Friday, January 5, 2018

What About Donald Trump's Dead Babies in 2017........and 2018?

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This Trump Mob which rallies like a Trump Lives Matter funded Soros mob, because that is what it is, in it is a funded troll group which rages against those pointing out all things Trump, has for the past month been bragging about the promises kept by Donald Trump and all he has done for Americans. Considering that I have not gotten one thing out of this Trump administration and if I asked each of you to name one thing you got out of Donald Trump being President, that you could not name one thing either, this Lame Cherry resides in reality in what Donald Trump has done, and here is the monument to Donald Trump for 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, and it is the piles of murdered babies which the President is 1000 percent responsible for.

233,548 babies were murdered with Donald Trump as President, because Donald Trump signed the spending bills to keep Planned Parenthood murdering American babies.
It is always the same thing with Donald Trump, in he says one thing about defunding Planned Parethood in budget bills which never pass, but his.........what did Donald Trump say in attacking Steve Bannon, that there were so many fine Republicans in Congress? Yes that is it.........

We have many great Republican members of Congress and candidates who are supportive of Make America Great Again agenda.

But Donald Trump and his fine Republicans have butchered almost a quarter of million American babies as the Trump legacy.

But the spending bills this Republican Congress has actually passed — and Trump has signed into law — have not defunded Planned Parenthood.
In fact, Trump and this Republican Congress have cooperated in enacting five sequential laws to keep the federal government funded. Trump signed the first on April 28 and the most recent on Dec. 22. It will expire on Jan. 19.
All five of these spending laws have permitted federal funding of Planned Parenthood to continue.
If Planned Parenthood has been aborting babies during Trump's first year in office at the same pace as it did in fiscal 2016 (878 per day), it will have aborted 233,548 babies in the 266 days that will pass between the day Trump first signed a federal spending bill that permitted funding of Planned Parenthood and the expiration of the current one.

And yet, this blog reported that under Donald Trump a new ghastly aborticide murder weapon has appeared, in full production and use. Donald Trump's SofTouch® is sucking children out of the womb, and all of us are supposed to hail to Donald Trump, the great savior, the great promise keeper, the great leader who has done so very much for America, we are told, and told, and told, and told, as his Ivanka's favorite Planned Parenthood is still receiving piles of taxpayer money to make piles of dead babies.

Sincerely, it makes me want to gag when I see these lists on Trump Troll pages of how much Donald Trump has done, when I think of 233,548 reasons, and that number is growing, because Planned Parenthood was butchering children all through Christmas and New Years, that whatever Donald Trump claims to have done for his Jew loaded Blood Libel and 30 pieces of silver policies, nothing compares to those dead babies in the hundreds of thousands.

Each of you has to ask, what profiteth any person, to gain the entire world and yet one child's soul is lost by aborticide.

Donald Trump seems to find time to ruin Christian Roy Moore and install an election thief in baby butcher Doug Jones in Alabama. Donald Trump seems to find time to fritter away all of 2017, when a tax bill defunding Obamacare could have been passed before Trump took the oath and signed the moment after he became President. Donald Trump seems to find time to praise baby butchering Republicans in Congress to endlessly attack others, but Donald Trump never seems to find time to defend the innocent in the womb.

Do you realize what a Game Changer it would be, if Donald Trump used the bully pulpit of the Oval Office and held up photos at the State of the Union of butchered babies in the womb? Do you know how things would change if President Donald Trump would place footage before Americans of the murder of babies in partial birth abortions in the child having their brain sucked out?
Yet where is Mr. President in keeping the promise of protecting children? Mr. President's promises are like ending DACA to Angel Parents who children were murdered and raped by foreigners. The list is long like no peace with Russia and no protecting America from invasion, because Donald Trump says allot, then tells people he has accomplished allot, and yet everything he does keeps the Obama Clinton status quo entrenched as the Trump Swamp gets bigger and bigger.

Each of you the next time you hear from the Trump Trolls all he has accomplished in 2017 for America, and then you think of a quarter of a million babies butchered under Donald Trump as he did nothing to protect them, but do what he always does.........talks allot, tweets allot and trolls allot as more babies are murdered every day.

For the record Donald Trump brought in 1.1 million foreigners for his Jew Street Jobs, because America just does not have the workers. If Donald Trump would keep his promises fro 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, there would be American children born for the Jew Street slave factories, but then these are White and Black babies being aborted, and the Jews want them replaced for a mob class of Muslim and Jesuit who are just like the Trump Trolls in raging a great deal and propping up despots.

Planned Butcherhood Report Shows It Killed 7.6 Million Babies Since Roe v. Wade

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