Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Donald's Ducks Not In A Row

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There is one thing of value coming out of Fusion GPS in testimony leaked by Senator Diane Feinstein, and that is Fusion had the distinct impression that the FBI had a mole inside the Trump organization.
This part is vital in this as it explains why the FBI was not interested in the Trump dossier which they knew was bogus, it was because they had direct intelligence from someone who was either part of the campaign or part of the Trump organization.

The head of the research firm behind a dossier of allegations against then-presidential candidate Donald Trump told congressional investigators that someone inside Trump’s network had also provided the FBI with information during the 2016 campaign, according to a newly released transcript, a claim quickly disputed by people close to the investigation into Russian interference in the election.
Glenn R. Simpson, a founder of the research firm Fusion GPS, spoke to investigators with the Senate Judiciary Committee for 10 hours in August. As the partisan fight over Russian interference in the 2016 election has intensified, Simpson has urged that his testimony be released, and a copy of the transcript was made public Tuesday.

Donald Trump's deep throat is a finite group. It would be either part of Bush fam who hired into the campaign, one of Ivanka and Jared's slumming Obama Clinton or a combination in the Jews who surround Donald Trump and work for Tel Aviv.

We know certain certainties in this too, as whoever this mole was reporting to the deep state, that they did not appear in the infamous Don jr. meeting that Jared and Ivanka leaked to save Jared's ass by being a cooperating witness with Robert Mueller, as this meeting was not known about until later. What Fusion had created were bogus files, but the FBI had a source inside Trump's inner sanctum who was feeding them direct information on Donald Trump and the FBI was drooling over it.

Simpson said he didn’t know whether the person was connected to the Trump campaign or a Trump company, adding that his understanding was the source was someone who had volunteered information to the FBI or, in his words, “someone like us who decided to pick up the phone and report something.”
One person familiar with the probe said Simpson’s comments misrepresent what had actually happened — that it was an Australian official who reached out to the United States in late July with concerns about a conversation months earlier in London with Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and is cooperating with investigators.
During Simpson’s interview in August, a Republican staffer pressed him further on this claim, and Simpson’s answers were vague. Steele “would say very generic things like I saw (the FBI), they asked me a lot of questions, sounds like they have another source or they have another source. He wouldn’t put words in their mouth,’’ the transcript says.

You do remember someone set up a server in Trump Tower which was being pinged by Russian servers which was viewed as "a connection". This points to a conclusion that whoever was feeding information to the FBI was probably creating hot links to drive the FBI investigation forward.

It has been pointed out here that just like the JFK years, was one intelligence group who played the American security and intelligence groups for their own nuclear means and that was Tel Aviv. In all of this, time and again Tel Aviv appears in meetings or their assets are creating problems.
If I was betting on this, the mole was trying to get Hillary Clinton elected for an Ashkenaz outcome in war with Russia and the nuclear dominance of Tel Aviv, as what was the Clinton scripted agenda, which has now become the Trump agenda.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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