Wednesday, January 31, 2018

For the 100 pound woman and 200 pound man

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You know I cured a man with cancer feeding him a bucket of nails..........

The infomercials of George Noury on Coast to Coast AM really get tiresome, with the other tiresome bores Noury gets on that once fine program as in Steve Quayle of demon sex fixation or John Hogue who tailors his Nostradamus to the outcome after he predicted Hillary Clinton was going to win.

This is not about the fiction though but about that vet who treats humans in Joel Wallach. He bores me always taking up space on Coast to Coast with his other "buy me and be cured" salesmen and this about poking some holes into his cures.

Last night he had a fat woman, 160 pound who was being treated by him for plugged kidneys so she was on dialysis. It was not working his packet cures, so he responded again, don't eat plant oils, don't eat processed meats, don't eat cereal grain, and then YOU GOT TO TAKE MORE OF MY POTION for it to work, as kidneys are plugged by the little capillaries going into them, and my potion unplugs them, and I have had people who could not piss for years, and in 6 weeks they start pissing and in two months they are cured........
and then they cut the kidney gal off in no response.

The Lame Cherry is going to point out the snake oil of Dr. Wallach in this, as in numbers of cases kidney failure is due to heavy metals clogging the kidneys, as kidneys are a filter and if  the filter gets plugged they stop filtering.
Could capillaries get plugged going in. I suppose as anything is possible, but when was the last time you saw the Mississippi River plugged in Minnesota headwaters, and the problem was always in the Louisiana Delta.
If capillaries plug, it should be on the outflow, not the pressurized inflow of arterial blood.

Next we have up the packet potion. If you listen to the doc, it is always, TAKE ONE PACKET FOR EVERY 100 POUNDS OF WEIGHT.......

How many people do you know weight 100 pounds or less as adults? See the snake oil trick in this, in the doc packages things small so people have to buy double the potion as his remedies are not designed to  treat a patient in one dose, but so you have to take two packets instead of one.
No pharm packages pills in you need one and a half so take two. They make the doseage the correct amount and if Dr. Wallach was not screwing people over, he would package his potions in 150 pound packs, as one packet would fix most fat women, and if it took 180 pounds then make them 180 pounds, as there apparently is not any danger of overdosing, as people who weigh 120 pounds are taking 80 pounds over their limit daily.......sometimes several  times a day.

The thing in this is dead doctors don't lie, and dead patients are not around to bitch and file lawsuits. Do nutrients play an essential part in the body repairing itself? Yes they do, but in the same reality, wheat is not the problem in making people sick in America, as the human race would have died out thousands of years ago from eating wheat, barley and rye.....with the doc now saying DON'T EAT OATS as that is gluten too.
As I have pointed out here, and will do so again on real scientific evidence, as I suffer greatly from frankenfood poisoning, it is NOT GLUTEN making most people sick. Wallach including oats, neglects to inform people by ignorance of snake oil, that all of these grains are SPRAYED with Round Up herbicide to kill the grain early in the field, so farmers can harvest quicker and the crop is uniform. It is the Round Up by Monsanto which is making people's immune systems trigger, along with Round Up ready crops ALL have an algae gene included in them that Monsanto found growing in a cesspool of Round Up, and figured out, if we put that algae gene into corn, sugar beets, rape seed, it will not die when sprayed with Round Up. In some cases, some crops are being hit several times a year with higher doses and this is what is being absorbed into grain fats.

Personally, I get sick and bleed eating American pasta. If I purchase European pasta I have no effects. So it is not the gluten as I was told, but it is the weed spray and frankenfood which I am reacting to and the majority of people are reacting to also.

Those are a few of the holes poked into the "cures" which are not complete in information.

The Byteshow by GeorgeAnn Hughes once had an archive which stated a rinky dink internet radio program could clear around 100,000 dollars a year if they just had one sponsor. I wonder in the roots taken down by this "health news" group on Noury's program, if Coast to Coast is running an infomercial and that is not being disclosed to people who actually are believing all of this information as legitimate.
Hell of a thing to put your life in the balance when other information is out there countering what is being sold to people, literally sold in underdosed packets so you have to buy two.

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