Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Did I not tell you that Ivanka Trump has a BIG ASS!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did you see Ivanka Kushner at the State of the Union? It was pretty hard not to as Amnesty Daddy pointed her out in the speech with something like, "There is my daughter Ivanka, can someone part the curtains she is hiding behind, stand up honey!!!"

I had to blink as I honestly thought it was lurch making a return run. You remember Muchelle Obama right wearing the upholstery around like Aunt Jemima?

I have to tell you though if Ivanka is wearing Michelle's two zip code size ass dresses that she found in the White House bunker, as the staff mistook them for curtains.............

Yeah they look like curtains as this dress in big ass Ivanka is so HUGE!!!!

Here though is the material, as apparently 500 pillows gave their lives for Ivanka to be dressed and keep all of us from going blind. I tell you though with Ivanka's huge pasty white butt, they could have saved on the light bill as that big ass would have glowed to illuminate the entire Capitol.

Anyway that is just calling attention to things which required calling attention to.


Nuff Said