Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trump Mulls Nothing

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump is mulling nothing.

President Trump Now Mulls Release of Secret FISA Abuse Memo on FBI Actions in Russia Probe

Donald Trump will release the Nunes Memo on Friday for weekend buzz to carry into Monday.

It is why this was coordinated with Republicans to release the appetizer of exposing democrats as slugs in the release of their 51 pages of why they do not want Americans informed.

House Intel Committee Releases 51-Page Transcript of Democrats Arguing to Not Release FISA Abuse Memo

This is all part of the bringing the FBI to heel, Robert Mueller's reputation degraded that he could not indict white man without looking like a racist, and DACA Don needs cover for now being the author of the American Genocide.

Former Reagan Campaign Manager Ed Rollins: Trump Must Build the Border Wall First, Before Considering Any Amnesty [VIDEO]

This has nothing to do with the Truth. This has to do with the deep state which is now moving to protect their amnesty guy Donald Trump. You did notice that once Donald Trump agreed to amnesty that all of his problems started disappearing.....

That is what book would make on this as there is absolutely no drama involved.

This is all scripted and you babies are being played the a tit sucker in their crib being distracted by a mobile spinning over them to mesmerize their wee bit minds.

Your genocide is not the only necessary distraction as no one is asking WHY my gas prices are now at 2.60 a gallon in all this Trumpflation Glory as American oil production is up to almost 50 year highs?

 US Oil Production Hits 10 Million Barrels Per Day for First Time Since 1970

The answer is how the honest Lame Cherry has been telling you, in Donald Trump worked a deal to sell your oil to Eurasia, which he is, and it creates a shortage in America, so prices are rising. So Donald Trump is making Chinese cars run on American oil and you can not afford to fill your gas tank.

See why Mr. President needs his WWE arena drama to distract you, as he is ROBBING YOU BLIND. His tax cuts Sean Homo Hannity saying is so much money is 24 dollars a week, and that money is now going to 24 dollars more per week for Trump oil robbing you.

Those are the facts in how this Trump scam is working. Record oil production in America AND AMERICA HAS NO OIL FOR AMERICANS, but Trump has amnesty for his visa vermin.

Nuff Said