Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Rose of Wilted Faith Watered by the Lord

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Most of you reading this fall into two categories in you either have shitty lives or you are a shitty person.  The purpose in stating this is a teaching lesson on the shitty things which happen in life.

I have a bad day yesterday. I do not remember  it though as today was worse. This entire week had a great deal of shit factor in it. I have had years of this, so there is a reflective time in this, as I tried figuring out why God did not save, I tried to figure out why satan harms and murders. I tried to put up Spiritual walls to defend. I prayed. I altered my speech and yet the bad things continued to find a way to inflict harm and pain.

Most of you have bad things happening as this is an evil time in this world as demonism is advancing without Christ in leadership of this nation and the world. All of the above should sound Solomon as Solomon wrote of these dichotomies in Proverbs and Ecclesiastics. Job touched on these hurts too, and three understandings were laid.

Proverbs said that the Just shall live by Faith.

Ecclesiastics which is human thought stated all if vanity and all that a man can do is enjoy his bread in suffering.

Job said "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Bless we the Name of the Lord", in the futility of life.

Here is my day. I have a cow that Mom named after Sarah Palin, who calved this morning. It was cold and alive. I drove out, put it into the pick cab, brought it into the kitchen where TL and I worked on this calf for 8 hours.
I went to town twice for remedies. One was a dousing kit, in which one inserts a tube down the calf's throat and pours into the stomach collostrum, when it is not sucking the best. We did this twice so it received a quart of warm milk, which should have revived the little girl, or I should say the big girl as this was a very big calf.
I always put heat onto the calf, and use a Mr. Heater, but the one we had for satanic reasons quit working, so I got a new one with a 20% discount.

We warmed the calf, put blankets on her and put a heating pad on her for 3 hours. We did everything possible, and I thought she was doing better, as her lungs drained from birthing and she was actually generating heat.

Around 4 o'clock her breathing got more shallow, she got weaker, and as she should have revived from all of this attention and wanted to get up and stand, she did not move.

I moved her to keep her lungs clear, but I could tell she was dying, and a little after 5 o'clock she expired and literally kicked and died, hence the phrase kicking the bucket.

All of this is, is upsetting and sad. A number reading this will be smiling and enjoying more affliction heaped upon me. As I stated, I have done all of the Solomon and Job things, until I no longer care, and think of the words of King David when God took his child with Bathsheba, in he did all he could in fasting, weeping and praying for the child when he was alive, but when he died, he washed himself and ate, because as he stated, one day I will go to be with my child.

We exist in an evil time. satan is a murderer. it's minions delight in the harm of others in feasting on the misery. It all returns though to God and the thing I was brought to decide a number of years ago when someone almost murdered me for satan, and as I lay there wiped out, I confessed, "I am not going to allow the evil in this world, change the good in me".

God always knows best. I live by Faith. I am never going to figure out God in why things happen, and it is best in these things to just be a sheep in the pasture and trust in the Lord, as I am not God and I can not fathom His Wisdom or His Plan.
It is vain to try and build forever in this world for the astute person would put Spiritual treasures in good works in Heaven to be rewarded.
For blessing God Who does give and allows to be take away, is the summation of Solomon and Job, in the words of King David concerning his dead son.

I have blamed God. I have screamed at God. I have suffered I do not care to recall the times in hurts that made me feel helpless and sad. It is what life is and not Life Eternal. I could keep focusing on why God does not do things my way or I can cast all my trials upon the Lord for He takes Care of me.
Nothing in  this life has turned out the way I planned. It is life and that is all there is, most days are shitty and we gain enough times where things can be dealt with from scabbed over hurts and some good times that we think life is not that shitty. It is life though in this Spiritual birthing chamber of earth. Nothing will change that before Jesus returns and it is all futile to try. Life is to let go of things and trust in the Lord that things will work out as they should when completed.

I had decided already that I was going to feed this baby calf, halter break her and make her a replacement heifer. She is dead and all of that will not be. I must let go of this in sorrow and accept the Lord's Way, for I can not fathom all He does, and I would not want to know what is coming in God's complete picture.

If you have a shitty life, or if you are the shitty person in everyone's life, you still must love the Lord with all of you, no matter what, because you do not have the entire picture. You must obey God in good times and bad. You must understand that in sorrow, Christ sorrows with you, and as in Job's life, God does mention your Faith to satan when you are accused.

Did you consider my  servant who had a calf destroyed by the evil intentions prayed against them, and in response, in all that hurt, they took My Spirit's direction and wrote a lesson to try and save those who are lost and tried to help those found cope with the hurt in their lives.

Lord allow Your Faith to carry them through, when all they know is loss in all of it's vanity, to live for You in obedience, and when joy is taken away in this life, that they remember the joy returned to them in Your Salvation, for all return to You and trusting in You always in not allowing the evil in this world to change the good You have placed in us, is the justification of calling on Your Name, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

To do good when all is wrong, is the right way, always.

Do not repay evil for evil acts against you, instead repay God with praise for the goodness in you, for He has made you aware to not be like hurtful people, and you owe God for His trust in You in His making you His heir. Repay evil with thanksgiving to God for His Loving you.