Friday, December 29, 2017

Uncle Murray

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In everything from the start of Jared and Jael Kushner maneuvering  Jew State influence in hijacking the campaign of Donald Trump, it is more than bad advice or George Soros the Ashkenaz duping Jared Kushner, it is more the deliberate sabotage of Jared Kushner against Christian America for Tel Aviv's man in the White House.

Kushner was the one against moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Why is that? It is because that move subverts the power in Jerusalem from Vatican and Muslim trillions for control of Jerusalem by the Ashkenaz financiers.

Is Jared Kushner some grande Svengali? No he is not that bright, but he is a convenient dupe for the elders to protect the same deep state that murdered John F. Kennedy. Yes it was Jews in the Israeli state who murdered JFK and connected all the major American players, all so the Jewish state would be give American uranium for the Jewish atomic bomb, which John Kennedy refused to allow, and Lyndon Johnson immediately agreed to on attaining the White House.

Since December 2016 there has been a little secret involving the Kushner connection to the Kennedy Assassination, as Jared Kushner's Uncle Murray was one of the Warren Commission Attorneys who created that fictional document blaming patsy Lee Harvey Oswald.

Of all the survivingformer Warren Commission lawyers, none will be more influential in the new administration than Murray Laulicht, a New Jersey attorney whose wife, Linda Kushner, is the sister of Charles Kushner, the father of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law.
Jared Kushner is a sometimes hatchet man for Trump who got Chris Christie removed from the Trump transition team for jailing his father Charles Kushner when Christie was the Attorney General of New Jersey.

You have no idea of the depths of the Jewish mafia which the Kushner slum lords have been involved in for years.

It is this mafia which was running Mexican slaves in Iowa, which Donald Trump pardoned, while Christians and Mormons rot in federal prison.

You are looking at Jew State, the running and ruining of America, and it all comes from Jared Kushner's father's sister who married a Kennedy Conspirator. 
John Kennedy was dead barely a year in his grave, when Jared Kushner's aunt tied the knot with the lawyer who managed one of the greatest crimes in history to keep the criminals from being caught.

One would think that Jared Kushner would be bragging about his influential uncle, but he never poses with him and never mentions Uncle Murray. That is the way it is in the mafia. They destroy all those who prosecute them like Chris Christie and make it an objective to destroy every Christian as innocent Roy Moore, as Matt Drudge involved himself with along with Ivanka Kushner, as the competitors must all be vanquished with extreme prejudice.

Odd the skeletons in the Kushner closet, what not eh?

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