Friday, January 5, 2018

A Mr. Heater DOA

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Two year ago when we were trying to not freeze to death without electricity, I fired up my dad's old Mr. Heater. He got this before he went grave temperature, so it is old. In fact the story I think I remember was they made these heaters, they got popular and then the government banned them........and then a few years later they reappeared and have been going like gouge the public ever since.

So I apparently have the original bob in this one, and it started backfiring when I was turning it off, and when TL needed it to heat that baby calf up, which evil people in their thoughts killed who appeared on this blog, the thing would get hot and then sound like a jet engine going off.

I got to looking at it, and the inside screen had holes in it. That screen never did look kosher as it was always bent up from the start, so I figured that would be a problem.
I did get a new one, but those new ones all are tip over and it shuts off, and more parts that can go wrong, so I started wondering about that old heater and searched for parts.

I found what I needed on Amazon, but I suggest you find someplace else, as they are like 20 bucks now and when I ordered I think I got two for that price almost, so look around.

The repair is not that hard and the kind of things I like doing. You just drill out the rivets, tap the outer ring with a hammer and it will come apart and you put in the new screen (no directions with the replacement kit which mine was written in French.) and replace the 4 rivets with four bolts included with burrs and put it together.

This is the result.

As you can see the old screen had bit the dust. It had gone there and done that. I think it was done that when we got it. I am keeping it, as the outside big metal screen is still good. I will look around and see where I can find some heavy steel screen and have a repair for the repair kit.

These Mister Heaters are like a third hand in the north. People use them for all sorts of things like thawing pipes and burning their houses down, and other necessary tasks like ice fishing to warm a house, or standing outside in 20 below weather fixing a water well.

That though is a how to project that most people who are not tards can manage. It is a point that if you see one of these in a the junk bin or some irate divorcee is selling her ex husband's outdoor stuff, you can pick it up cheap and get it working again.

I think this Mr. Heater is dead, dad was younger than when he was dead, that this thing is around 48 years old. So they do last, just the screen burns out. It is not like I used this a great deal like some people who are rich and have time to go ice fishing, but things do wear out, and here is proof that you can get things up and running again.

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