Friday, December 8, 2017

Merry Christmas From The US Postal Service

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly had no idea that the US Postal Service still delivered mail with extinct termites as big as dinosaurs, but after I opened the mail box today, the above package is what I discovered to my abhorrence. 

This was a replacement for a bad DVD which I discovered a few months ago, and I can see now why it took a few months to arrive,  as the US Postal Service has to feed it's termites as big as dinosaurs.

I particularly appreciated the person who sent this package putting FRAGILE on the package in huge letters and the postal service responding with .........ok so you can see this is that plastic tape which does not rip and yet the post office found a way to rip it completely. They also found a way to rip the package in half, rip the return address and somehow disappear one quarter of the package.

But no problems with that as in wind, and rain, and storm, and gloom of night, and destroyed packages the mail must go through, and it did. The enterprising US postal regime though kindly left the package open, but even more kindly wrapped some of that plastic tape around it like a girdle.

I honestly had thought I had seen the worst of the US Postal Service in I once received mail that was soaking wet. I once received a card which had been on fire, in being caught in an automatic processor and I could see the skid and burn marks on the envelope. I have had lanterns shattered, mail opened, mail read with cigarette burns on the magazines, but this was the first time I found mail that was in pieces.

I am not the most impressed with the post office, as I once had a mailman who delivered other peoples mail to me an my mail to other people. He also refused to deliver my mail during storms as "the mileage cost him".  When I reported this ass, he phoned up Mom and tried to get her to put the mailbox on a main highway in a barrel. That was a great idea in a 55 gallon barrel filled with sand, which when some tard hit it, I would be libel, so I told him no and all he had to do was deliver the mail.
To this I caught him measuring my mail box one day in distance from the road. Yes I had the original police state going postal postman in he was f*cking nuts!

...and yes the post master was puzzled when no one came to this assholes retirement.


I would have been puzzled with this Merry Christmas package from the post office as to how any human could rip a package in half, but then those pesky extinct termites as big as dinosaurs were the culprit.

Oh and one more thing, it was the wrong DVD, so I do not know if the postman kept it or termites from the Jurassic Period like switching cd's out.

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