Friday, January 5, 2018

Donald Trump and his own Obama Award

Just the forgotten babies in American Wombs


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This statement by Operation Rescue  is absolutely ridiculous given the facts.

Operation Rescue Names President Trump 2017 Pro-Life Person of the Year

Here are the published facts about Donald Trump in being pro life.

What About Donald Trump's Dead Babies in 2017........and 2018?

 If Planned Parenthood has been aborting babies during Trump's first year in office at the same pace as it did in fiscal 2016 (878 per day), it will have aborted 233,548 babies in the 266 days that will pass between the day Trump first signed a federal spending bill that permitted funding of Planned Parenthood and the expiration of the current one.

So a quarter of a million dead babies as Donald Trump signed off on  spending for this numerous times, earns one the Pro Life Person of the Year award by Operation Rescue.
Plus Donald Trump has allowed in a cheapo baby sucker murder device on his pro life person of the year watch without any FDA investigation or delays.

And yet, this blog reported that under Donald Trump a new ghastly aborticide murder weapon has appeared, in full production and use. Donald Trump's SofTouch® is sucking children out of the womb, and all of us are supposed to hail to Donald Trump, the great savior, the great promise keeper, the great leader who has done so very much for America, we are told, and told, and told, and told, as his Ivanka's favorite Planned Parenthood is still receiving piles of taxpayer money to make piles of dead babies.

 What appears next in this? The Reagan Library name Barack Hussein Obama the greatest Christian President as a natural born American?
The NRA names Nancy Pelosi the pro gun rights advocate of the year?
The Republican National Committee names Doug Jones the best new Republican of 2018?

All that Donald Trump did in 2017 AD was cut off funding for International Planned Parenthood, so children are not aborted in 3rd world shit holes like Mexico and Africa. All that does is cost Americans 1000 times more money as Americans have to feed this vermin, and in a few years this vermin shows up in America for Trump Brand jobs, as Donald Trump's legal worker migration and his neo tax policy rewarded baby production by vermin in America is all the Jew Street Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchkin new Trump Tax policy.

Once the light of facts illuminates Donald Trump, there is nothing pro life or pro American about his polices in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, as every benefit Mr. Trump touts like oil drilling or coal mining, had the caveat this WAS NOT FOR AMERICANS as the coal went to China and the gas went to Poland.

By this award, Operation Rescue has proven itself to be nothing but another front group of frauds. If Donald Trump had held up the photos of aborted babies in the State of the Union or put his Ipad up for the world to see a partial birth abortion and said, THIS IS THE LINE IN THE SAND, NO MORE FUNDING BILLS UNTIL THE UNITED STATES STOPS BUTCHERING BABIES, then I would say Donald Trump began to earn that award, but Donald Trump is all words and no actions.

But then is that not the way it is, Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize for blowing up the Mideast and Donald Trump gets a baby protector prize as a quarter of a million babies were  murdered in the womb.

This Trump propaganda is going to be posted, but the facts will be posted here in what Donald Trump has not done in keeping his promises. The Lame Cherry is through make Bush excuses for 41 and 43 for their goddamn liberalism Babies were butchered in America as Donald Trump was President. Babies are being butchered today in America due to Donald Trump as President, and babies will be butchered all through 2018 AD in the year of our Lord with Donald Trump as President and that is half a million children, and by the time Donald Trump has served 4 years that will be a million American babies dead, but in that same time Mr. Trump's Jesuit and Muslim imports to replace Americans will have birthed out 10 million of these foreign bastards.

Operation Rescue is not going to be allowed to provide cover for what Donald Trump did, what he is engaged in, and what the results of his policies will be in the American Genocide.

Let Mr. President run a video of dead babies at the State of the Union so he can start earning that award or else he is just another Obama.

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