wear, the incomparable Howell Heflin, who eloquently stated that it should be "a taboo to demonize your political opponents."

Former Senator Heflin had moral standards he lived out in his exemplary life and was a true socially conservative Democrat. This country is the poorer for his loss. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the following mockery Doug Jones uses in smearing his opponent, Judge Roy Moore, with a disgusting homophobic slur:

"When you see me with a gun, folks, I’ll be climbing in and out of a deer stand or a turkey blind, not prancing around on a stage in a cowboy suit."

For the record, Judge Moore served his country with honor and bravery in Vietnam, sacrificing years of his life so that Doug Jones could sit there in college. Judge Moore spent his entire life savings on his campaign for county circuit judge in 1982, and he is not being financed by Republican establishment money. Doug Jones is outspending Judge Moore 10-1 in lying TV and direct-mail attack ads circulated by special interest PACs, and he mainly made his career on kiss-assing politicians, and in return being appointed to different positions as he brown-nosed his way up the career ladder.

Judge Moore spent a year in the Australian outback working cattle post-1982 campaign and still rides horses which he owns. He's clearly comfortable in western clothing and it looks good on him. His use of horses and cowboy clothing as a visual aid is what signals to his base what type of man he is, which he has backed up his entire irreproachable life. It's the same thing Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, signaled when he rode his horse to work in Washington DC.

Doug Jones clearly believes anyone who wears cowboy vestitures must be gay, which includes anyone who rides western or participates in rodeo competitions. Also Jones plagiarized Jimmy Kimmel's homophobic smear, so his pathetic attempt at an insult wasn't even original. Of course, one would expect that type of language from a New Yorker mocking flyover America's symbols and values, but not from someone who allegedly is a "good ole Southern boy".

To summarize, Doug Jones, in typical lawyer double-speak manipulative fashion, has been lying his ass off to the voters of Alabama the entire time. If he had a shred of integrity, as he claims he does, he would call on the Highway31 super-PAC to disclose their special interests donors so that the people of Alabama would have the opportunity to learn who is backing him financially prior to the election next Tuesday. He would correct the record on all super-PAC attack ads lying about Judge Moore's court record on convicted felons, that the voters' choice would be "public record", and whatever other attack ad lies haven't made it to national news. Most importantly, he should apologize to the black voters in Alabama who he is treating like the previously-scorned 2 a.m. booty call.

Yeah that's right, I put blacks at the bottom of my website where they belong.

 Well hello, random black woman that I've totally never seen before, who isn't at the bottom of my website, and who happens to be the only black in the entire restaurant. Listen adoringly while I discuss kitchen table matters with the only woman in this photo who actually matters.

Still think Doug Jones cares about blacks as anything but tokens?