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Korea: Operation Nuclear Tiger

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My Uncle was telling me a story over Christmas in his time in Korea as a Soldier. He was relating how they had been sent up into the mountains to cut wood, and how an officer had decided to stop the jeep on the mountain trail which was icy, and my Uncle's truck started slipping toward the edge and he told the kitchen staff in back to jump as they were going over the cliff.
He said he stood on the running board, but at the last moment the six wheel caught and stopped.

His later adventure was sleeping in his truck and the next morning, they found a tiger had gone through the camp by the tracks. He said, that was the closest he ever came to a tiger adventure in Korea.

The Korean Peninsula has been made into a deliberate problem by leftist globalists. There are a number of "What If's" in this from if Harry Truman had not handed China over to the communists, then there never would have been a Korean War.
If Harry Truman had not been a communist coddler and allowed General MacArthur to nuke the Chicoms in the Korean War, we  would not have the nuclear problem the world has now.
If George HW Bush had not built China into a terror superpower, America would not have the North Korean problem now.
.....and if Donald Trump did not have Vietnam frackers joined with his crooked son in law Jared Kushner making shekel policy for China, America would not now be preparing for nuclear war with North Korea, led by the brilliant Kim Jong Un.

Military Quietly Prepares for a Last Resort: War With North Korea

 Military officials said General Milley has cited the ill-fated Battle of the Kasserine Pass during World War II, when unprepared American troops were outfoxed and then pummeled by the forces of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel of Germany. General Milley has also recently mentioned Task Force Smith, the poorly equipped, understrength unit that was mauled by North Korean troops in 1950 during the Korean War.

The United States military is always  fighting the last war and is always attempting to bring Star Trek weapons onto the battlefield which are not ready, and cause more deaths to Americans than the enemy.
It is the delusion of the frackers of Vietnam who are running the war state now in the Trump Junta which Donald Trump bows to for Jew Street money, that America is preparing to fight in North Korea a conventional war with a nuclear signature, a conventional war with bristling machine guns, quad fours and robotic artillery in North Korea, which will make a wall of shrapnel for pretty American toys and soldiers being toyed with.

The purpose of the Lame Cherry in this analysis is not to join the frackers fighting lost Vietnam nor to join Pentagon war planning, but instead to enjoin  the real leader in this in Kim Jong Un, because it is what he will do, it is what North Korea has done in preparation of war, and it is how Pyongyang would fight a war initiated against it by America, which the Pentagon is posting preparations for in the CIA press New York Times, as diversion and as fact in how the United States is engaging this war scenario in North Korea.

We know that nothing will be engaged by America in this, because the Olympics will in South Korea. North Korea may goad America in this, but there is not any way that Donald Trump is going to strike anything in the lead up to the Olympics to endanger the world's athletes. That is simply bad public relations.

In this, it comes down to what would Kim Jong Un do, not to survive for he will survive, but what will he do to win the war, as Kim Jong Un has nuclear weapons to not become Khadaffi, but Kim Jong Un has one purpose and that is to be President of United Korea.


How Swiss Boarding School Shaped Kim Jong Un

Kim’s chief goal, she said, is to gain international acceptance as a nuclear weapons power and avoid the fate of Muammar Kaddafi  or Saddam Hussein (who gave up their nuclear programs, or lost them, only to be overthrown).
“He’s pretty much had to learn on the job,” she said, “and so far he’s more than shown an instinct for the position.”

There is one assessment which matters in this, and that is the Lame Cherry. So in that, in examining what North Korea would do, it is what Lame Cherry would accomplish to win a war, as it would be the same scenario.

America has one major problem as do all nations, and that is they have no idea what mushroom clouds and radiation detectors will do to Soldiers who are in the field or being ordered into the field. To put it plainly, it is impossible to fight a war with Soldiers checking radiation detectors every few seconds, and a Soldier being told they are going to drop into North Korea, might say, 'Just put me in Leavenworth as I would rather be a living prisoner in America than a radioactive corpse in Korea, who will never be brought home to be buried".

In reading the Pentagon, there is zero preparation concerning Mushroom Cloud Shock Therapy.

This psychology would be understood by the Eurasians, so it would be a viable resource for Kim Jong Un to exploit. As Herbert McMaster's Mother of all Bombs revealed in mushroom clouds, large mines planted and detonated in the proximity of Americans in battle conditions will have the Americans all thinking that a nuclear attack has been engaged to which they will stop fighting.
Psychologically North Korea would comprehend this, and in Kim's Fake Mushroom Clouds would bring a nuclear  response from America by design, and thereby destroy the American propaganda of being on the right side, as America would be known to nuke brown skinned peoples in their Trump racism.

The Vietnam experience proved one reality to Asians, as did Korea, and that is if Americans are bloodied in wars of propaganda objectives, the Americans will fold. That reality would  produce in North Korea a necessity of bloodying America in the most serious way. In stating this in war planning, it would not be the objective of North Korea to attack outside of it's borders with nuclear weapons. By this, it is the North Korea victimhood which was perpetrated by the Vietcom which would be the objective in psychological warfare. Fake mushroom clouds would be followed by real mushroom clouds, but only over North Korea. If thee Americans could not be goaded into it, then it would follow North Korean military doctrine to actually use nuclear weapons in defense of the homeland.

The use of nuclear weapons in North Korea in scorched earth areas of American airborne attack would serve several purposes.

1. America would have nuclear casualties on North Korean soil after invading the North.
2. Can America retaliate with nuclear weapons when North Korea is using nuclear weapons on their own soil in defense of their nation.
3. Nuclear pollution would foment unrest in the American military elite commands, and in service commands, as no one would want to be deployed to a nuclear zone. It would create military breakdown.
4. If America responds with nuclear fire, it loses the international propaganda war as in Vietnam with weapons of mass destruction.
5. Nuclear pollution would produce a radioactive wall which would keep Russia and China from invading North Korea to take possession, thereby protecting the regime of Pyongyang.
6. Mushroom clouds drift. Nuclear plumes could be activated at any time on border hills and mountains to drift south on American bases, Japan or Indochina, causing a political nightmare for the United States.

This would be Operation Nuclear Tiger, Jagjeon Haeg Holang-i.

It would be thee astute deployment, use and operation of nuclear weapons in the defense of  a nation, while tying a can to the tail of the Americans. The global left media would overturn the Pentagon propaganda of reasons why America engaged in what it did, as a theory of North Korea nuking American cities, would be replaced by Koreans, Japanese and Indochinese hair falling out, bleeding out of their asses, and quantities of food dumped due to radioactive contamination as this spread throughout all ports in the world as everything and every person would have to be checked for radioactive contamination.
In forensic psychology, the world could not get at Kim Jong Un, but it could get at the Americans to vent their rage at their lives being disrupted by more American Imperialism.

It would behoove North Korea to contaminate itself in defense of their homeland. Their elite all have bunkers to survive and will, as does the military. There is no real industry in North Korea, and the only nation which would be shattered by this is South Korea, including their Samsung and LG exports to America, and that ends South Korea as a nation of production for American consumers.

These factors are known and accepted in Moscow and China. They would back North Korea at the United Nations, and removing South Korea as a competitor front and Japan in further eroded turmoil, would benefit these Asian powers and is why they are backing North Korea in this gambit as every move made benefits the Russians and Chinese and worsens Washington's position in Asia.

The Pentagon saber rattling as in Norway in "one hell of a war" is not preparing the US Soldier to nuclear field conditions in  that shock assault to the psyche, and as a diversion only emboldens Russia, China and North Korea, as they would prefer nothing better than American elite Soldiers slaughtered by the thousands in attacking North Korea, a wasted event which would have North Korea in production of more nuclear weapons in a year, and would move Russia and China to greater assistance to propagate Pyongyang's nuclear line in the sand.

The purpose of this paper is to expose the reality of a North Korean gambit to utilize nuclear weapons on their own soil and in their own defense, which has not been explored in the least in any public policy comment, instead what is focused on is a massive American foot print, which in the art of warfare could be exploited to a complete American defeat militarily and politically, by the same Vietnam frackers fighting another Asian war on the last war's defeat.

In the above war game, North Korea would win, and America would be shattered diplomatically, militarily and in national will. A nuclear war can be fought at 20,000 feet, but a nuclear war can not be fought at ground zero when Soldiers refuse to enter the fight.

President Donald Trump's infatuation with his DIA protectors has led him to a point of subservience which Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were astute enough to not be blinded by the brass. North Korea is the absolute failure of the Department of State and Department of Defense and for Donald Trump's first attempt North Korea has been his political failure in the worst policy.

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