Saturday, January 6, 2018

2020 Bannonsight

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is for those who are tired of being led around by the nose in missing we are all in another Donald Trump WWE event again, scripted just like 2016, like all of this bullshit is a diversion to keep you tuning in next week to see what the Trump Event will be in him raging in the ring.

For those who have no idea about what this is about, in Steve Bannon and Donald Trump feuding, how about a reality check in have you ever known anyone who worked for Donald Trump, not being invited in, called and being Donald Trump's best buddy when Trump humiliates them in firing them?

OK Bannon and Trump knocked off Judge Roy Moore, the 2020 contender to primary Donald Trump. Now we have Bannon rumored to be running the 2020 candidate to primary Donald Trump in this feud. Bannon is your venting about all things Jew and all things Kushner.

Then you have Christian hater, Matt Drudge, weighing in and doing the Blood Libel on Steve Bannon, in all the Jew press is going to get their pound of Bannon flesh, as sides are drawn and sides are taken, to get you all fever to, to get your ass out and vote for 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

So Steve Bannon represents all things hated by the #NeverTrumpers, Hell even that cuck Jonah Goldberg was teeing off on Bannon.......which means Goldberg is bending at the waist for Donald Trump as Big Jew comes hard for Donald.

In fact, by responding to Bannon with such ferocity, Trump has helped resurrect Bannon’s prospects. Fleas are swatted away, not nuked with presidential statements. Bannon is a big personality, a big player, and Trump is mistaken if he thinks he is going to crush him or even wound him without consequence.

And yes, even Dame Edna Mercer has gone fickle on Steve Bannon. Odd how you have all the Conservative Christians for Roy Moore, all cut to the wind for baby butcher Doug Jones, and there is Steve Bannon being cut to the wind........but for a mysterious Guo Wen Gui, a Chicom now the ally of American Nationalism as Steve Bannon once again fillets off not only Roy Moore, but Paul Nehlen in the Alt Right in marginalizing them.

You are missing the board again, in this game. You know the Bushites  are going to run Romney at Donald Trump in 2020. You now know that Steve Bannon is going to lead out some trusting Christian again to get crucified in 2020

You really need this move for move played for you? Donad Trump knows what he has been up to. He has the burger clappers who do not pay attention. There are the #NeverTrumpers and there is the real American group who is not sucking on the Trump green kool ade as they had enough of that deception under Bush 1 and 2.
So Donald Trump lets the opposition vent on his terms, and beats them. He runs this operation, as he does not intend to be HW Bush with Pat Buchanan or Jimmy Carter with Teddy Kennedy in getting his as handed to him in a loss.

The Lame Cherry probably should have let you get a collar callous in being on the Trump leash led around, but you probably will enjoy this more looking at the crib notes of the popular girl's exclusive in matter anti matter again.
See this blog works for God. God moved me to rewrite the time line for 2016 AD in the year of the Lord to elect Donald Trump. I knew his WWE game and I know the forensic psychology of how to trigger Mr. WWE. I have no intention though of being an arena groupie as while I know Joaquin Phoenix is the greatest actor of all time, I also know he is not Johnny Cash.

I wonder if this scheme will still work after everyone finds out about it. I wonder is those rich people will be donating huge sums of money to the Lame Cherry for these exclusives over the years, as Donald Trump is making them super rich in surging stock markets and all those tax breaks they are getting

Well enough of this, who do you think I am, Mean Gene Okerland.

Nuff Said