Friday, December 29, 2017

The acting Godfather of Joaquin Phoenix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is no secret that the Lame Cherry appreciates the greatest actor of all time in the phenomenal Joaquin Phoenix and the equally impressive television ability of Jan Michael Vincent, but that is not to overlook the spiritual acting godfather of Joaquin Phoenix, in the rare form of acting legend, Wings Hauser.


The movie in this review is Living to Die, and like all things Wings Hauser, Wings Hauser makes the movie an experience to relish.

In Living to Die, Wings Hauser in a Wings Hauser movie, directs a masterpiece of his creative soul. This is what makes this movie an experience. This a real man and woman flesh and blood experience.

Wings stars as he rides horses, sings, rides harley hogs, dances with naked women in pearl necklace bondage of truth, shoots guns, smokes cigarettes, plays pool, women in red fox fur coats, wears suede boots,  puts all the naked chics on film that his sponsors are banging and he dies like a man on the Vegas streets, and gets  blowed off his hog with a load of 12 gauge the chest, skin paving the strip and gas the coffin for Wings Hauser.


We learn something in Wings Hauser as he knows brunette women are the finest prime. Wings is as non blonde zone.

Sex for Wings Hauser is an experience. Of course his best performance is when he was raped by Lynda Blair, but who would not perform at your best in being ravaged by Lynda Blair.

Wings Hauser is in sex parting the boob sea, the fire sierra mountain of snow sex and the man who lets the woman ride him out of the gait while crosses her finish line.

I do not want to leave the impression that Wings Hauser is bad porn, as Wing Hauser is the Rembrandt of painting the portrait of the female canvas and whether it is riding horses or Harleys, it is all the cinema electric as he paints the form.

Mr. Hauser is a phenom talent, starting on the Young and the Restless as the replacement for the character Greg Foster. From there he became the most watchable actor ever bridging the gap between the interlude of JMV and JP.  From there he carried every picture he was in in making it an artistic impression for the ages.

Yes the godfather of all great acting of this age is Wings Hauser. Every scene and every actor you though you enjoyed, it is all the foundation of Wings Hauser. Yes we all agree in how spectacular Joaquin Phoenix is and we think in every cinema extravaganza  in what would Joaquin do, but the revelation is what did Wings Hauser do. for he did it all.

I'm from California, not New York. California actors are more geared to entertain. There's nothing worse than boring the audience. The New York actors I've worked with are very realistic, but reality can be boring. I like to put a little turbo power into my performance.
- Wings Hauser

Robert DiNiro, Woody Allen, Al Pacino, they have bored audiences to death and made Hollywood terminal. Thank God Wings Hauser is still breathing life into what was one Hollywood.